• Published 2nd Oct 2014
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Back to the Good Life - Sammy-Jack

After suffering defeat by the hands of the Rainbooms, Adagio, Sonata, and Aria need to get back on their feet.

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1. Show's Over

- - - -
Street Corner blocks away from Canterlot High
- - - -

“Well, I certainly didn’t expect that to happen.” Aria muttered as she removed a splattered banana from her dress. She looked at the peel in disgust before tossing it to the ground. She saw Sonata Dusk, her outfit was stained with a multitude of colors from various fruits, and she was bent over, licking what looked like tomato off of her skirt. Aria rolled her eyes, turned away from her ditzy companion, back to the sad excuse of (what used to be) their confident leader, Adagio, sitting on the street corner.

“So, Adagio, you did think of what to do if we failed, right?” She held herself back from spitting, furious at the moment. The magic of the Rainbooms managed to overpower their spell, and shattered their gems, thus leaving them powerless. This should have normally been avoided with one of Adagio’s backup plans, but the lack of one left her spiteful.

Out of the three Sirens, Adagio was the smartest, and the other two knew that. They would leave the plan making to the leader, and follow whatever she decided, because the three of them had no power on their own. That, and Aria would never trust Sonata to come up with a plan.

Adagio just sat quietly on the sidewalk, holding her shattered pendant preciously, as if afraid to break it even more. Her eyes were glued to the shards, and she constantly examined them, trying to find some trace of the power that had already dissipated long ago.

“Adagio, it’s broken now. I don’t think it can still work.” Sonata walked over, having cleaned herself off from the food tossed at them as they fled Canterlot High. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with Adagio, and she probably wouldn’t figure it out, but she still worried.

“It has to work.” Adagio replied quietly. “What are we going to do without our powers?” She stood up quickly and gripped Sonata’s dress by the collar. “What is the point of going on if we don’t have our magic?!”

Aria got between them, pushing Adagio back. “We may not have our magic anymore, but that doesn’t mean we just give up, Adagio.” Sonata Dusk hid herself, gripping her shoulders and wide-eyed.

“Oh?” Adagio laughed suddenly. “Well, of course you would say something like that, Aria! After all of these years of me telling you idiots not to give up, dragging you through this meaningless life for our one chance, you are the one telling me to keep going after we blew it!”

“I’m not that stupid! I understand we don’t have powers anymore.” Aria huffed and crossed her arms, looking away down the street. “But you’re Adagio Dazzle. No matter what happened, you always had a backup. That’s why I can’t believe you are throwing in the towel.”

Adagio pointed a finger accusingly at Aria. “We had regained our power we lost after being banished from Equestria, maybe even more than we had before, and we still lost to theirs. I didn’t need a backup plan, we should have won that duel.” She clenched her fist, glaring now. “In fact, the more I think about it, the only reason we could have lost is if one of us didn’t give our all.”

Aria threw her arms down and stared Adagio in the eye, stepping closer. “What are you saying, then?”

A grin began to creep past her frown, and she placed a finger under Aria’s chin. “It’s obvious, isn’t it? You brought us all down because you were overconfident! You didn’t give your all because you thought we would win. That’s exactly why we were bested by that old fart of a Unicorn-” *Smack*

She was cut off by Aria smacking the side of her face.

The sound echoed down the road, and both girls were still for a long time. Adagio, stunned, brought a hand to her cheek. She couldn’t recall a time she had been stricken like that, let alone by one of those two. Standing straight, Adagio fell silent, lowering her head.

“Ah, oh, uh, Aria! You hit her!” Sonata took a step back, in shock, and put her hands over her mouth.

Ignoring Sonata’s reaction, Aria turned away and began walking down the sidewalk. “Come on, Sonata. We’re gonna give Adagio some time.” Nodding, she began trailing behind.

Brushing one of her pigtails away, she yelled back “See you at home when you calm down!”

Sonata Dusk looked back, hoping that Adagio would be following, but she just stood there, with her hand against her cheek. She pouted, looking back forward, and hung her head as she followed Aria. Sonata rubbed her eyes as they began to water, sniffling softly.

“Why didn’t it work?” Sonata muttered quietly.

