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(He/They) Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite story told a little different



All Spike wants to do is grow up and be respected. Luckily, he has Pinkie Pie to cure him of that mentality and remind him just how great it is to slow down and actually have some fun with someone who cares for you.


This story takes place somewhere in the middle of Season 2. So no Alicorn Twilight, no castle, and a lot of character development is yet to happen.

This was written for  Jake the Army Guy's Horse Words Extravaganza with the prompt being obscure shipping. Honestly it saddens my heart that these two don't get paired together more.

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I'm surprised I havent seen this ship before. That's not always a good sign, but in this case it sails! Well done!

This was a Awesome well thought out story with an amazing ship I wasn't so sure of in the beginning and now gonna be looking for more of Thank you writer.

“By facing my fears,” Spike said,

you're my hero


Pinkie rubbed his spins across his back and he easily relaxed into the contact. “Aw, does the little baby need help to beat me? 

I was just a grown up version of a play date and he was a growing dragon after all.

I love you.

But his feet were already moving. He was already acting because sometimes thinking couldn’t get you everything you wanted.

How will Pinkie's family approved of this?

Those who serve coming together to help one another in a touching feedback loop of mutual assistance. This was cuter than it had any right to he, and highlighted that most pernicious of childish impulses: the desire to not appear childish. The age difference still lurks in the background, but if Pinkie's plans for her parents' anniversaries are any indication, she may actually give Spike a run for his money in the longevity department.

In all, very nice work indeed. Best of luck in the judging.

As long as Spike doesn't eat the Choosing Stone, I think they'll be okay with it.


Stories like this leave me torn. On the one hand, it was great and I enjoyed it: loved that show continuity with Pinkie's "punching lessons" and Twist actually existing. Also, this is my favorite approach to portraying Pinkie: energetic but savvy. :pinkiesmile:

But on the other hand, such stories also accentuate how Spike/Mane 6 shipping is more or less dead around here. Even "The Days Passed" (Spike/Fluttershy) is on hiatus now, and there are 17 others I've been tracking over the years that will probably never be completed. :ajsleepy:

A few quick typos:

-"I'll bath the entire town" - bathe
-Every use of "dingy" - dinghy
-"How long is it suppose to take" - supposed
-"your ridiculous whims" - ending punctuation needed

Thanks for writing this!

You monster, you made me ship something other than Cheesiepie! How could you! Well now I know what best Spike ship is. It dub thee, Pike!


Or he would have if a pink Earth Pony wearing an oversized wizard’s hat and a fake beard wasn’t standing in his way. Waving a long stick at him, she had reared up onto her hind legs and slammed her stick dramatically into the ground after her announcement.

I am so surprised no one did this:

Adorable story for my favorite rare Spike ship. Great work.

Does anyone has any tips on what makes a good Spike romance story?

This is... really really good. Honestly, it's enough to pretty much cement favor of the ship. A+ story.

IMO people are afraid of writing pinkie pie. at least getting her correct-ish. but i loved how organic the relationship progressed. i didn't really get that feeling from pinkie pie. mostly just everyone shitting on her.

the best part of all this, to me, was how you were able to incorporate the mane 6, even if they didn't show up. you could feel the specter of rarity, how much a friend pinkie pie is for encouraging him to go with her, and dash's sheer personality and her impact on pinkies combat skills and fluttershys different level of friendship than what rainbow has with the other four (& spike?).


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Here it is.


This deserves a sequeal!

I don't have time to read the story, but I love your MLP movie profile pic! XD

Thank you. I photoshopped the hat on myself. Truely, a great artiest.

“Wait a second,” Pinkie Pie said, squinting suspiciously at the dinghy as Spike clambered into the back, “You’re saying this is the only boat of its kind?”

Fluttershy blinked at her and gave a slow nod. “Yes, that’s what my parent’s friend said anyway.”

“So it’s a rare ship?”

“I… I guess so?”


Yeah! Dash looks so mad since her flying was hindered LOL! :) :rainbowlaugh:

I was like: "WHAT?! The hat is BEHIND the ear?! Now someone's got skills! ;)" XD

Great job! :D

8571638 I totally missed that till your comment. *groan*.

I actually laughed at that.

Twilight didn’t hear her, or perhaps just didn’t listen. “Please just leave him alone unless he seeks you out alright? Some of us actually have things to do. Goodnight Pinkie.”

slave driver Twilight.

clenched her eyes shut as she took another step back. “I like like you Spike. And I was selfish ‘cause I kept dragging you around just so I could be with you more. I’m… I’m sorry.”

okay I can't decite right now if it's alright or not, but I think it is better than some other stuff I saw.
What i mean is, here she mentioned that at first she wasn't in love with him, it maybe still happened fast enough and I don't remember many days happening here, but at least it was no sudden "oh Spike I loved you all the time but was only affraid to say something."

I also like every story where Pinkie can be serious when she needs to be or should be, I mean my cousin is one chase which can never take anything seriously, but I think even someone like Pinkie should be able to calm down to really make the other one understand what she means when she tells them she loves them. I don't know why they think Pinkies brain needs to be like pudding all the time even in moments like that.

Spike almost slumped with relief but balked at her last sentence, “Wha… a… I never said…”

But she was already skipping down the street towards the market. “I’ll be ready for you and maybe I’ll manage to do something with my mane and oh my gosh! I’m so excited!”

That is cute and funny, it is nice to see Pinkie so eager and I was kind of glad Pinkie didn't destroyed the mood with the kind of fourth wall stuff where she would talk to us.

Honestly it saddens my heart that these two don't get paired together more.

Me too. I honestly see them getting together or a least being very close good friends. They both bring comedy to the show and really work off each other (especially in "Over a Barrel"). They should really have Spike/Pinkie episode (IDK if there is one). Here's looking for one in Season 9 (Season 8 got none). Nice story...really enjoyed it.:pinkiesmile::moustache:

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