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A Tale of Two Mares - CharmingChaos

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch start a life - and a family - together, much to Octavia's mother's disgu

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Me, Jealous?

Extra, super-duper long bonus chapter for Y'all to to make up for the longish wait. Also, because I couldn't stop.

Octavia yawned and glanced at the clock. 4:50. Celestia, I must have fallen asleep with Tamby.

She pushed herself out of bed, gingerly picking up the filly sleeping next to her and placing her in the pram, hoping against hope that the fidgety foal would stay asleep.

Tamby, for once, did. Octavia hurried to the train station. She had half an hour to get down to Ponyville if she wanted to make Vinyl's concert. Fortunately, the train usually went pretty fast, so she wasn't too worried.

Octavia watched with bated breath as the conductor of the train lifted the pram into the car, letting out a sigh of relief when Tambourine merely shifted slightly at the disturbance of her nap.

For once, the little filly had been more then happy to curl up at Octavia's side and go to sleep at her nap time. They'd spent a long morning at the park, one of the filly's favourite places, and she was tired out by the time they arrived home. So Octavia lay there blissfully next to her, letting Tambourine's tiny horn poke into her stomach, ecstatic that the filly was so adorably cooperative.

Now, on the train, Octavia watched her filly like a hawk, ready to snatch her up as soon as she awoke, to stop her from crying and disrupting the other passengers.

The Ponyville Square was packed with ponies, all pushing and shoving to see the acclaimed Canterlot DJ Pon3. Some of them even waved homemade signs, but most simply swayed to the thick, heavy beats which blasted from the speakers.

The music was somewhat muffled however, and Vinyl, wearing her trademark purple shades as usual, appeared to be telling some kind of story, to the raucous laughter and cheers of the crowd.

"And then I said, 'Its just my bass cannon', and wham, there you have it, I saved the day!"

Gee, I didn't realize she was a comedian, too.

Vinyl caught Octavia's eye, raising her shades for a split second to wink, before standing up and picking up another record from her enormous pile. "Aight, here's a new one for y'all. Made it for that special somepony. You know who you are. You rock, Baby Girl!

The mass of ponies clapped and cheered, stomping their hooves as the new song began. Octavia flushed pink, grinning from ear to ear as she recognized parts of the classical piece she had been working on, remixed into a happy, danceable beat.

Tambourine, wide awake and in a good mood now, clapped her hooves, giggling happily at all the laughing, swaying ponies round her. Octavia scooped her up and reared up on her hind legs, putting the little grey filly on her shoulders and bouncing slightly to the beat of the music.

As the song came to a crashing cello solo finale, Pinkie Pie emerged, or rather, popped up, next to Vinyl, grabbing the mic as she clambered onto the table. "Well, there's some news for you, everypony! Looks like our big 'n tough DJ Pon3 has a special somepony, and wouldn't we all like to be that lucky mare."

Murmurs of agreement swept through the crowd like the tide, roaring into Octavia's head.

"Anywho," the party pony continued. "Drinks and cupcakes are over there, you ponies go get some while I meet the lucky lady who gets to sleep with the DJ." When nopony budged, Pinkie made a shooing gesture. "Go on, scat! DJ Pon3 can't have her whole life in print, you know!"

Grudgingly, the crowd began to move toward the drink table, muttering to each other unhappily. Pinkie hopped down from the stage, pulling Vinyl by her tail and scanning the few remaining mares and stallions with a puzzled look.

"So, which of you gets the DJ's hot flank to cuddle up with tonight?" She glanced at Vinyl, waiting for an answer. When none came, she whipped out a bubble pipe and strode back and forth in front of the stage, trying her best to look serious. "Well, let's see, we know it's a mare, so that means you, you, you, you, you, you, and you are out of the question. So, gentlecolts, unless you're really mares in disguise, scoot. And we know she rocks, so all of you who don't rock-- no, that doesn't help us, 'cause you all rock. Hmmm. Alright, I'm going to pick randomly."

Octavia watched as the hyper pink pony spun around on three hooves, the fourth stuck straight out, until finally stopping with her outstretched hoof pointing directly at Octavia.

