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Jason Wright returns at a pivotal moment in Equestria's history. He bares his vengeance, not with the hand of a conqueror or an invading force. But with the greatest weapon of all; the truth. And the truth is seldom pretty when it reveals the lies we tell ourselves.

This story is inspired by the Ending-verse.

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Michael's life is devoid of relationships. Be they familial, work, or romantic. But on one lucky night, he's given an opportunity.

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Engineer spent her childhood equipping the greatest army equestria had ever seen. But after it was defeated she was sealed in stone by the Alicorn Princesses.

Over a thousand years later Grogar decided to recruit a team of villans , and use them to conquer equestria.

He tracked down the Engineer and found her statue in the remains of the castle of the two sisters, he freed her from her stone prison and is offering her an opportunity for revenge.

(This is my first story any feedback would be appreciated)

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There have been many close calls, regarding the times when Equestria was in danger. Villains who threatened the balance, and each time the Element bearers were called to stop them. However, each time they came to face such dangers, the threat from said villains was no longer present. Each and every time, said villains would say that they would rather live in peace, and not seek to disrupt everyoneโ€™s peaceful living. The reason? There was this old figure who appeared, and simply talked to them. And his words would be etched in their hearts for many years to come.

6/27/21: Thank you all!











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In the magical land of Equestria the borders are kept by the watchful eyes of the fourth tribe. Evergreen Hold, one village among many, guards the endless forests along Equestria's southwest border. But lately something new has crept into the forest, it seems there is a change in the air...

Many thanks to Destiny Chaser and Comma Typer for their encouragement, and to ClockworkMage for his gracious help in editing this. Any errors that remain exist by my own efforts.

Cover art generously provided by Comma Typer.

A translation into Spanish Generously provided by SPANIARD KIWI.
Halvard y la reina amable

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Twilight Sparkle is trapped in the body of a human who in turn, has taken her own and disappeared with it. Nopony believes her: not her brother, friends, nor mentor. She is being interrogated and asked a single question: Where is Twilight Sparkle? When she tells them that she is the one they seek, torture follows. Twilight begins to lose hope and weighs the question: What's the point of going on when even the world bets against you?

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(Takes place during Season 2.)

When one mission appears to be his last, Preston Marlowe of the 222nd Army Battalion's "Bad Company" winds up in another world that is far beyond his comprehension. Separated from his squad, his troubles are far from over when he is soon thrusted into another conflict that is about to reach its breaking point. On top of that, he must learn to coexist in this new world until he can find a way back home. Can't a man ever catch a break?

Rated Teen for language and violence.

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Tyler is your typical desk jockey; works at a desk all day, then plays games at a desk all night.

But when he accepts the duty of leading a small changeling hive in a dream, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the responsibilities thrust upon him.

Yeah, he did volunteer for it, but how was he supposed to know that some dreams are real?

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Her betrayal pissed Nero off badly, but when you wake up and in less than an hour have to deal with timberwolves... Let's just say that it would be wise to keep your distance.

Equipped with a short temper and a TON of demonic power, nobody stands a chance against him really. Except maybe Celestia or Luna but even then it's not safe to risk it.

Extra Character tags: Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Discord, and Tirek.

This story will alternate between First and Second person at times.

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Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis have escaped from their stone confinement, and have fled to the outer most remote regions of Equestria. They must now work together if they want to uncover the long lost Rainbow of Darkness, and use its power to conquer Equestria once and for all. Their journey, however, takes many unexpected turns, as they make new friends and foes, and uncover secrets about each other. Theyโ€™ll face their toughest challenges yet, as they struggle to stay together.

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