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Recently crowned Princess of Equestria Twilight Sparkle wakes up after a bender, and tries to piece together what happened.

Perhaps she should be Princess of Wine and Questionable Decision Making instead.


Cover art by Spoosha. Written for the Bean's Writing Group prompt "Where Am I?"

An audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio can be found here.

Featured from 9-20 to 9/23/2021, peaking at #1. Thanks, everypony!

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Everyone always tells Twilight that the ones who love us never truly leave us.

But that's a lie. It's always been a lie.

Things that live must also die. It's simply the cycle of life, and that cycle doesn't care about love or the pain it causes.

Until one day, that cycle is broken by a forgotten figure from her past: a little tortoise who's not so little anymore.

This story is, first and foremost, a gift for the incomparable Mushroom, who clearly must be some sort of undiscovered species of fungus dog since we definitely don't deserve her. I have it on good authority that this story gave her Many Feelings, and I hope it gives them to you, too. :)

This also won first place in the of the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting '2021 Gift Fic Exchange' contest portion, which is neat.

Cover art commissioned from the lovely Shaslan!

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"I shine brightest in the dark. I am there but cannot be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything"

The world ended, a plague turning unicorn and alicorn alike into bloodthirsty monsters.

In its aftermath, with her lands and ponies still recovering, Princess Luna leads a team to the isolated village of Somnambula, the last part of Equestria left unaccounted for.

There are doubts that anypony survived in the month-long heat. But among the ruins of a civilization older even than her own, the Princess holds out hope.


This is a side story to BaeroRemedy's excellent story And Hell Followed, which I absolutely recommend reading before this.

A big thanks to BaeroRemedy for going over the story.

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Revered by their populace, the four immortal Alicorns have ruled Equestria with benevolence and kindness for five centuries, curating a meticulous balance that must not be disturbed. The Two-One system has survived everything that was thrown at it, and anything that threatens to disrupt that balance should be crushed at all costs.


Fantastic cover art provided by Hoodwinked MCShelster on DeviantArt!

Proofread and Edited by DarthBall and Bruscar

WARNING: Contains A LOT of profanity because I can't help myself
DISCLAIMER: Only a light AU, very little changed from canon

The Ever Expanding Inspirations List:
DanishDash's At Your Service
ChroniclerOfFantasies's King of Queens
Hiver's New Beginnings and all of its sequels
Bpkyle777's Past, Present, and Future
ThatWritingDragon's A Dusk’s New Dawn
Crensler's To Know Hell and Finding Artemis
Hilord17's The Anomaly in a Mare’s World
Darkwing Dust's Crystal Soul
RadBunny's Timeless and A Brush With Fate
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Irrespective's The Harem Noses, No Nose Knows, and This Nose Knows
Anzel's Memoirs of a Royal Guard
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kudzuhaiku's The Sun Also Surprises and The Perilous Romance of Swans
Tallfry's One Bolt, Many Questions
PinkiePieFox's Shimmering Night
Krystl_Fae’s The Son of Infinity

Chapters (3)

Twenty thousand years into Twilight Sparkle's rule, the burden of the countless trillions of ponies killed Equestria. Depleted, polluted, and dead, the planet was abandoned. The Goddess Twilight Sparkle and her alicorn compatriots led the surviving ponies to a new life among the stars.

Ponies advanced. They evolved, and grew. A golden age of peace and prosperity occurred that lasted for thousands of millennia.

But that was long ago. Before evolution turned against them, and before the deadly Mortality Virus raged through their ranks. Now, at the twilight of ponykind, their final hope is for a small crew to return to their long-dead and long-forgotten homeworld one last time.

Chapters (38)

A strange set of armour has been found in the land of Equestria; and with it comes a prophecy. A prophecy has been told in secret, a prophecy that is set in stone and is already in motion. A Phoenix rises.

But this prophecy comes with war. Blades from a dark city clash against aspect warriors from the craftworlds, and their shadowed master meets a legendary warrior. A warrior he seeks to destroy with wrath and hatred.

A phoenix will rise! And a Phoenix will fall!

Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle will not pass up on this incredible opportunity – a batpony stallion came to stay in Ponyville and is willing to share knowledge and information! It would allow to finally fill all the gaps in Equestrian knowledge about their species!

The questions are prepared, the tape is set. Let's start the interview!

5th place in the EQD Batpony Writeoff Competition (link)

Chapters (1)

Twilight makes a new scientific discovery that could change the course of history. With Spike at her side, she embarks on a quest to test her hypothesis, and do what no pony has ever done before.

(Set before season 8)

Special thanks to Pre-reader 63.546 for first-rate editing.

Featured on EQD 24 Sep 2018.

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Down in the deep, dark bowels of Canterlot, Flash Sentry meets Twilight for the first time.

Featured from 10/3-10/5/21

Reading by Sparrow!

Image by EpicSubterfuge
Here's there Twitter as well

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