"I guess you!" Pinkie jumped up and down for emphasis. "You, miss pretty grey earth pony with the stroller, are you the lucky mare?"

Octavia was silent.

"Well, I guess I'll have to interview them privately. We'll be in Sugar Cube Corner, okay? But don't follow us, Scratchy-- I mean, DJ Pon3 needs to keep this super-duper secret!"

Octavia frowned as she followed Pinkie and Vinyl into the little bakery. Why did Pinkie just call Vinyl 'Scratchy'? Shouldn't it be DJ Pon3 for a business associate?

"So," Pinkie Pie said as she shut the door of the bakery. "I know you're it, missy. but what's you're name? You look sorta familiar, do I know you? Because if I did, I would think I would know you're name, but--"

"My name is Octavia." Octavia said stiffly, feeling very formal and proper. "And yes, I believe we have met. I played at the Grand Galloping Gala last year? The cello."

"Ooohhhh, I remember you! You're the pony who I made play the Pony Pokey with me!" Pinkie's face fell as she remembered it, her ears drooping slightly. "Sorry about that. I kinda lost control, you know?"

"Aw, it's nothing, Pinks. I'm sure 'Tavi doesn't still hold a grudge about that. She's cool like that." Vinyl crossed the little room to tickle the Tambourine under the chin and kiss Octavia on the cheek. "By the way, Hot Flank, how'd you like our song?"

"Our song? Oh, I loved it sweetheart. How did you make it without my knowing 'til now?" Octavia nuzzled Vinyl, momentarily forgetting the party pony also in the room.

"Awww, look at you to lovebirds, getting all cuddly-wuddly like this!" Pinkie's squeaky voice made Octavia jump as she remembered the other mare's presence. "And, who's the little angel in the stroller, Scratchy? Are you two foal sitting or something?"

"Far from it, Pinks." Vinyl looked proudly at Tambourine as she looped an arm around the bubblegum coloured mare's shoulders. "We made that."

"Ooh, how exciting!" Pinkie bounced some more, as if she had springs in her hooves. "But isn't that impossible? Did you go to a donor, or something?"

"Nope. Twilight was helping me learn a new spell she invented so non-100%-unicorn fillyfooler couples like us can have foals. Isn't it great?" Vinyl grinned, looking pleased with herself.

"So you mean me and Dashie could have a foal with Twilight?" Pinkie's brow furrowed in confusion. "Whoops, that came out wrong. But seriously, could we?"

"I guess so, but shouldn't you guys talk that over for a while first?"

Pinkie thought a moment. "Maybe. But I know she'd say yes. Dashie likes to spoil me, you know. I don't think she knows how to say no to this." The pink pony abruptly dropped to the floor, her eyes wider than Octavia thought possible as she made a small, pathetic whimpering noise.

"That's pretty good, Pinks, but 'Tavi can do it better, in my opinion. Then again, she's my marefriend, so I may be a little biased." Vinyl tilted her head so she could lick Octavia's cheek affectionately, but the grey mare pulled away in embarrassment.

"Vinyl!" she admonished shrilly. "Save that for the bedroom, Sweetheart."

"Aw, Pinkie doesn't mind a bit, I swear. Right Pinks?"

Pinkie Pie licked her lips as if the idea made her hungry. "Of course not, Scratchy. I do that to Dashie all the time. Which reminds me, I should really wake her up. She doesn't like to miss the free beer."

As the pink whirlwind known as Pinkie Pie ascended the stairs to her apartment, Octavia moved closer to Vinyl. "She may not care about you licking me like a dog in front of her, and while I like it fine at home, I don't like it in front of other ponies. So lay off it, okay?"

Vinyl backed away slightly, holding her hooves in front of her in self-defense, or defeat. "Okay, okay. What's up with you, babe? Why're you so uptight all the sudden?"

"I don't know," Octavia said sarcastically. "I think it's got something to do with--"

"Hey guys! I'm back!" Pinkie bounce back down the stairs, a cyan pegasus flying erratically behind her, running a hoof through her rainbow mane tiredly.

