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Several months after being named the new Dragon Lord, Ember receives an invitation from Twilight Sparkle to attend Equestria's Nightmare Night festival. Eager to see Spike and the others again plus meet all their other friends, Ember accepts the invitation. However, feeling like she isn't the only dragon around who could benefit from attending, she decides to bring a certain guest.

Pre-read and edited by BronyDad, TheMysteryMuffin, Vertigo22 and James Fire

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Inspired by one of my new fave songs in my fave show. Also inspired by others.

Edited and Proofread by atronosthelast and Griphongirl_Ellie
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Rated Teen for Violence

It has been a few years since Twilight and her friends had given up the Elements of Harmony. They have been through so many adventures together with or without the Elements. Twilight knew even without the Elements, she and her friends would be able to come over whatever was thrown at them.
Or so she thought...

I have made a group to post stuff related to this story, but I'm still working on building it up. If you would like to go ahead and join, feel free.

As many of you know, music can make a big impact in people's lives, including mine, so I want to share with you my inspiration list. (not all of it is complete yet)

Chapter 1 - Helping with Flurry Heart: Friends In My Heart

Chapter 2 - The Sleepover: Best Friends Until The End Of Time

Chapter 3 - They're Back...:

Chapter 4 - The Plan:

Chapter 5 - Failure: Roxas Theme

Chapter 6 - Goodbye: (The song that inspired the story,) Cold

Chapter 7 - Not Again: Destiny

Chapter 8 - How Could He...?: Ventus's Theme

Chapter 9 - Nightmares:

Chapter 10 - Coma: All Our Days

Chapter 11 - Shock:

Chapter 12 - Not Giving Up Yet: Wings

Chapter 13 - Night Time Fears: You'll Be in My Heart Music Box Version

Chapter 14 - The Big Attack Part 1: All Things Must Die

Chapter 15 - The Big Attack Part 2:

Epilogue: Home

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"You don't belong here Twilight. You never have, and you never will..."

Twilight Sparkle has always been an outcast. Everywhere she went, people managed to make her feel unwanted in one way or another. She can't say she got used to it, because she hasn't. But she can say that she sometimes knows how to avoid it, and that means being away from everyone. But when the Friendship Games draw near, Twilight is forced into the spotlight, which is far from good. Soon the pressure rises, and the students finally get what they've been waiting for.
And it has Midnight written all over it.

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