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Aspiring artist and fanfic writer. Fairly recent fan of My Little Pony and life-long fan of Thomas and Friends.


Twilight Sparkle and her friends heed a warning from Princess Celestia about a dark and desolate future for Equestria and do everything they can to prevent such a future from taking hold. Unbeknownst to the group of friends, Lord Tirek has escaped from Tartarus again, only this time, he's got some company. Can Twilight save Equestria from destruction, or will every pony fall to Tirek's plot for revenge?

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Really interesting story!:twilightsmile:

Tbh, if they're going to reform Starlight Glimmer at the end of Season 5, I wouldn't mind it as much if it went something like this.

Why is Discord on the enemies side in the cover art? Hasn't he been reformed?

6677957 This was the cover of one of the MLP comics that I really liked and thought it fit the scene the story sets. I just didn't feel like it should be altered, and I'm not sure I'm allowed to. I am working on creating my own "poster" for this story, so the cover image might change in the near future.

It's slow going, but it's coming along!

Why do some of these characters have human names?

Because they are the initial names I game my OCs back when I first got into the fandom and I didn't know any better :derpytongue2: I have since revised their names to make them seem more pony-like :twilightsmile:

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