"Geez, Pinks. Don't yell like that," the pegasus groaned, rubbing her temples. "I still have a hangover, remember?"

"Oh. Right," Pinkie dropped her voice. "Anyways, Dashie, DJ Pon3 had a filly. We should, too!"

"Wow," Rainbow Dash looked mildly impressed. "Congrats, DJ. Who's the lucky stallion?"

"Mare. And it's Octavia." Vinyl grinned at the cyan mare's surprised expression. "Your friend Twilight helped us out a bit."

Dash nodded knowingly, and Octavia blushed. "Not like that! She and Vinyl came up with a spell that can be performed by a unicorn to impregnate a fillyfooler couple without their doing any of the spells. Vinyl happened to be the guinea pig."

"Oh." The pegasus looked disappointed.

"Well, I was thinking that maybe after this party we could go to Twilight's and ask her to do the same thing for us! But I wanna get pregnant, so you're gonna have to be the daddy, Dashie." Pinkie bounced happily, not noticing her marefriend's shocked expression.

"Pinkie-- we can't just-- ugh, why do you have to come up with such weird ideas, Pinks?" Rainbow Dash spluttered, facehoofing.

"Why not? I'm responsible now, so we can do it. Pwease, Dashie?" Pinkie dropped to the floor, preparing one of her puppy aces again.

"Uh, hehe, well look at the time!" Vinyl looked frantically for a clock. "Er, 'Tavi's got an important, uh, thing going on. Sorry, gotta go!" The unicorn grabbed the pram and Octavia's tail and bolted out the door, pulling them both into a taxi. "Train station, please. And fast, we gotta make the next

"Uh, lady, that leaves in about three hours," the cab driver pointed out. But he picked up the pace anyways.

"What's up with you, anyways?" Vinyl asked as they boarded the train. "You've got that stiff look like when you're trying to be civil but really you hate eveypony. What's wrong this time?"

"Nothing. But why were you calling Pinkie Pie 'Pinks'? Isn't that pretty familiar for a business associate?"

"Aw, Pinkie and I are old friends, 'Tav. We went to highschool together."

"But still, 'Pinks' is what her marefriend called her. Not what some random DJ calls her." Octavia frowned, still looking miffed, though VinylmScratch was unsure why.

"I'm not random. I'm the only disk jockey she ever hires. I think I get some priviledges," Vinyl reasoned sensibly.

Tambourine shifted and whimpered quietly as she woke up, but neither mare paid her any heed.

"Hmmm, I wonder why?" Octavia asked coldly, raising one eyebrow."

"Because I'm the best?" Vinyl asked hopefully, feeling cornered.

"No, I don't think that's the reason. I mean, you're great, and all, but DJs are DJs. Think of what else you're good at!" Octavia didn't care that she was shouting now, even though they began to turn heads on the train.

"Er, look at that, it's our stop. We'll talk this over at home, Baby Girl." Vinyl laughed nervously as she dragged an irate Octavia and a just beginning to squall Tambourine out of the train.

"This isn't Canterlot, you idiot." Octavia observed coldly. "It's some tiny, unknown town between there and Ponyville. What were you thinking?"

Vinyl pointed at the sign. "Actually, it's Ponezia. Most ponies have heard of it, but not all. There aren't roads here-- just canals. And, I was thinking that with my marefriend and daughter both throwing a fit, we were probably causing some confusion on the train."

"Since when do you care about that, Vinyl? What matters is now we're stuck here. That was the last train until tomorrow," Octavia snarled, ears flat against her skull.

"What are you all pissed about, 'Tav? Are you seriously gonna sit here yelling at me about the train schedule when we're in one of the most beautiful towns in Equestria?"

"I'm not pissed, as you so crudely described it. Not in the least." Octavia turned her nose to the sky with a small "Hmph!" of disgust.

Vinyl scooped the now wailing Tambourine out of her pram and cradled her, rocking slightly to soothe the irate filly, and also to give Octavia some space.

