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After Cozy Glows betrayal Twilight decides she needs to make sure Ponyville is safe even if she and the other Elements are away. Celestia suggest founding a Royal Guard division for Ponyville. Now Twilight much find a Captain to lead it. Now she just needs somepony with leadership experience. A pony kind, understanding, patient, and polite, But also strong, determined and driven. Tempest is at least half those things. Join Tempest and Twilight and the others on a journey of redemption, forgiveness, courage, yelling at new recruits, dealing with annoying ponies, and paperwork. So much paperwork. Just a day in the Life of the captain of the Friendship Knights.

Chapters (9)

Twilight velvet and Nightlight, Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armors parents die in an accidental house fire. Shining gets him and his Sister out.

I do not own the My Little Pony: FIM characters in this story. Hasbro and Lauren Faust do.
Don’t try me.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

Every action has consequences, no matter the intent. To clear her slate, Twilight Sparkle will go to any lengths to settle the score with Celestia, even if it means a fool's errand to a land ravaged by chaos.

The Lost Continent of Panthalassa beckons. Monsters, immortals, and creatures whose names are whispered with reverence and fear stand between Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Thieves, and the path home.

Based on the worldbuilding and expansion of the original oneshot, In the Hall of the Mountain Queen. Serving as a continuation.

Artwork by lilfunkman.

Special thanks to Alto, Timaeus, Cynewulf, Vdrake77, CouchCrusader, Beltorn, and all my friends for their ongoing support in writing this.

Chapters (14)

Rainbow Dash's morning was pretty much ruined.
She tripped getting out of bed and landed flat on her face, giving herself an aching muzzle.
She forgot to buy her favorite brand of hay flakes at the store yesterday and had to eat plain toast for breakfast.
She found out she had to pull double-duty today and tomorrow on the weather patrol.
Oh, and she found a nearly-dead foal, broken and bleeding at the edge of Ponyville.

The rest of her day became a whirlpool of stress and worry but the colt woke up, thank Celestia.
Something's not right, though. Nopony can find his parents, he's not in the registers, and there's an unsettling look in his eye...


Chinese Translation by forgivenlove

Chapters (15)

I don't know what I am, but I know where I am. Equestria, magical cartoon utopia. A place that's basically a dream come true.

So why is the only thing I care about finding another drink?

Art by ExoticEon

Featured June 4, 2021. Thanks y'all!
Again on June 17!
Also August 17
And August 26
And October 17
And so on and so forth.

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Centuries have passed since Twilight Sparkle took the throne of Equestria, and the world has entered a new golden era for all creatures.

But Equestria itself has changed as well. Several independent and fully autonomous city-states now exist within its borders, countries in their own right but still tied to Equestria as a whole.

Today, Princess Twilight is visiting one such city-state for the very first time.

Chapters (4)

Celestia is totally exhausted working hard day in day out, and eventually decides to use magic to get herself some much-needed rest. The spell she uses is a mite too powerful though, and isn't she in for a shock when she wakes up...

Commissioned by someone who wants to remain anonymous. Thanks for the idea though, dude!

Chapters (1)

For a thousand years, the alicorns of House Solaris have ruled over the ponies of Equestria with wisdom and care. Now, in the present, Twilight, youngest daughter of the Queen, goes about her day as befits a Princess of the Realm.

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle was nothing but diligent in her studies—from arcane history to forbidden spells, her knowledge knew no bounds. Of course, one thing remained entirely foreign to her, and that was the concept of a social life. Queen Celestia, dead-set on correcting this in one way or the other, sends her daughter to the quaint town of Ponyville to oversee the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration and perhaps make a friend or two, setting in motion a series of increasingly more unlikely events that will change the young princess’s life, as well as the lives of those around her, forever.

Chapters (1)

Everypony knows that alicorns are immortal, but immortality doesn't mean you never die.

Content Warnings: implied/light gore, mentions of physical trauma, dismemberment, technically self harm???

This was written for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's Black Sunday Contest. We're on Discord here if you'd like to join us!

Chapters (1)