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Aspiring artist and fanfic writer. Super fan of My Little Pony and Thomas and Friends.


As a pegasus colt living in Cloudsdale, John Darkblaze loves nothing more than soaring through the skies above his hometown. He believes that there is nothing better that pegasi can achieve than the ability of flight and the freedom one feels when flying. But, when he becomes involved in a traumatic accident that rips this ability away from him, he feels that he cannot belong in society as a pegasus who can't fly. Just when he is about to give up on everything however, a small light appears at the end of the tunnel; will it be enough to pull him to of his funk and back into reality?

The first of my "OC Introduction" stories. I scrapped my original ideas because I didn't feel they were necessarily creative enough. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey there! I have reviewed your story as part of the reviewer's cafe, you can find your review here.
Thanks once again for submitting your story and I hope to see your stories submitted again! :twilightsheepish: I genuinely love to read them!


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