"I'm not mad, Vinyl! Not about anything, not about the fact that you were hanging off that Pinkie mare's neck all afternoon, not about anything!" Octavia bared her teeth, snorting.

"Yep. You are." Vinyl glanced up from the filly on her hooves. "My Celestia, 'Tavi. Are you jealous?" She spoke incredulously, both eyebrows raised in utter surprise.

"No! Why in Equestria would I be jealous?" Octavia snarled, eyes guarded. "There's no reason, no reason at all."

"You are jealous! I can't believe it!" Vinyl shook her head in confusion. "I never thought I'd see calm, keep-it-together Octavia get all busted up over me hugging one of my old friends, but here she is doing just that."

"I am not!"

"Are too! Face it, 'Tav, you're mad because I was acting too friendly with Pinkie, aren't you?"

"No, I--"

"Ah-hem," the stallion running the trail station said loudly. "Ladies, the station closes in five minutes, alright? Would you like me to take you to the nearest hotel, since there's nopony else around to do it?"

"No, thank you, sir. We'll manage just fine on our own." Vinyl frowned at the stallion, eyes hard, and he walked away, looking dejected.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Octavia asked, "Now, why didn't you take him up on that? We have to get to an inn somehow, and I don't see any other way to do it."

"That guy just wanted to wrench a threesome out of us, 'Tav," Vinyl explained, wondering how Octavia hadn't seen it. "Frankly, I'm rather surprised, considering the filly. But there are plenty of water taxis right there."

The two mares began walking along the waterfront, each of them with one hoof on Tambourine's pram. The filly was gurgling happily now, gumming a rather soggy little teddy bear.

"Okay, fine. But I still insist that I'm not jealous." Octavia wasn't quite ready to forget they're argument just yet. "That is the most ridiculous sentiment you've come up with, ever."

Vinyl put a hoof under Octavia's chin, caressing it, as if she were explaining something to a very small filly. "It's okay of you are, 'Tavi. I understand, and it just means you love me even more than I thought, which makes me very happy, because I promise you I love you more than you could ever imagine. So please, just admit it so I can apologize properly?"

"Vinyl Scratch, wanting to apologize? This is a miracle," Octavia's ears drooped suddenly. "But okay, I admit it. Seeing you flirting around with Pinkie Pie just made me burn up inside. I didnt want you to be anypony's but mine, and that was very selfish of me. I... I should have understood that you're just the kind of mare that's super close to her friends, and I should respect that. So, Vinyl, I'm sorry too."

"Thanks, Babe. I'm really, ultra sorry to have made you so mad, and I promise it won't happen again."

"Silly. You don't need to be sorry."

"Yes I do."

"No you don't."

"I do so have to be sorry. I made my marefriend turn into a screaming monster on a public train. Think of all those poor, helpless passengers!"

Octavia giggled. "I know, right? But you still don't have to apologize. They all deserved it."

"Okay, you win. I won't apologize, no matter what."

"Good." Octavia turned her head skyward. "Thank you very much for giving my rude old marefriend back, aliens."

They walked in silence for a while, both bearing slight smiles on their faces. The moon rose and reflected off the water in the canal, and the stars shone brighter here than in Canterlot, because there weren't any street lights.

"Ya gotta admit though, 'Tav, I picked a pretty awesome place to drag you off that train, dontcha think?"

"Mmm," Octavia sighed, resting her head on Vinyl's shoulder as they sat on a pier to wait for a taxi. " You have perfect dragging-marefriends-off-trains timing, for sure. Come to think of it, do you think we could stay for the weekend?"

"Ya know," Vinyl said thoughtfully. "I might just be able to make up a convincing reason why I can't DJ this weekend. Do you think they'd believe me if I said my Aunt Cassette passed away?"

"Do you think you could do that?"

"I'm gonna say this the romantic way, Babe." Vinyl made a rose pop out of nothing with a puff of magic, and she caught it neatly, speaking with an incredibly fake French accent. "Eef it maks you happy, I will fand ze way."

Octavia giggled, nuzzling into Vinyl's neck. "Can I tell you something, sweetie?"


"You have an absolutely terrible French accent."