• Published 18th Dec 2012
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When The World Bets Against You - Tie RoamingHooves

Twilight Sparkle is trapped in the body of a human who in turn, has taken her own and disappeared with it. Nopony believes her: not her brother, friends, nor mentor. She is being interrogated and asked a single question: Where is Twilight Sparkle?

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When The Sun Withholds Fury

Celestia walked into the dungeons in righteous fury. There were more than enough reasons that would justify anything she had in mind to get the information out of the stubborn human. Although, a flurry of thoughts fly around inside of her aged mind. The most prominent of them is something she’s kept to herself the entire duration of this crisis. Humanity has returned to Equestria, or at least just this one.


The solar diarch had banished their species from this realm as a whole rather than extermination. They had outright attacked pony-kind and waged a senseless and genocidal war that they nearly won due to Celestia’s reservation of causing needless death. The magic the wielded was not to be trifled with. Underestimating them leaves your mind open to their manipulation.

And now this one has Twilight.

The hatred and fury the princess was currently feeling right now knew absolutely no bounds. She kept her brisk pace as she made her way further down the torch-lit hallway of magically carved stone. It was dusty but somehow immaculately clean all the while, devoid of cobwebs and loose pebbles and rocks despite being on the interior of a mountain.

Even being so well beyond angry, she knew she needed to use MASSIVE amounts of restraint dealing with her otherwise she’ll end up being forever destined to be a stain on the side of her holding cell. This was going to prove to be a difficult task for her.

She started to get near her destination and heard a familiar, yet long forgotten sound. The sound of distant crying was not what hit the solemn nostalgia button on the alicorn, it instead was its content and translation.

She caught many feelings out of the sound; self-pity, confusion, extreme fear, self loathing, the deepest bouts of hopelessness, sorrow, and among others was a massive sense of betrayal. Celestia’s rage was set on standby for a moment as curiosity got the better of her.

The wails undoubtedly belong to the human prisoner, but as to why it was happening was unknown... to some degree. Most likely caused by giving up hope on holding out, or fearing death. Those were her best guesses but those wouldn’t cause this much hurt. She’d only known a few ponies in her entire lifetime, which spanned thousands of years, to ever know this kind of pain.

She neared door of the cell block that held a single prisoner. In the doorway stood the alabaster alicorn in all her glory; erethral mane blowing in an intangible wind and seemingly glowing white coat. She watched her captive cry out in unknown but obvious pain. These could be both emotional and physical, but that is besides the point.

Shortly before building her resolve to walk in on the distraught human, the sound of galloping came from further down the corridor. Celestia turned to see an armor-clad stallion with a saddle-bag racing to her and skidding to a halt in front of her. He straightened himself out and saluted.

“Your majesty, a message from Saddle Arabia! It’s urgent!” announced the messenger. He quickly retrieved the aforementioned letter from his saddle-bag and presented it. It bore the seal of the royal pony sisters meaning it had been sent via the Equestrian Embassy. The princess quickly levitated it and tore it open before bringing it in close enough for her to read.

Your Royal Highness,

I have heard of the recent happening with the Elements specifically that of Twilight Sparkle. With this coming to my attention I feel it would be in your interest that I share some relevant information regarding her. Twilight Sparkle’s whereabouts still are unknown according to what I have been told but as it turns out that may not be the case. I received reports of a lavender unicorn mare in a white cloak wandering on the edge of the open desert and apparently stealing food from the local Saddle Arabian farmers. This goes against what is normally seen of Equestrian tourist’s or of those of other pony nations coupled with the fact that they are few and far between.

This leads me to believe that this could possibly be Twilight but it is in no way certain. It is highly coincidental that a mare matching Ms. Sparkle’s description would show up here a few days after her disappearance. I will attempt to investigate into this further but I lack the personnel to do so effectively.

With high hopes,

Lieutenant Commander Gale Force.

Coherent thought escaped the alicorn for a moment before she felt a pair of eyes burning into the back of her head. At this thought she notices the lack of crying which prompts the princess to turn around.

Instant guilt slammed into Celestia full force as she looked at the sorry sight of what has become of the poor human. The human was staring with wide, tear-stained, eyes but pea sized pupils in stark contrast. She trembled slightly but otherwise remained frozen in place though she obviously wanted to run. Everything about her body language said that she was experiencing fear in its most heightened form. Primal fears such as she is currently feeling usually coincided with impending doom or when facing predators.

She was looking at her... like she was a predator... or a monster from the darkest corners of ones mind. It wasn’t a new experience for the princess, but something about it was causing her to feels pangs of regret... and of absolute horror for some reason.

In an attempt to console her mind, Princess Celestia made eye contact with the trembling human in the cell. Although as soon as she did, the terrified girl scrambled backwards as if expecting an attack. In a corner, the human looked at the goddess of the sun in as if she were the greatest and most terrible evil there was. Tears slid down the prisoners face but her expression of horror was unflinching.

Celestia was absolutely speechless. For whatever reason, she felt compelled to help ease the creatures grief and help put its fear to rest. She involuntarily took a step forward causing the human to clamp her eyes shut and wrap her arms around her legs. Simultaneously, she brought head down to her knees and started frantically to herself. She was repeatedly saying something along the lines of “Please make it stop” which sounded more like a plea than anything.

Princess Celestia sighed knowing now that there is nothing that she could do. There were more important things that needed to be tended to. On that thought, she turned around and left leaving the human alone in the cell once again.

Sand was everywhere. Of all the places that could have been an extraction point, it had to be a desert. The body didn’t make anything easier either. She was meant to walk on two legs but was was forced to use four. But complaining wasn’t on the agenda as of now. With the threat of extinction hanging over mankind, extreme measures were necessary. And through such measures, here she was; thrust into a completely different world with the advances of modern technology and sporting a stolen body of an actual unicorn through the long forgotten art of ancient magic.

She hoped that the thing she swapped bodies with wasn't banging hers up too badly. She felt sorry for the thing but the human body, while being able to use magic, isn’t made to wield it effectively in the slightest. Unicorns were practically made for it as was observed in the early days of this worlds discovery. So, now she is a freaking unicorn who is somehow going to save the world... if the portal opens back up so she can get back to it, that is.

Author's Note:

Raw and unedited as usual. I am aware of my past/present tense issue and I will work on fixing that after Finals Week. Keep telling me what you think. If you don't like something, then speak up. If you like everything, do the same. Feedback people, I ask for it.

Anyways, on a completely unrelated note: ALL UR BASE R BELONG TO US!!! That is all. Goodnight folks and have a glorious Finals Week.

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