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Sometimes I dream of ponies and all their derivatives


Tyler is your typical desk jockey; works at a desk all day, then plays games at a desk all night.

But when he accepts the duty of leading a small changeling hive in a dream, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the responsibilities thrust upon him.

Yeah, he did volunteer for it, but how was he supposed to know that some dreams are real?

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Seems like an interesting enough story, look forward to see how it will progress so good luck.

I love how the story going so far, hope I see another chapter of it soon!

I got to say I am very interested this story so far. I cant wait to read the next chapters that you'll make.

Thank you all!
The second chapter is in progress and I hope to have it out sometime this next week. I won't be committing to any set schedule for this story since that almost never works out for me, however, I do have an end goal in place and I am committed to finishing.

This looks like a neat story concept. I'll keep an eye on it.

Hmm, interesting...I shall see where this goes.

I will be watching your career with great interest

I'm going to give it a chance solely because it's not Anon.

Well, can't wait to see the next chapter.

Interesting... very interesting indeed.

Ah~! Someone who likes to thread 'other thoughts' and 'what's happening right now' in the same narrative in writing the same way I do!
Amazing to see it. I eagerly look forward to the outcome of this story.

This has promise, and I'm here for it. I really like the way you're splicing the thoughts and memories btw, it's a nice touch. Tracked and liked.

Ooh, this could be fun. Depending on update frequency/where the plot goes, this could be a great story.

I'm intrigued. Waiting for the next chapter.

this has the potential for some lovely fuckery, i'm keeping my eye on this.

I wonder what other duties a hive queen has; I hope it's not lying eggs, haha


That'd certainly become rather Interesting rather quickly. It's understandable why he didn't ask about that beforehand, though.

You've got style man. I like it.

Interesting concept & implementation.

Interesting, interesting. Curious to see where this goes.

First you have my attention now you have my interest. Let's see where there's ride down the rabbit hole takes us.:ajsmug:

Top of the featured list, bravo 👏.

MORE NEED MORE GIVE ME MORE great start to the Favorites your story will go

After reading the first chapter, I am defiantly going to be following this one. You earned that top of the featured list.

Will he build a cocoon and go through metamorphosis on Earth or teleport to Equestria first? Or he will live on Earth and come to his changelings in dreams?

Not for Her Little Changeling,But for you, i Accept this quest! Now Bring me Chisalis! >/

"Because you're the only one who's answered." It gives a half-hearted chuckle, then winces in pain. "I've been searching for so long and I can feel there's not much time left for us. If you decline, we'll most likely..." Trailing off, it goes quiet with tears starting to form in its eyes.

"That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Cherngelerng"

"So, I'm a Cherngelerng? So What!"

"I Killed Ponies For 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level!" (Well, this could just be any random Displaced fic...)

"Redo of Cherngelerng" (This one is what you EXPECT of a fanfic!) :fluttershbad:


Excellent 1st story keep up the good work and I'm going to help you make more stores

interesting first story, also nice ratio, 0 to 206 so far...

Can you imagine: you're playing something like Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius, unwittingly directing a hive of changelings...

The fact that this story has 0 dislikes just goes shows how good this story actually is.

Well now.

It took longer than I thought to get around to it, but interesting start.

There’s not even any noticeable technical mistakes... and that’s me saying that. I notice things often. :rainbowwild::twilightsheepish:

I’ll look forward to more of this one!



Lol, I wonder if I should be worried I knew all of those off the top of my head.

...I get the feeling that this is going to be favorited at some point. Cool pilot, I look forward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

That was a nice read, can't wait for more.

10800717 It merely means the infestation of Alondro in your brain has reached the final stage. YOU WILL BECOME LIKE US!! :pinkiecrazy:

"Come on! Show me anything!" I scream into the nothingness, hoping for some sort of change.

"Nothing here but you and the void..." (void... void... void... void...)

"Does it always do that?"

"Only if you say 'void'" (void... void... void.... void...)

"Well, we're just gonna avoid that..." (void... void... void.... void...)



The result of her actions can be seen right here; as far as we know, we are the last surviving changelings."

Vegetaling, "I grew up under Chrysalis' rule... our people were slaves to her will..."

Alondroling, "Oh, so what you're saying is if it wasn't for Chrysalis, you wouldn't be..."

Vegetaling, "Dying? No."

Alondroling, "I was gonna say 'evil'."

Vegetaling, "Oh no, I'd DEFINITELY still be evil! If our positions were reversed, it'd be a whole different story. You would be dying, and I would be laughing. Ha-ha..geh... it hurts to laugh. My point is, Alondro, you are the last remaining cherngelerng.... oh my god, you're the last remaining cherngelerng..." (dies)


After putting on my dailies

Putting what on now?

Curious , it was stated the changelings needed a new QUEEN, not a king. so can we assume this to mean we will have a gender changed human becoming a changeling Queen?

A very promising start, let alone for a first ever story! Bravo, and do hope to see this continued.

Especially like the green text to signify changeling thoughts. Experimented with that sort of thing myself, but couldn't get it to work to my liking with the various color themes, so went with small caps plus italics instead on tip from a friend.

(Also, highly useful if you ever plan to write a robot/android story and want an 'artificial voice.' For the record.)

Anyway, hope to see more soon!

Lmao 1 dislike...
Queen chrysalis don't like this story

Uniquely weird beggining but worth the fav I think. Hopefully the changelings are not dissappointed by alack of an all poweful savior

I'm sorry man but I had to break the perfect 300 likes into 301 just because I liked the story.

Interesting, i'm intrigued with how this story will continue

when I saw the name skitter all I could think of was Hiver's stories.

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