- - - -
- - - -

Aria Blaze kicked open the door to the apartment hard, making an angry slam against the wall. Sonata Dusk turned on the lights, and made a comment about how that hurts the wall, like she always did, but there was no retort insulting her this time.

The living room failed to provide the usual warm welcome, even with it’s vibrant color design, bright lighting, and smooth wood floors. Aria threw herself on the big red couch in the center, giving an angry huff, and pulled a hooded sweatshirt from the floor to drape over her. She had been holding together surprisingly well, but that feeling of dread was now creeping over her. They had been born Sirens with those powers, and had never thought they could be taken from her. In Equestria, their gems were a centerpiece to their bodies, part of them. But in this world, they came out to be a separate object, thus leaving them vulnerable, she mused.

Aria curled her legs up under the sweatshirt, wrapping her arms around them. Part of her was angry at Adagio (and at Sonata, but that wasn’t new), wishing she could just blame her for getting them into this. She was beginning to shake in uncertainty, knowing that wouldn’t fix anything. Seeing Adagio like that didn’t help her feel any better, being the leader of the Sirens, turning on them like that. Sure, they irritated each other all the time, but long ago they realized that they couldn’t survive without each other. They were tied together by fate, and needed the support of each other, whether singing or just getting by

The couch shifted suddenly, Sonata sitting herself next to Aria. She didn’t curl up in self-pity, and she stopped crying a while ago. So now, she was just sitting, hands on her knees, tapping her foot restlessly. Aria sometimes felt jealous of Sonata’s oblivious nature, unable to really dwell on mistakes for very long. That could have been one of the reasons she hated her, but she was still the worst.

“Aria, do you wanna play a game?” Sonata asked her suddenly, picking up a gaming controller. Aria realized she was still glaring at her, and shifted her eyes away.

“Sonata, after a night like this: Getting blasted by a giant rainbow of energy, losing our siren powers and getting yelled at by Adagio, you still want to play your stupid fighting games?” She let out a loud groan. “And you wonder why I think you’re the worst.” Aria turned into the couch, rolling into the crease between the cushions, hoping they would hide her from the world.

She felt a quick jab of a finger in her stomach, sending a jolt through her body. “C’mon! You know the first step is to try to ignore it for now.” Sonata let out a chuckle. “Besides, I’ll let you be Player 1.”

The first thing to do was ignore this tragedy and not let it ruin us. That’s what Aria had told Adagio and Sonata back on the first day of being banished. Even back then, she knew they would figure something out if they gave it some time to think about it.

“You’re the worst, you know that?” She sat up slowly, and grabbed a controller on the coffee table nearby. This wasn’t going to solve the problem, but it was better than dwelling on it until Adagio came back.

Sonata chuckled in response. “You are!”

- - - -
Street corner blocks away from Canterlot High
- - - -

The lights in the stores had all gone off by this time of night, and the street lights provided only a small break in the dark. The moon had been covered by the clouds, and a cold breeze whisked it’s way through the city. Adagio clung to her arms as the wind whisked past her back, chilling her suddenly. After recoiling, she looked over herself for the first time since the performance. Her beautiful, custom stage outfit was now stained in a large assortment of food, ranging from fruit to soda.

It was ruined, without any chance of recovering from this tragedy. Not just her dress, but her plan, her power. Adagio couldn’t take in everything that had occurred tonight. She planned everything perfectly: They started the conflict to feed from, got the Rainbooms to fight, feeding their magic to them, and fully regained their former power. Even that old Unicorn that defeated them before didn’t overpower them, he just managed to trick them, and banish them to this world. This time, they were utterly crushed, and their power paid the toll this time.

She could have handled another banishment, even just losing the magic they gained from Canterlot High. But this was an outcome Adagio could never predict. The three sisters, Adagio, Aria, Sonata, were an unstoppable force with their voices, blessed at birth to be unchallenged as long as they were together.

“Arrrgh!” Adagio let out all of her anger in a loud yell that echoed down the empty street, feeling her voice crack from the strain, which almost made her want to yell again. Her voice had always been beautiful, but now she was unable to hold a tune, she even sounded abrasive and just plain hideous.

