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Flash Sentry is just concluding his first week of training for the Royal Guard and he is doing great. Nothing can break his focus. Especially not the hot Stallion that runs the Chocolate Shop down the street from the Barracks.

He also most certainly does not want to date him. That would be silly.

Though Flash Sentry was silly...

Spoiler Tag: Changelings

Inspired by vdrake77's story Changeling in the Guard

Rated Teen for suggestive material.

Sex tag included for the same reasons.

Profanity added due to Chapter 10 and light comedic use throughout.

Drama recently added due to some heavier content.

Art Credit goes to me.

Editted by Cyanhyde
Editted by LuckyChaosHooves

Chapters (16)

When her daughter discovers she is afraid of heights, Knightmare tells her the story of how she became known as the pony with a will like tempered steel.
Of a Nightmare Night years before when she was Fragile Flower, the pony known only for being afraid of everything.
Of the Nightmare Night when the monster, Deimos, came to Canterlot.
Of the Nightmare Night when Fragile Flower became Knightmare.

Written for the November 2018 Reviewers Café OC contest.

Cover art by: Mr Tech

Chapters (4)

As a pegasus colt living in Cloudsdale, John Darkblaze loves nothing more than soaring through the skies above his hometown. He believes that there is nothing better that pegasi can achieve than the ability of flight and the freedom one feels when flying. But, when he becomes involved in a traumatic accident that rips this ability away from him, he feels that he cannot belong in society as a pegasus who can't fly. Just when he is about to give up on everything however, a small light appears at the end of the tunnel; will it be enough to pull him to of his funk and back into reality?

The first of my "OC Introduction" stories. I scrapped my original ideas because I didn't feel they were necessarily creative enough. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (5)

Starlight spends a lonely night in her office, thinking about her life and its purpose.

The results aren't pretty.

Inspired by all those bottles in Starlight's office.

Translation MLPMihail, edited by repitter and FoxcubRandy:
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Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Dying Hope

The last thing she remembers is being attacked by the things she calls "creepy-crawly death-dealers" and blacking out. She stumbles around in the darkness until a light shines and shows her the way to the two most important ponies from her life: her parents.

As Apple Bloom spends more time with the ponies that were taken from her too soon, she realizes that she has a unique opportunity; she has the ability to spend the rest of her afterlife with her parents. This realization, though promising, does not come without consequences, and Apple Bloom finds herself making the single most important decision of her existence.

Cover art by Sparrow9642

Read dramatically by Sparrow9642

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle wakes up to find herself trapped in a surreal, claustrophobic prison. Stuck in a dull, grey room in the shape of a cube, with no doors or windows. The room is completely bare, with nothing in it except Twilight herself. Where is she? Where are her friends? Why is she here? How did she get here? Why isn't her magic working? What's causing that creepy noise, and is there any hope of escape?

This story now has a Dramatic Reading read by yours truly.

Note: This story is rated Teen for thematic elements, and for being very emotionally intense.

Chapters (1)

Shortly after the changeling invasion the Royal Guard increase their training efforts. Most of the guards see that day as a major defeat, some are mentally scared, and one cherishes the event.

Just a little something I made in between the bigger fic I am working on, didn't really edit this one too hard so sorry for any typos, missed commas, etc.

Chapters (1)

You'd think that something as simple as mowing your lawn would be easy. Welp. Apparently not, given how my lawnmower just disappeared into a portal. I wonder where it went?

An obvious trollfic. :rainbowwild:
Thanks for 3 years on Fimfiction!

A story about a guy displaced in Equestria as a lawnmower.

Art by Grim_Grin.

Chapters (1)

After having fallen asleep Apple Bloom finds herself at the Golden Oaks Library during a thunderous storm. As the storm grows worse Apple Bloom begins to get more terrified by the minute. Twilight does her best to comfort the poor filly but with the storm carrying on all the way till the morning can the Alicorn princess help the little filly overcome her fears and get her through this long dreadful night?

Cover Art designed by: Cayfie

Proofread/Edited by: PoisonClaw & Level Dasher
Pre-read by: NavelColt

Note: This story takes place during Season 4.

Featured: 26/07/2017 - 02/02/2018

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to More Than a Memory

Velvet's sickness was perhaps the least endearing quality about her, and yet when it became apparent that her health would only continue to deteriorate, it seemed to be the only thing that her close ones seemed to concern themselves with when they spoke to her. Instead of filling their last days of her with lasting memories of who she was and the passions in her life, they would ask her how she was feeling or tell her how they'd pray for her well-being. Her friends and associates distancing themselves from her so as to prepare for the worst, possibly out of their own fear of death, she becomes more alone in her final days. The one exception to this is her dearest friend, Pen Name.

When Velvet had first met Pen Name, a name he'd given himself when he'd finally made his mark in the world of literature, at a coffee shop, he had only just started out in his career as an author. Though he lacked experience, the funny witticisms and profound passion he shaped into his stories moved her in a way that inevitably led to them growing closer as friends. In her dying days it was the memories of their budding companionship that she desired to make long-lasting once she was gone.

This work was inspired by Nugget. Thank you, Nugget! :twilightsmile:
Now audio read by Wandering Mare! Here's a link for the audio reading.

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