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For the past few weeks, Terramar has been going to a dance club in Ponyville just to lay eyes upon and hear the voice of a very chatty and friendly kirin mare. Her name is Autumn Blaze, and she's all the young hippogriff can think about. He wants to ask her out, but he's not even just friends with her yet. Well that changes today. He's going to find his courage and break the ice... somehow.


*Romance tag is for mentions of budding feelings for somepony.
Edited by: James Fire
Coverart by: alexeigribanov, DA. Original does not have a colored background. I added that since both characters kind of blend in with a white background.
Written for the May 2020 Unusual Pairing Contest and Original Pairings group.

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(This story isn't a clop fic and the Sex tag is explained in a comment. I will not be altering the plot to include a lot of sex nor is the sex tag supposed to indicate so.)

After a hard day of working, Rainbow Dash has a conversation with Tank. She complains about being a hard working pony and how she wishes she could be a pet like him. During the conversation her mind begins to fantasize the sweet life of an owned pony and acts on it.

When Fluttershy is being given total control of another pony's life she doesn't know how to properly deal with such a responsibility. She slowly learns that having a pony you know as a pet isn't all that great.

Art by: lulubellct from Deviant Art.

Edited by: N/A

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When you're down on your luck, it feels like the entire world is ignoring you. Things could be better for Derpy, if only somepony would spare her a wayward glance...

Written for the Quills and Sofa's "Black Sunday" contest, where the prompt was "Alone Amongst the Crowds". Cover art by the wonderful Shaslan!

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When Applejack finds herself getting frustrated with things being a bit too easy on the farm, she decides to take things into her own hooves.

Written for the Quills and Sofa's January 9 2021 Speedwrite, where the prompt was "Not Quite a Utopia".

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Cross, an ice dragon who was sent by his adopted mother, Queen Juniper of the new kingdom of ice dragons, to go to the School of Friendship to learn more about friendship and make more friends.

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Medium Rare and Pan Fry have worked long and hard to build up their culinary empire across Equestria as professional chefs, both really coming to enjoy each other's company. Resilience Redcross, another friend of Pan and war veteran, decides to visit, and Pan goes all out to show her appreciation for what he did to save her life on one occasion. The way she conveys it, however, are not very appealing to Medium.

When Pan Fry goes overboard with the praise toward Resilience, Medium becomes upset and decided to leave, feeling as though he was a letdown. At this point, it seems there is no possible way for Pan Fry to diffuse the situation... or so it would seem.

Written as part of a colab for Bronycommander, who has Resilience Redcross as one of his OCs. Pan Fry and Medium Rare are OCs from my headcanon scope.

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Twilight is desperate for love—and that desperation dooms her chances for it.

Hence The Love Protocols. Rules set in place to stop her feelings from making a mistake. Desperate enough to nearly date anyone, she needs the rules in place from getting with the wrong pony—or messing things up with the right one. 

Spike assures Twilight she's not so shallow and that, given dating experience, her tastes would narrow. Yet she requests his aid in finding love at a bar. 

How will our wingman fare in helping Twilight find somepony to love?

[Cover by Maren]

Commission for Barbarity!

Want a story for yourself? Then check out my commissions page!

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Rainbow 'Crash' Dash, that's what they called her. Yep, Rainbow Dash had it all. An accident changed all that. Now she's a mystery to herself, with powers beyond her wildest imagination... She's a real marvel now...

What, no! She's not a Captain! Where'd you get that idea? ...she hadn't even been promoted! And who's this Mandarin character anyways? (SoarinDash shipping)

Proofread by TheRedParade.

(Marvel Comics characters belong to... well, uh, Marvel.)

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The Fluttershark: elusive; yellow and pink; lots of teeth.

Also practices friendship. Underwater.

Swim faster.

Cover image taken with permission from Beach Day by Alasou.

Alternate forms:
* Youtube reading by StraightToThePointStudio
* Russian translation by GORynytch
* Chinese translation by Nova Twinkle
* Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI

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This story is a sequel to Growing Down

When Twilight is on vacation Spike decides to take the opportunity to invite his marefriend, Pinkie Pie, over for a movie night. However, things don't always go as smoothly as he might hope.


While this is a sequel story you do not need to read the first one to understand what is happening in this one. Just know Spike and Pinkie are dating.

Set in season 3

Tied for third place in CategoricalGrant's CUddlefic Contest.

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