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Axle the Red Exorcist

I'm just a otaku passing through. Watch out cause the flower print wereing Diamond Dog is here to be awesome

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Scraping the chapters · 10:25pm October 2nd

Ok so the latest chapter of Kamen Rider Achilles named “show time” has been removed. I really don’t like how the second part is going and I really regret doing this whole thing. So for the sake of my sanity I’m removing the chapter. Don’t worry nothing really important to the over all plot will be lost, this whole chapter was shameless fan service. Anything that is important from these chapters can easy be added to the next one. I am sorry for this and there is a possibility this idea will

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Hello! Just felt like saying hi.

How's it going?

Comment posted by Haseo55 deleted Sep 22nd, 2018
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