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A new adventure rises when the Covenant and the Changelings want Twilight's crown. Will the Spartans and the Mane 6 be enough to save Equestria and Earth?

UPDATE 2021: Welp, here we are. This is no doubt the worst story I posted on this site-- not just for my writing, but my abhorrent attitude towards those who were just trying to give their criticism. Am I proud of this? Absolutely not, but I feel the need to post this for new writers to see, just to learn what NOT to do when people don't quite like your work. Also... do your research on your source material. I learned that one the hard way.

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Sonic goes in Equestria and meets a new monster on the way... the Thinworx! This is my first story so if it's bad, don't say anything negative. P.S I own nothing but the plot.

UPDATE 2021: Well, here we are... my start. Am I proud of it? Not really, no. But hey, we all have our beginnings somewhere! Now, come and observe my first ever story on this site– edited just enough to meet FIMFiction's publishing standards! Speaking of which, since my old description doesn't quite have much and I refuse to replace it and tarnish my message of reposting this, this is a poorly written story about Sonic the Hedgehog entering the MLP universe and also colliding with the Epic Mickey universe. During which rivals from Sonic's world return alongside old enemies from the MLP universe, both of which using technology and powers from the Epic Mickey universe.

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Prequel to: The Zombie War

After Friendship Games, one student was treated the harshest at Crystal Prep: Autumn Flier. He was insulted and beaten. Then, he was met by two people: The Dazzlings. He was given a chance at revenge on them, on CHS, on the world. He took it.

Chapters (8)

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!

Batman has protected Gotham for almost a decade. Gotham's criminals have all been locked up and have stayed that way for a year. Batman wasn't needed anymore, they won.

But the night has been turned against him.

Now Batman must hunt down this madman, calling themselves "Nightmare Moon" and bring them to justice.

Not to mention at 12 in the afternoon...

Chapters (4)

The world is in a one way ticket to hell... When two worlds meet, how will they survive? An old enemy rises from the ashes of the worlds, a new enemy is born, and the dead are becoming the new rulers of these two worlds...

Alternate universe tag is in case of the mid season premiere of The Walking Dead. I own nothing but of course the plot.

UPDATE 2021: Ah, here we are. Y'know, part of me wants to remember the good that came out of this one, it's what gave me my start in the zombie genre... but on the other hand, there could've been much more, here. Both in writing and tone– I may have been a little... eager... in some places.

Sprites and background in cover thanks to: http://www.fillygamez.com/2012/09/welcome-to-ponyville.html

Painting software used http://www.getpaint.net/download.html

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This story is a sequel to Zombie Chronicles: New School

After the world ends, Jason and his family must pull together, accompanied by friends new and old, in order to survive the new journey ahead of them.

Lines will be crossed, loyalties will be tested, and the ultimate challenge of survival will take its toll on everyone...

Chapters (16)

Prequel to: The Zombie Chronicles

A few months after the Fall Formal, a new student enters Canterlot High. Now he must discover it's crazy students and wild backstory...

Credit to my editor who helped me find this story's gift: Colonel Celtic Fire

Chapters (21)

Shoutout to FourShadow’s incredible story for inspiration for this story.

For the last 3 years, the students and even some of the staff at Canterlot High have been tormented by the nefarious Rainbooms, with powers, to boot. Now the only thing standing in their way of world domination is Pip, formally known as Pipsqueak, who was bitten by a radioactive spider and has gained meta-human abilities as a result, Flash Sentry, a broken soul with nothing left to lose, and three new students who want to rise up to terror.

Chapters (18)

This story is a sequel to Spider-Pip: Origins

A year into Pip's career as Spider-Man, things have been going smoothly-- his friends have banded together to defeat the Rainbooms, who have been locked away in a super-max prison for the last six months, new allies have shown themselves in the form of Venom, a symbiotic creature from another planet that has bonded to his best friend, Flash Sentry, and his girlfriend, Adagio Dazzle, is a five hundred-year-old being from yet another planet-- the same planet where his arch-nemisis, Sunset Shimmer, has travelled from. But when the five super-powered girls escape with the help of an old threat, the new heroes must band together once again to survive... but not all of them will make it out the same.

Chapters (15)

Ben Tennyson had put up the Omnitrix and settled in his hometown in Belwood trying to live as normally as possible. But when alien conspiracy looms over Earth, Ben, his cousin Gwen, and former foe Kevin team up to stop them from taking over along with new faces.

T-For some offensive language

Chapters (1)