• Published 18th Dec 2012
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When The World Bets Against You - Tie RoamingHooves

Twilight Sparkle is trapped in the body of a human who in turn, has taken her own and disappeared with it. Nopony believes her: not her brother, friends, nor mentor. She is being interrogated and asked a single question: Where is Twilight Sparkle?

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It's Always Darkest...

It’s a funny feeling, really. The one you get when the world truly turns against you. So I’m being interrogated and one thing led to another and now I’m drowning in a bucket of water with “my” limbs tied behind my back. My vision is starting to fade and my mind has relaxed enough so that I can go off into thought and take a step back to look at my situation which means I’m obviously going to die. Thats another thing, my mind is here while my body continues to thrash and wiggle trying to find some way to gain the life giving oxygen that it needs. My captors unfortunately, are not familiar with my anatomy and greatly overestimated my lung capacity.

However though, they raise up my head without physically touching me and I instinctively gasp bringing air into my lungs. I no longer have the strength hold up my head, let alone struggle, so I hang limply from the ropes that bind me only able to do the one thing I can do; breathe.

“I’ll ask you again, where is she?” The voice was that of Shining Armour, Captain of Celestia’s Royal Guard and at one point or another, my big brother.

It’s been like this for two weeks; I woke up to extreme interrogation, was given enough food to stay alive but only barely, then questioned again using various methods of torture to get information that I’ve been giving them the entire time though my words fall on deaf ears. It took me all of two minutes to gain control of my breathing before I looked into his face and told him the same thing I’ve told every single one of them time after fruitless time again. “I’m right here, Shiny... why can’t you see it? I’m right here...” I say weakly before trailing off again. My brother adopted the same facial expression he got every time I tell him this. It meant more torture was coming.

Tears slide down my cheeks and onto the floor. Wasn’t crying purposefully as I learned early on that tears got me nowhere with him. I was crying for various reasons: the feeling of hopelessness that is currently consuming my being, a large amount of self pity for the situation I’m currently in, the thought that I’ll never get to see my friends again let alone... Spike, and then the biggest contributor is the flat out sorrow I feel... knowing that my own brother of all ponies, somepony that was practically my only friend through my foalhood, the one who supposedly would never let anything happen to the little sister he loves so dearly, is doing just that. The thought that my big brother is the one who is willingly causing me to suffer... its the most horrible feeling I’ve ever had.

I know he won’t stop. He doesn’t believe me. Nopony else believes me either; not my friends, nor family, or even Princess Celestia herself. My own mentor, the one I consider a surrogate mother doesn’t believe any word I say and is the one authorizing my torture. I’m truly alone and worse off, I’m stuck in a body that doesn’t even belong to me.


My face abruptly meets the cold and unforgiving water once again. This time around I honestly don’t care. My body continues to struggle but I don’t nor will put a thought into it. The only thing on my mind at the moment is a question. A life changing sort of question that would change your life. In my case however, this is a question where I have a choice. What is the point of trying when the world bets against you?

My submerged face manages a smile. I briefly thought of how the princess would chastise me for even thinking about giving up let alone considering giving up on living. But she doesn’t care now does she? Of course not. If she truly knew me like I thought she did, she could have seen it was truly me trapped inside this body. If my brother loved me the way I thought he did, he would have recognized my mannerisms and the trademark quirks in my speech that said that I was indeed myself, Twilight Sparkle. If my friends truly cared about me at some point, they would have seen me as a friend in need and rush to my side to defend me and yet they did the opposite. I guess I’m just worthless to them all. Maybe I wasn’t as important to them as I thought I was.

If I am indeed worthless, why am I still alive? Why not just have them end it now? From the looks my brother had been giving me, I think he would gladly oblige me on that offer. I get yanked out of the water again by my mane without them laying a hoof on me. I find myself staring face to face with Shining Armour and he looks absolutely furious. My eyes aren’t really focusing on anything but I know that shade of blue anywhere.

“I’ll ask you ONE more time. Where. Is. My. Sister?”

I feel one last glittering bit of hope and I decide to try one last time. “I’m right here...” I say. My voice rivaled that of Fluttershy’s in audibility. “I have been the whole time.”

Shining gave an annoyed snort in my face and lets go of my mane. The other guard hadn’t pulled on the rope holding me to the ceiling so I smacked my face into the side of the tub unable to suppress the yelp that came from my lips.

“Ugh! This is useless! Take the prisoner back to her cell before I do worse!” he barked at the two guardsponies just outside of the door. I simply lied there and waited for them to take me.

“Hurry up, Silver Wind. The longer you take to get here, the longer I have to be next to this disgusting thing.”

I remain silent.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m comin’. Don’t get your mane in a twist. Alright, lets do this.” the guard designated as Silver Wind announced.

I felt a gentle warmth envelope my body and lift me into the air. I hang like a ragdoll. I was placed across the guardspony’s back and the warmth left.

“Jeez, I can’t imagine what ol’ Amour had in store for it.”

“Yeah, no kidding. I almost feel sorry for it.” said the other guard.

“Almost.” Silver finished up with a laugh. I said or did nothing as they carried me back to my cell. The banter is fitting for me. I don’t deserve pity. I was less than gently dropped onto the cold floor as the gate shut behind me. The two guards left chatting about what their doing with friends tonight.


I’d be lying if I said I didn't miss them. I don’t know if they miss me at all. Probably not. I didn’t bother with moving myself. I don’t really care. I feel a tear sliding down my face again and I get a single thought which shatters my composure proving how fragile I am.

I may not deserve pity, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it. With that, I do something that I couldn’t do until now because of the hope that I now lack. I curled up into a ball and wept silently. Nopony was coming to save me. My loved ones have all turned against me when I need them the most... and now I’m alone. Just me betting against the entire world.

“What’s the point of going on now?” I think to myself. For some odd reason I desperately waited for an answer that was destined not to come. I sobbed openly after an unknown amount of time passed. It further proved how worthless I am. Who even cares about my plight anyways? Where do you turn when there’s nopony to look to?

Author's Note:

New fic idea. This is raw and unedited. I'll continue with it if you guys want me to.

Forever procrastinating,


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