“Ahh Ah ahh, Haa ahh.” her voice was weak, cracked, and nowhere near on tune. It was their favorite tune, the one they used for years to absorb the negativity they uprooted from people to feed themselves, and now she couldn’t even manage that. Adagio knew it wasn’t her, she had always been beyond talented with her voice, but now...

Clenching the gem shards tightly in a fist, Adagio growled again. They couldn’t be beat when they were together, so why were they? She wasn’t about to concede that the Rainbooms were stronger than them, than her. There was something wrong during that fight, and she knew that whatever it was, it cursed them to a true banishment, banished from their former selves.

A part of Adagio felt there was no longer a reason to keep going, there was no world that would adore her now, with no voice and spells broken. Still, she managed to suppress this thought of surrender with reason, and she forced herself to walk down the sidewalk, rubbing her arms from the cold. She would come up with a plan.

- - - -
- - - -


“YES!” Sonata stood up, arms raised up high. “I win! My win! In your face, Aria!” She turned to give her a raspberry, pulling on one of her eyelids.

“Ugh! When did you get so much better than me?” Aria set her controller back on the table, crossed her legs and folded her arms. That was the fifth time in a row she had lost, and she was actually surprised. Aria spent most of her free time playing games, and seeing Sonata overtake her was a little hard to believe.. She supposed that since all Sonata plays is fighting games, being the least complex for her brain, it was only a matter of time until she got better.

A smile sneaked it’s way on Aria’s face, but only for a moment. “Sonata, I’m gonna go to bed. It’s way past when Adagio should have been back.”

Sonata looked confused for a moment, before turning to the clock on the wall. The hands read past midnight, and she jumped when she saw the time. “Oh no! Adagio is gonna yell at me for staying up so late!” Dropping her controller, she bolted for the hallway and disappeared into her room.

Aria blinked a few times in surprise. Surprised that Sonata was more worried about a rule Adagio set decades ago, than what she was going to do tomorrow having no magic powers. She picked up the remote and turned off the television, shut off the system, and laid flat against the couch to relax. Aria undid the bands holding her pigtails up, letting her long hair flow down the side of the couch, and curled her arms behind her head.

Despite what had just occurred a few hours ago, Aria was able to enjoy herself just now. She didn’t win, so she wasn’t going to let Sonata know that, it would encourage her to ask more often.

While Aria was staring at the ceiling, she heard the front door click open, followed by a close, and footsteps after. “Twelve thirty is a little late to stay out by yourself, Adagio.”

“I’m not in the mood to argue with you, Aria. Let’s just end the night in a truce, and not get on eachother’s nerves any more than we are.” The footsteps continued into the kitchen, and she heard a sound like glass being spilled onto the table.

“Sonata’s already over it, you know.”

A chuckle came in response. “Of course she is. That dunce could get hit by a truck, and she would brush it off like she tripped.” Her voice was soft, not crisp and harsh like she normally sounded when commenting on Sonata.

The two were silent for a while, both wanting to yell at the other, but maturely adhering to the truce. This kind of silence was new to them.

“So, by you coming home, I’m guessing you have an idea of our next move?” She asked with a shred of hope. Aria knew that if Adagio was thinking, she never came home until she finished. It was weird, but when she walked in the door, she always had them listen to her plans.

“Ha, I guess that’s what usually happens, doesn’t it?” Adagio was quiet again. “I’m going to bed.” Footsteps started leading toward the hall.

That response meant no, then.

“We can talk about all this in the morning. That’s what I’ve decided.” As she passed the couch, Adagio pushed Aria’s feet off of the couch. “Just because I’m not going to fight with you tonight, doesn’t mean you can put your shoes on the couch.”

Aria groaned loudly. “Why do you still care?”

“Because a dirty couch is the last thing I want to wake up to see in the morning.” With that, she slipped into her room at the end of the hall, and closed her door.

Glaring at the bedroom door, Aria stuck out her tongue at Adagio’s room. She kicked her high-heel boots off, and placed her feet back up, curling into a more comfortable position to sleep. She didn’t feel like going back to her room, and the couch felt like the most comfortable place in the world, at the moment. Giving a small yawn, Aria closed her eyes, and rolled onto her side.

“Tomorrow, huh? We’ll see.”

Author's Note:

I'm not hoping for a sad after story, just more of showing the hardships they have to deal with.