• Published 11th Jul 2012
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A Tale of Two Mares - CharmingChaos

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch start a life - and a family - together, much to Octavia's mother's disgu

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Snow-white Dreams

As per usual, Octavia was up much earlier then her lazy marefriend. She sat at the window with her cup of tea, watching the first snow of the season fall on the street outside. Most of the flakes melted on contact with the still-warm earth, but now a few piles were gathering here and there as the storm thickened.

The night before, Vinyl had been persuaded, admittedly with a good deal of grumping along the way, to come with Octavia to the nearby park to watch the pegasi bring in the clouds. It had been a pleasant experience for both of them, Octavia knew from the smile on Vinyl's face, but the stubborn mare was too proud to admit it.

Now, after a night spent curled up together in the den, watching an ancient, soundless Heart's Warming Eve special, Octavia sat huddled under a blanket, trying not to shiver and resisting the urge to turn on the rattly old heater. She knew Vinyl would protest if she was awake. But she wasn't, and that was the sole reason Octavia was refraining from it in the first place.

In truth, Octavia hadn't slept much that night. Though she'd stayed still all night, letting her snoring partner rest her fuzzy head in her lap, Octavia's thoughts tossed and turned as much as her body longed to.

Octavia's parents, ever the family-oriented, had suggested (or rather, ordered) that Octavia come visit them for the holidays, and bring this "friend" she'd been living with since her house burnt down along.

Crescendo and Sonata were honest ponies-- very loving-- but, like most of Manehatten and Canterlot, they were steadfast Celestians, with a lingering grudge against such ideas as fillyfooling and coltcuddling.

Which is just what I've been doing for the past four months, Octavia thought gloomily to herself. Oh, what in Equestria am I going to say if they find out? They'd probably disown me completely. I wish they were more forgiving. After all, I'm still me, aren't I? I still love my cello, and I'm still myself, in every way I can think of. The only difference is that now I have a lazy, irresponsible marefriend, who, admittedly, I'm crazy about, and who no doubt they'll go crazy over, instead of the nice, respectable colt they expect. Come to think of it, I don't think they'd like Vinyl even if she was a colt. She, or he, at least, would still be far from their taste. Oh, what am I going to do?

Tears began to slide down Octavia's cheeks, a combined result of exhaustion and girlish frustration, and she shut her eyes for a moment, letting herself relax in the quiet of the morning.

A yawn from across the room made Octavia start slightly, wiping away her tears with the corner of her blanket. Vinyl Scratch made her way across the living room, still yawning, and sat down next to Octavia, giving her cheek an affectionate lick.

"Hey," Vinyl said drowsily. "You taste salty. 'Tavi, have you been crying?"

Octavia shook her head mutely, but Vinyl moved slightly to see her eyes.

"My Celestia, you have been crying," Vinyl said incredulously. "Why? Did you have a bad dream or something? Because you could have just woken me up, you know."

"No." Octavia sighed. If only it were that simple.

"Well, what's the matter then, 'Tav? Come on, spit it out."

Octavia shook her head.

"Spit it."

"Well," she began softly, still not completely trusting her voice. "Vinyl, do you remember that letter that we got a few days ago? From my parents?"

"Yeah... What about it?"

"Do you remember how they invited us to spend Heart's Warming Eve with them?"

"Oh, no. Did they change their minds? Because if that's what's bothering you, no worries. We'll have it here, Vinyl and 'Tavi style. No problem."

"That's not it either. Vinyl, I was raised as a steady Celestian, and my parent's are very firm believers. Which means, they won't like us, at all."

"But that's crazy. You're their filly, they can't dislike you. If they don't like me, they can kiss my flank. No offense, of course. But really, I know all about taking hate. You should see all the ponies who don't like my music."

No, I mean us, us." Octavia sighed, exasperated. "Vinyl, listen to me. My parents. Do not. Like Fillyfoolers. Got it?"

"Oh, Celestia, I can't believe I didn't get that the first time." Vinyl facehoofed, still looking slightly confused. "I'm sorry, 'Tavi. You know I'm not a morning pony. But seriously, they know we're living together. Isn't that enough of a hint?"

"Apparently not. Here's the thing, Sweetheart. They think you're a colt."

"... And most importantly, don't forget that for now you're just my friend. No more, no less. No benefits, either. Once they're asleep, we can do whatever you like, but please, please, please, don't do anything ridiculous when they're around. No kissing me, no flirting, no teasing, no..."

Vinyl Scratch sighed. Throughout the entire train ride to Manehatten, Octavia had been curled up in her lap, reciting seemingly endless dos and don'ts for the coming visit. Typically, visiting family for the holidays was a nice, old-fashioned thing to do. But in this case, it seemed like a very bad idea.

"Well. That's all I can thing of at the moment. You got it?"

"Whah?" Vinyl said blearily.

"Vinyl, have you even been listening to me?" Octavia drew back, looking frustrated.

"Of course, 'Tavi-babe. When do I not listen to you?"

Octavia shook her head. Vinyl certainly acted like a colt. If only she looked and sounded more like one.

"None of that, either. When my parents are within hearing distance, it's Octavia. Not Octy, not 'Tavi, and certainly not 'Tavi-babe, even though you know I love it. Hot-flank won't do either. Come to think of it, I should probably put emphasis on no spanking me, as well as--"

" 'Tav, are you gonna go into a whole 'nother rant, or can we make out now? Because, judging from all your rules and regulations, we are seriously going to be missing some action on this trip."

"Fine." Octavia rolled her eyes. But she let herself melt into the kiss with the same amount of passion as usual, despite the other passengers' mild surprise.

The trip was a long one; they would be arriving shortly after midnight, so eventually they retired to their shared bunk to catch a few hours of shut-eye. Naturally, they would sleep some more once they arrived, but it still seemed like a good idea, and besides, the bunkroom was private, considering it only had on bed.