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When Applejack finds herself getting frustrated with things being a bit too easy on the farm, she decides to take things into her own hooves.

Written for the Quills and Sofa's January 9 2021 Speedwrite, where the prompt was "Not Quite a Utopia".

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... And? It might work better if there's an explanation for why the farm went sci fi. It's not a Flim Flam scam for sure. Those two ain't that smart.

Great story for sure. But lack of explanations is a pet peeve I guess for me.

It was written as part of a speedwrite, so it's definitely lacking much that could make this a more powerful story. So far as explanations go, they were peer pressured into it by all their friends;

She made it to the top and looked around, having not been up here since before the salespony had installed the little robots. All her friends had ragged on her that she hadn’t gotten them yet, and about how helpful and useful they were. ‘You can’t live without them’, they intoned, shocked whenever they visited her and found they had to do everything for themselves again.

I missed that part then. I do that a lot. Bad habbit of mine it seems 🙄.

I liked this. Reminded me of Interstellar a bit, without the End of the World themes. With how much passion AJ puts into keeping the farm running, it's no doubt at all why she'd be distressed at the prospect of irrelevancy.

Ah yes, the good old fear of automation to the point of obsolescence

I feel this story will get more and more relatable as time goes on


Well, at least she didn't scrap the poor robots. They just wanted to help.

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