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Bio? What is this....... bio? Not much to go around on my end over here. Average guy, average Brony. What more can one say? I do seem to have a knack for making stories really really fast

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After discovering a way to get back to his own Universe, Doctor Whooves causes a accident trapping Derpy and his TARDIS on Earth in another dimension! With all his Time Lord knowledge, and Twilight's help, he has to find a way to save her, and get her back to Ponyville. Meanwhile, Derpy is left alone and trapped on a strange alien world, as a human of all things. While she finds some help from a few humans, some of them seem strangely familiar, but she quite can't quite put her finger on it. What's worse, there seems to be some Disharmony brewing on this Earth, and what it has teamed up with is going to make it all the more worse.

Born out of boredom and an idea while I did my main story. And well, after seeing everyone's reaction to when I submitted this.... there is only one thing I can do! ADD EVERYPONY I CAN! and still make a good story! Hopefully....

Edited by the talented Quick Fix: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Quick%20Fix

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1000 years ago, a mechanical savvy unicorn froze himself into ice, for reasons he doesn't remember. After getting his bearings set straight by Twilight Sparkle and meeting some of the folk in Ponyville, he sets off to try and remember why he did.
As he does, the Doctor Whooves TARDIS goes near haywire picking up a massive disturbance in both time and space somehow connected to the mysterious Unicorn for reasons he does not know, nor can he figure as he tries to find out why understand.
All the while, forces sealed away with him are coming back leading to somethign nopony wants

Edited by Mcyav

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Joining the Guard has always been a dream for two young Colts fresh out of training and that dream has been accomplished ten fold as they arrive at the Capital city of Canterlot. To be seen in the ranks of the steadfast and strong Royal Guard makes them all the more eager, until they actually get there. Between their sardonic Sergeant, a nervous Lieutenant, and a Lunar Guard Captain, life in the Guard is, well, they're in it for the long run.

Chapters (48)
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