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Bio? What is this....... bio? Not much to go around on my end over here. Average guy, average Brony. What more can one say? I do seem to have a knack for making stories really really fast


1000 years ago, a mechanical savvy unicorn froze himself into ice, for reasons he doesn't remember. After getting his bearings set straight by Twilight Sparkle and meeting some of the folk in Ponyville, he sets off to try and remember why he did.
As he does, the Doctor Whooves TARDIS goes near haywire picking up a massive disturbance in both time and space somehow connected to the mysterious Unicorn for reasons he does not know, nor can he figure as he tries to find out why understand.
All the while, forces sealed away with him are coming back leading to somethign nopony wants

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Before anyone asks! Dizzy is the Pegasus FILLY that looked like Derpy in the Cutie Pox episode, and I borrowed the idea from here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/17029/My-Kingdom-for-a-Muffin

I love that story! :derpytongue2:

And we begin again! "Uh, do you need a place to it?" sit perhaps? :pinkiehappy:

'released! bragged Twilight' missed speech marks, 'well, I do have to get something from there as is' I suggest reading that sentence again, it didn't read well at all. 'who nows' Knows? 'I'll se myself' :facehoof: 'twilight' T! good sir! ' Unless of course you use magic but even then it's only for a short time!" missed your speech mark. ' ago. he plugged ' Captials good sir! 'read on he right charts' :facehoof: Umm, J8ck? would you like me to edit pieces for you? This is the sloppiest piece you've done to date, and I'm happy to edit at any time for anyone! :pinkiehappy:

Please let me edit? :fluttercry: This story has so much potential yet is filled with twice the errors that your other one has.

Funny how in nearly every story I read, all the contraptions and gizmos made by ponies are all steam powered. I feel like I am reading steampunk... its AWESOME!

Everytime I find a new story I read the first few chapters and forget to add it to a list where it can be found again :facehoof:

Gah! My brain hurts from all this time stuff!

This is nothing compared to keeping up with Star Trek Voyager's time stuff. Honestly, it's a pain in the [CENSORED]

Well, other than saying I enjoyed the chapter again, I shall say that I thought I was already following you when I wasn't:facehoof:

YES! :rainbowlaugh: My story got a dislike! YES FINALLY! :pinkiehappy:

596222 ah you party pooper you :trollestia:

602080 HUZZAH! ...where is my luna emotion?

602087 yeah they need one of those! And a Doctor whooves one as well

602096 We have photo finish, twix? and Big Mac (who is pretty awesome) why no doctor or luna?

602111 I never understood that myself. Especially sicne those two are fan favorites

602123 Maybe someone just needs to suggest it to Knightly... (hint hint)

602147 I'm not quite feeling that brave yet... :twilightblush:

602163 Im still relativley new, have two stories, and four followers. You'd have to pay me to ask. :fluttershyouch:

602216 I think I have 2 followers and 0 stories. Figure that one out :facehoof:

Doctor and his names for thing that should have better names...but they don't.

Editors first again? :pinkiesmile:

611383even if the editor wasn't firs tthe editor be first! :derpyderp1:

Derpy's buns of steel?
Wut? :rainbowhuh:

612498 Come on, we've all seen Over a Barrel! That Pegasus can really bring the town hall down :pinkiehappy:.... literally :applejackunsure:


I thought that was just because of the muffins.

Buns of steel usually means they're toned.

613478 this is Derpy, also it's a reference by Mcyav to Doctor Whooves and Assistant

You forgot the apple pie attack.

Oh, and I noticed that twice you wrote Scrapper instead of Shining Armor

"Twilie!" said Scrapper happy to see sister

Scrapper is too old bro.

671070 whoops! Gotta fix that! thanks man!

This editors first is getting far too easy...

Awesome chapter! Good job dude!

YES! YES! It finnally got to a thousand views! I'm happy for me right now :yay:

Good *hic* job *hic* bro.

Are you happy about that dislike due to the circumstance of a dislike normally meaning the story is easier to find, meaning a bigger lull of personalities clash?
If not, why are you happy about that?

I have a feeling this story will seem silly to someone once that certain someone finishes watching Season 3.
Best of luck man, best of luck.

2763482 man its been awhile. I started this before season 3 came on, and it got put on one decent sized hiatus due to circumstances involving my career choice. meh i don't know where this is gonna go

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