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No, sadly, that isn't how I look IRL.

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  • 209 weeks

    So I finally decided to acknowledge that my story is on hiatus. I'm having trouble just keeping my Sword Art Online fic on FanFiction.net alive. Don't expect to see any content for at least a few months, most likely much more.
    Sorry -.- Thanks for reading!

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  • 246 weeks
    Chapter 1 released

    I ended up cutting Chapter 1 after we meet Rarity, even though I've written past that. I had originally planned to end the chapter at the end of the day, when all the mane six have appeared, but I need some spurring on, and hopefully feedback on what I've got so far will do that.

    tl;dr: I wrote a thing but not as much as I wanted but I'm a procrastinator so there.

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About me

Hi :) I'm a recent college grad who writes on the side/instead of being productive.

I'm a devoted AppleDash shipper. I also like Twixie and Sonaria, plus the usual background pony shippings (Lyra x BonBon, Vinyl x Octavia). Besides romance, I like comedy. So I guess romantic comedy would be my favorite genre.

Other fandoms I like: Pokémon, Teen Titans, Ranma 1/2, Sword Art Online, RWBY

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Hey, thanks for reading Actually, I'm Dead, hope you like it. Since I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, I would like to know yours too.

Have a Bowie's thumbs up.

No problem! Thanks for writing so well!
Edit: Oh, also, I haven't updated those lists in a while. Time to add Time and Tide.

No problem! Very fun to read.

Thank you for the favorite on Lunch Break!

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