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Having been defeated by the Rainbooms, losing their dark powers, and even their ability to sing, the Dazzlings are all but happy with how Adagio's plan went. But, as they did when defeated before, they will brush themselves off and keep moving forward.. Now they have to continue living in this world, without their powers this time. As they go on, however, they will start to notice some changes amongst themselves, and realize just how this tragedy affected each of them.

Chapters (11)

A woman has turned into a weeping angel. How will she cope? Everypony thinks she is an ugly statue! She cannot speak, and cannot move when anyone is watching her. How will she interact with anypony?

This story is about her coping with her changes and making new friends with pony royalty. Watch as her life is turned upside-down in more ways than one.

(This story is set in the past, when Celestia and Luna are kids.)

Thanks to:

sketchboy for writing majority of this wonderful story! Check him out!

DiscordedWhovian for the awesome coverart, you rock!

Chapters (12)

Dark machinations are at work, and for Rarity, life has taken a turn for the worst. She's now in a place called Ancelstierre on another world, where nopony has ever seen or scarcely even heard of a unicorn before. What dangers lay in wait in this new land of strange magic and mystery? What happened to Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie? More importantly, how does she get back home?

Welcome to the Old Kingdom, my little ponies. Magic works quite differently here...

This story runs parallel (as in it happens at the same time as) to the other stories in "The Madverse". Those stories are, A Twilight Landing, My Little Marriage, So Many Wonders, as well as The Mane Two : Contrail, started by Alex Nuage, and currently being written by Ludicrous Lycan. A few other side stories, too. I've written this story with people unfamiliar to the target crossover in mind as well, so approaching this with an open mind is all you need to enjoy the tale. I hope you all enjoy traveling with Rarity and Pinkie through this magical world, whether you are familiar with its mysteries or not. :pinkiesmile:

If you would like, I can send you the books through skype. ( I highly recommend them for a purchase, however.)

Sabriel is a fantasy novel by Garth Nix, published in the year 1995. It is the first in his Old Kingdom trilogy, and is followed by Lirael and Abhorsen. Most everything of substance in this story is the property of him. MLP is Hasbro (duh).

Author's Note

For anypony asking themselves 'why' I chose to crossover for a large piece of these crazy stories, the answer's simple. I had considered that some may not buy into this, but I felt that using established work would add credence and a solid foundation. In other words, that the stories would benefit from a pre-established fantasy setting, rather than one I just made up for the purpose of this series of fics. I can't really say if it was the right decision, but at least you can know that I didn't just throw the rest of the mane six into a sloppily made world rather than one written by a literary genius. (I honestly doubt I could make something as fascinating as this.) With that said, please enjoy.

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When the draconequus race left the world, one child was left behind.

This is his story, and the story of the filly who loved him, lost him, and was forced to imprison him in stone to save her people.

Cover art comes from She never came back by Nirac. I have slightly modified this version from the original in that my version of Discord had dark hair as a child, and in Nirac's original the hair is white.

There is now a series page: The Last Draconequus

Progress Bar at my writing journal. Also there is a TV Tropes page and a French translation.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to You Can Fight Fate

Time loops? The end of existence as we know it? Fate itself conspiring against you? Who has the energy to deal with that kind of thing?

Not Cloud Kicker, that's for sure. She's a mare who knows what she wants out of life. An easy job, a nice house, and an endless supply of potential banging partners. Then one day a simple little flower vendor moves in down the street and everything starts to change.

As a side story to the main Time Loop Trilogy, you can expect massive spoilers in the comments for both the original stories and unwritten chapters of this one.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to A Stitch in Time

Having discovered the message left for her by Star Swirl the Bearded in the distant past, Twilight once again finds herself caught up in the middle of a struggle against forces far greater than herself. In order to even stand a chance she'll need to travel further and wider than she ever has, and forge some unlikely alliances with old enemies. All to bring down the powers that have manipulated and shaped her entire life, and retake control of her own future.

The conclusion of the Time Loop Trilogy, which began with Hard Reset
Available in Spanish thanks to dgs1993
Series TV Tropes page

Chapters (10)

Necromancers. Sickly ponies bathed in cloaks of darkness, bringing ruin to all who fall under their shadow, terror to those who meet their gaze. Ripping the dead from the grave and conscripting them to their army of evil and conquest. Woe to the towns that dare draw their interest.

Such are the legends.

This is a story about one of the kindest ponies I know.


Now on Equestria Daily!

Now with a sequel, From Dusk to Night.

Beta Reader Special Thanks:

Clever Pun
Japanese Teeth
Meta Four

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This story is a sequel to Diary of a Silent Tyrant

It's funny what an idle slip of the tongue can lead to. When Discord makes an off-hand comment to Fluttershy about the mental diary he kept when encased in stone, she begs him to continue it. She says it will be "therapeutic", but he's sure it'll be a real bore. But who can resist those puppy-dog eyes and a bribe of fresh cookies? Grudgingly, he takes up a pencil to document his thoughts and experiences in his new life. A life among his old enemies. A life he never wanted.

Cover Image by Grievousfan who makes awesome art!

Chapters (1)

*If you'd like to purchase a physical copy of this story, click here*

One of Equestria's greatest traits is tolerance. Every pony, whether Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth, is accepted for who they are, and have their own parts to play in keeping Equestria running.

But what if an Earth pony decided he didn't want to play his assigned part? What if he wanted to rise above everyone else and become an Alicorn? Such a thing is possible... but the path to fulfilling one's dreams is never simple. Risks must be taken. Sacrifices must be made. And the question is always asked: How far would you go to get what you wanted? And would you be willing to pay a terrible price to get it?

Chapters (29)

The rewrite of this story can be found here.

Under the bleak sky of a post-industrial Canterlot, a young mare named Neverwas ekes out a living through her knack for hacking computers. Her day-to-day existence is turned on its head, however, when she becomes entangled in a hidden war between the government and the megacorporations vying for control of the city.
In a world where cybernetics and genetic engineering, computerized dark magic and reality-altering conspiracies have long since displaced sunshine and rainbows, can one little pony hold onto her own lifeā€”and her own existence?

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Thanks to TheOmegaRidley and Piecee01 for their amazing artwork!

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