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Twilight and Chrysalis have come a long way in their relationship over the years. As their wedding looms, Twilight is about to learn a terrible secret.

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so changelings are shoggoth?

“I… are you sure? What if I am something truly repulsive? Like I don't know, the shmooze? Or Blue Blood?”

The alicorn stifled a giggle that threatened to escape past her lips. “Well I don't think that would be too bad. Though it is a little mean to put the shmooze in the same category as that monster.”


And nice ending! Don't think any of Chrysalis' previous lovers had a thing for tentacles, did they?

I knew as soon as you said tenticals what twis reaction would be

Oh Lord that ending

I legit loved this piece with how ludicrously funny it was.

A loving partner that comes with multiple tentacles AND shape-shifting abilities? o.o Yeah no I agree with Twilight... Freaking SCORE xD

Unable to hold back anymore, Twilight muttered the first thing that came to mind when she had seen the twisting mass of tentacled limbs. “Dear diary, jack pot.”

Well, I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going

*Hastily schootches away on the Nope Cloud*
It was good! But the last line made me flee!
But it was good!

Twilight is about a terrible secret.

Please fix this typo, because this story deserves better.

Simmer down, its fixed.

Cuddle times are a serious thing in a changeling household.

So what if its a typo, you must not speak to Lord Jest like that, All hail the mighty writing of JEST.

9563183 I was saying the story was good, and the typo was a massive disservice because it was good. You're reading way too much aggression here.

What a cute story. Now only if the author somehow had a contribution page in which to donate money. Alas, it is not nearly obvious enough to slap the reader as if wielded like a buster sword.

I knew it was coming, sooner or later. Bonus points for you my friend.

No! The flurry of my downvotes shall block out the sun!

No, shoggoth are about the size of a semi trailer.
They're definitely some flavor of nameless horror, though.

Sequel! Twi shows Cadence, and Cadence decides she and Shiny need to up their swinging game to eldritch levels.

9563208 Then my fleets shall rain death and destruction upon this miserable planet! Tremble before me, children of the dust!

Your ham, sir.

Ah, thank you Mr. Avery.

I thought Chrysalis was going to reveal Barney

Why Chrissy withered when Twi didn't say anything after her transformation? Aren't she emotivore empath, couldn't she feel the lust from Twi?

I imagine the lust hadn’t kicked in yet as most of the brain went blue screen for a bit.

No cover image?

I feel like there should be a sequel where twilights gives chryssi a book of kinks and their explanations :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Nice. Featured again. :3

she brung far

Um. "Brought". I remember my... second? third? grade teacher getting onto us about "brung" when we were going over "know" vs "now" and other similar words.

But I love this - and that was about what I had expected LOL

The only cover image would be nsfw

I was guessing she was going to be a human.

I actually can't think of a cover art that wouldn't be a spoiler.

Any sequel will definitely be M rated.

Shoggoths vary in size. Some are small, some are the literal size of a mountain.


Couldn't find one that conveyed what I wanted without essentially spoiling the twist. If you find a good one, send it my way.

She could be shutting off the empathic sense out of fear of feeling disgust from Twilight

“I would never do that to you Chrysalis! We made a promise after falling in love during that tomb of annihilation run we did.”

The changeling queen looked away. “That's what they said as well.”

That's an oddly specific thing to hear twice in your life.

Awww... With all the dnd jokes, I was hoping it would be THh Tarasque

Therein lies the joke.

I was thinking about it, but I wanted to pull a twist on the twist.

I was picturing something like a mind flayer/terrasque hybrid. What we got was so, SO much worse!!!

her eyes shutting instinctively to try and save her retinas from damage.

Missed a chance for another D&D joke there.

How many more will there be? I've been expecting a 'Queen slug for a butt' reference since this started and I can see this eventually turning into a crackfic where she starts off as an eldritch abomination and turns into her normal self.

Damn, your right.

Before her laying on the floor was a constantly shifting mass of tentacles without form or shape. Uncountable limbs wiggled randomly, some were shorter, and seemed to stick straight out as if sensing the air, while others were long and thick, able to drag the creature’s bulk across the ground if need be. More disturbing then that was the fact that there was no centre to the mass of tentacles, no torso or part that resembled anything Twilight had seen on a creature before.

Oh, Chrysalis is a Pleasure G.E.L.F.

“Stars above Chrysalis.” Twilight grouched, her hooves pressed against her eyes. “I swear if this is just another excuse to turn into a big titied versoin of my mother I am going to be so pissed.”


“So how bad are we talking about here? Cus I kinda like the fangs, and the sharp horn and the…” The alicorn shuddered, running her hoof down the queen’s hard, hard exterior lovingly. “Everything else, even that thing with the eggs and the-”

This just keeps getting better and better.

You know, out of the takes I've seen so far, this one seems the most tolerable. At least the figure resembles something seen on the show (Maybe with the dragons) while the others seemed too alien in comparison.

Mix this creature with the original chapter ending, and we might have the best case scenario. Maybe.

Keep up the good work. :)

I've seen worse from Thingpone.

Does the previous pony's name was Love Craft by any chance?

I feel very split about this
one its funny
on other side scary

i just leave and leave it at that

Run from the horrific visage of Barney the dinosaur Twilight! Run!

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