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Teenage Starlight Glimmer is a latchkey foal, her parents never at home, so she's raising herself. She has demigoddess-level magic, untreated mental illness, and (hidden in the back of her closet) a black grimoire, a vile necronomicon, a book of the most blasphemous spells only known to the worst eldritch abominations and Tirek-worshippers that have ever existed.

It’s not a good combination.

Starlight isn't a bad filly, really she's not, but she has problems. She tries to be good, not always successfully, but when Starlight's mother suffers yet another personal tragedy, and there's nothing Starlight can do to cheer mom up, the necronomicon offers Starlight some help from the most loathsome depths of space and time. And Starlight is always looking for the magical solution to her problems.

Can Starlight cover up her crimes before dawn?

Cover art by commission with the excellent NixWorld! (FIMFictionDeviantArt). Please show NixWorld the love.

Story is 100% written — no possibility of being abandoned or cancelled. I will update once a week, 1-2 chapters at a time.

Vaguely shares a universe with my other stories. No need to have read them first, however.

Chapters (2)

The doctor pronounced it officially: Scootaloo will never fly. However, Rainbow Dash and Applejack introduce her to another pony who has a story they hope Scootaloo can relate to.

Now has a sequel: Rainbow Dash throws Capper’s bail

Chapters (1)

A story about war, based around a pony equivalent of the Second World War.

The world of Equestria is at war. Germaney, led by the Neighzi Party, has allied with Yak Yakistan, and the two countries are waging war across the entirety of the planet, using recent technological innovations to make their assault unstoppable. Equestria is one of the few countries with similar technology actively battling to keep them from successfully claiming any more countries as part of their empire. Will Equestria manage to stop the Germane-Yak alliance from putting the rest of the world inside of their empire? And what are the effects of this war on the common soldier, and common citizen?

Just a note, I'm thinking about possibly continuing the story with another chapter or two, or with an epilogue of some sort. Probably the epilogue. Meh, you probably don't care either way.

Note number two: I don't actually think the profanity tag is needed, but I'm sure I put some profanity in there somewhere. So I'm keeping it just in case.

Chapters (1)

It all began innocently enough. Mickey asked Donald and Goofy to help him find an anniversary gift for Minnie, and settled upon a gorgeous antique mirror.
Unknown to the unwitting buyers, there is another world just beyond the surface of the glass.
Through the magic mirror, all manner of villains, cutthroats and other evils have found their way in, and begun to wreak havoc to steal all the magic they can from the peaceful kingdom of Equestria.
In dire need of a hero, the source of Harmony in the kingdom sends for help, only for the saviors to be nothing more than a plucky little mouse, a hot-headed duck, and a dim-witted dog.
Will the three be able to save the kingdom of friendship? Only their adventure will tell as they journey through the magical kingdom, and uncover the mystery of the missing magic.

Chapters (40)

Soothsayer Derpy Hooves experiences a dramatic prophetic dream, predicting the downfall of Lordships King Rainbow Dash and Queen Rarity. But alas, her words fall on deaf ears; dismissed by the king as a mad mare! Will the prophecy come true? What will become of the royal couple? And can Pinkie Pie stop giving away so many spoilers?!

Two out of these three questions are going to be answered! The results of which will undoubtedly be complete nonsense.

Alternate title: How Not to Tell a Tragic Story from Pony History; a story by Pinkie Pie. Hilarity ensues!

Written to be part of the RariDash fanfic competition, hosted by RariDash Doodles on Tumblr. Find the link to the full (spoiler) cover art and competition here: http://raridashdoodles.tumblr.com/post/151697565779/prompt-3

Also inspired by the song "Premonition of Pain" by 3 Inches of Blood: https://youtu.be/OiW1ozMWq2U

Chapters (5)

This story takes place after the events in the episode "Magical Mystery Cure"

Rarity is tired of the pranks and the teasing she gets from Applejack and Rainbow Dash about her love for fashion and obsession to always look good. After some pranks Rarity desires to get back at the two and discovers a strange amulet imbued with odd magic.

She uses this power to get back at Applejack and Rainbow Dash turning the two into proper mares with odd new destinies. Applejack now desires to be a food critic and will appease her pallete with only the most fashionable of foods. While Rainbow Dash becomes a sweet young model who adores gowns and dresses. However, the magic goes beyond just changing their destinies, it altered their personalities and soon the two move to Manehatten to live out their new lives. It's up to Rarity to solve her mistake before she loses her friends forever.

Chapters (2)

Featured February 14th, 2019

It's Hearts and Hooves Day, and Fluttershy has received a heartfelt letter from a secret admirer! But to her fortune and/or dismay, Rarity has taken it upon herself to help discover who this secret admirer may be. And so with a bit of mystery and magic, they embark on a journey that fills up a healthy portion of the afternoon.

Artwork drawn by Dilarus, colored by Tyler611

In case it matters to you and you don't mind being spoiled, this is Fluttershy/Discord

Chapters (1)

With everyone now on holiday break, Adagio's accompanying Trixie to a family get-together. And all she wanted was just a nice, peaceful Christmas Eve with her girlfriend.

Christmas Gift for all of you. Thank you guys, and Merry Christmas. :twilightsmile:

Chapters (1)

Flim has come to Ponyville after his brother and only real friend left him by the way side, he goes to Applejack's farm to seek guidance from the farm pony but Applejack doesn't trust him after the two previous experiences and pushes him aside, but Fluttershy is there collecting apples for her animals. She is willing to see what Flim has to say, and learns there is much more to this salespony then meets the eye.
Added Genres: Mystery, Sad. Rated Teen.

Proofread by: Eevee123 and Unfortunately Perverse
Edited by:The One RationalCritic
Thanks to both of you for all the hard work and time you've put into this. It really means oh so much to me.
Cover Art: Credit to:


"Cover Design by Novel-Idea" https://www.fimfiction.net/user/225786/Novel-Idea

Chapters (15)

Human... A legendary creature that has been considered a myth for many generations. Humans were considered an extremely aggressive and dangerous creature that killed for pleasure, but no one really knew that they have really existed and what they really were, no one... In addition to Celestia, soon everyone was to be convinced that the old myths and legends were true, although not everything is true.

A Human appeared near Ponyville... It is not known from where he just appeared there... Colin, because that's his name, he lay on the grass... Wounded, no one knows what happened to him, and no one knows what it meant, but soon... Equestria will learn the truth about humans, where they came from and that they were not, who they thought they were.

Chapters (18)
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