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Hello. I'm BillyColt. In real life, I'm a dweeby music student from California. Here, I write Pony fanfiction.http://billycolt.tumblr.com/


Preview Cuddles · 5:23pm

So my writing schedules got a little jumbled because I just got a full-time job. Still adjusting to it and the umpteen music things I have going on at the same time. However, I do have a preview for the next chapter of "The Book of Friendship," one that I think might help to clarify for some of you if the ending of the last chapter was a little unclear.


White lay in bed that next morning, feeling more awake than usual. Scroll lay nestled against his chest, fast asleep. White hummed softly to himself, stroking his companion’s back with his hooves, smiling down on him.

“Thank you,” he whispered softly, “thank you so much…”

“Mm?” Scroll hummed as he stirred, still not opening his eyes, nuzzling his chest lightly. “You awake already?” he slurred.

“How could I sleep?” asked White.

“Easy…” Scroll yawned. “Just don’t get any sleep for a couple days. Then get really excited, and when it’s down.” He yawned again. “We don’t have to get up yet, do we?”

“No,” said White, chuckling. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Chuckle again, please?” asked Scroll. “I like the way it feels.”

White laughed harder. “How… how did you get here?”

“Unicorn teleporter thingy,” said Scroll. “I made it work. And I came to find you.”

“I’m so, so glad you did,” said White, tightening his grip around Scroll.

Scroll opened his eyes and looked at him. “I thought I’d lost you.”

White nodded. “So did I. But you know… it’s kind of like in the old musicals.”

“I’ve never been to one,” mused Scroll. “When we get home you’ll have to take me to one.”

White giggled, reaching down to nuzzle Scroll’s forehead. “I’m gonna get up and take a shower, okay?”

Scroll nodded. “Mm-hmm.”

Scroll, sat up, looking fondly at White as he left for the bathroom, humming in that pleasant tenor. Scroll sat there for a while, listening as he heard the sound of the water turn on, and lying back and sighing, enjoying the feeling of the luxurious silk sheets. Right now there was no mission, no war, no bickering tribes or bloodthirsty generals. Those things would come back soon, but not right now.

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A fellow California musician?

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>>2107147 I haven't been in any IRCs in a while. I might drop in at some point, but I've found Study isn't quite as active as it used to be. Generally though I frequent the Pony Fanfiction thread on TVTropes and chat with folks on Skype.

It'd be nice to have a regular IRC group, though. Sometimes I think that helped motivate me. In any case, currently planning the next BOF. Hopefully I can get writing on it this week.

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>>2107044 Ah nice, I was wondering if some of the old writers were around, glad to see you about. Do you stop by Study anymore or are there new places to go?

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>>2105321 Yeah. Just got back from three weeks in England on a study abroad program.

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