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Twilight Sparkle is trapped in the body of a human who in turn, has taken her own and disappeared with it. Nopony believes her: not her brother, friends, nor mentor. She is being interrogated and asked a single question: Where is Twilight Sparkle? When she tells them that she is the one they seek, torture follows. Twilight begins to lose hope and weighs the question: What's the point of going on when even the world bets against you?

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Well written but would the royal guards, even in private, be that cruel. One idea might be Celestia threatening to turn Twilight to stone if she does not tell where Twilight is.

I can't wait to read how everybody will react when they all find out the truth. That is, IF they find out.

Supreme One, this fiction, I would read more of it. Continue...

I'm going to bed. Does anypony mind telling me if this hits the featured box?


--RoamingHooves, over and out.--


I like this, but you could use a little more description of the surroundings - brown wooden tub, misused, stone floor that is rough and cold, etc.

I am very interested to see where you take this. Maybe they slate her for execution, only to realize she is Twilight right as the ax drops... I'm a sucker for angst. :pinkiecrazy:

Following the basic canon I don't think ponies would torture, however I can get past that if the story is good. Interested to see how this turn out. Proceed...

I like this. I look forward to more chapters. Please feel free to upload chapters many times a day :pinkiecrazy:

Continueee, please. :pinkiehappy:
I like it...
poor Twilight Sparkle. :fluttercry:

Nice idea but like someone else has said more description
And also I think in reality shining armor would be way more cruel to twilight while torturing her since he would do anything to find where his sister is

This is really good. MOAR:pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry: Don't just sit there! Write more so she can get out!...please...

...you have my attention. Go on, please. Go on.

*changing to Zer0's voice* Continue...

I want more. The reaction of everyone when they find out that they've been torturing Twilight will....please me.:pinkiecrazy:

Continue. That is all.

Before reading: This is EXACTLY what ive been looking for but I always imagined the human going crazy and eventually killing themselves.
After reading: Yep keep going this is perfect you have my full support!

1822923 Continuing right now. Probably posting a chapter today too.:rainbowdetermined2:

Whoops, Chapter was originally posted with the wrong name. Its called A Mind Conflicting.
My bad.


1823661 Alright! Keep it coming, you got something good here!:twilightsmile:

Wow, That was sooner than expected. The oly thing that stuck out to me is here:

Cadence sighs while he falls into thoughts of what the future holds.

You switched to present tense when it's been is past tense.

Seriously...I'm worried for Twilight now...

Am I going to really hate Celestia after this? :fluttercry:

I'd help with the editing... xD but I don't think you'll want ME to do editing xD ...trust me. :twilightsmile:
And don't fail your final! ...but also don't worry if you DO fail it alright? Not the end of the world. :twilightsmile:
Looking forward to the next updates! ...oh and... 1 a day? That's a lofty goal... don't break yourself trying to keep that mark alright? If you start to feel burned out take a break! Make sure it stays fun! :twilightsmile:

1823754 ok...I'll just sit here and cry now and worry about Twilight.... :fluttercry:

But pass your finals! Writing comes after! :rainbowdetermined2:

1823745Wait a minute... TypewriterError... That's hilarious. Every time you point out an error its like inception.

I love it. Im wonder what the twilight sparkle imposter is doing. Is she evil or does she not realize what she did or...??? I cant wait to find out. Dont take that as me rushing you.. Please take your time... But hurry with taking your time :pinkiecrazy:

1823771 :raritywink: Yup... You should have seen it a few weeks ago when Peregrine Caged tried to upload my chapter in the Album....all that showed up at first was this:


It was a nice touch of irony, I admit. :derpytongue2:

YOU SIR, HAVE INVOKED MY FEELS. I thought they had all died from under-use

I think this has been mentioned but it's the biggest error for me. You constantly switch from past to present tense throughout the story. So just pick one, preferably past.

And yet again Celestia fails

You know Twilight could tell Shining stories about their childhood, stuff that they would only know, and do the same with her friends and Celestia.

My 1st reaction when reading the name of the chapter was "Uh ho..."
Also the world building was helpful because it helped the reader to have a sense of why Celestia had her soldiers kinda go to the dark side. The flip between the carrying mother and the hate that she had for the Twilight that she doesn't know is Twilight though was a little quick considering the warning she'd just given Shining. Maybe tapping a bit more into some of Celestia's confusion which would help make her transition from "IMA DESTROY YOU!!" to "Alright what da heck is going on... and why do I kinda feel bad for you?" a bit smoother. Also I think a little history/world building about Twi and Celestia's past would be helpful in explaining why she and Shining Armor were so willing to go over to the dark side to get info about Twilight.

Well... at least those are my thoughts. :twilightsmile: Take 'em or leave 'em just my own thoughts. :twilightsheepish:
But I enjoyed the chapter raw as it was. So please, keep up the good work!! :eeyup:

I think I forgot how to breathe until I realized she WASN'T going to beat the snot of of her...whoo...

And study for finals! I mean it! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Twilight_Sparkle.png

NO!! You can't have my base! It's my base!

1829502Nope. Not any more its not. It's been renamed Procrastination Base Alpha... although its not really a base because it only has one room and I'm procrastinating on the construction of the rest... meh, I'll do it later.

I'll be back! And next time I'll have an army! The Base shall be mine again!

well... atleast i still have my bass

Swap bodies... a very old plot, but what matters is how well is handled. The chapters are short, but pretty decent. I only hope this fic won´t devolve into another "Humans Are Bastard". At the very least, the human who stole Twilight´s body seems to bear certain regrets, and a pretty good reason for doing what she is doing.
Question: Why cannot the powerfull, all wise Solar Goddess simply cast a truth spell or a mind reader to proof the veracity of the "human"´s claims?

When Twilight starts to talk to herself at the end, you forgot to add speak or mumble.

Simultaneously, she brought head down to her knees and started frantically to herself.

1830798Oh fuck me. Thats going to be there for a while. I'm stuck using a Ps3 right now. (Sharing a computer with five people sucks.) Luckly it happens to be a snow day. NO SCHOOL FOR THIS SOPHOMORE!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!!
*runs around living room screaming like an idiot until face-planting into a wall*

1830364I'll spoil this much. I made this fic with the intention that both the protaginists and antagonists have valid reasons of doing what they do. I hate villains that do some purely on the basis of "I'm evil so let's fuck evrything up" or things like that.

1830812 Same here man! Sophomore pride all the way!

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