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I'm just a otaku passing through. Watch out cause the flower print wereing Diamond Dog is here to be awesome


 The universe has fallen into the crutches  of the Jark Matter Shogunate and the inhabitants cry out in sorrow. the last planet yet to be conquered, Earth. Jark Matters power has proven to be greater than the magical power of friendship blessed to 7 young girls. With the threat of the universe being trapped in the clutches of evil the earth has one last chance to fight...

Teenagers with attitude

Given the power of the stars, nine heroes make the last stand to free all 88 star systems. the rebellion has started among the cosmos, with a little luck and the power of friendship this team of unlikely heroes will become the shining stars everyone will look upon and give hope to.  
Our Friendship will take on the universe, KITA!

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Oy, wrong universe for the Kita

8173848 it's high school kids, space, and friendship, I think the Kita is alowed


Ooooh~ I assume the other 4 members will show up as extra heroes later?

(Should I say it?) Um, I think you mean "break" instead of "brake" in the chapter title. Though I liked it, I almost didn't read it—quickly edit-sweep at least the story's description before posting to not scare away potential readers with "this grammar will be unreadable" impressions (I found 9 errors in the description alone not counting term translation choices).

Also, though I have other hopes, this is probably a lot like what Power Rangers would do with Kyuranger if it used the season.

8174436 yeah I had a power rangers adaptation in mind as I wrote this

Interesting story. Have to ask the picture has 5 hands. Who is the fifth character?

So we get five with Yellow being female.
Wonder who you got plan to be the reaming four (will 7 if not more)
well there is only one thing to do now.

Can't wait to see what comes next.

8174695 If they are the ranger's hands, then the characters are Flash Sentry (the dude who likes Twilight Sparkle), Bulk (the big pony known for yelling "OH YEAH!"), Aria Blaze (one of the Dazzlings), Sweet Leaf and Comet Tail (the last two, I assume, are background ponies without character tags, so here are some pictures. I couldn't find a picture of Comet Tail as a human, though):
vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/bronies/images/7/7f/Cuties.png/revision/latest?cb=20150212004857 s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/68/a9/5b/68a95bf378f6726a4510997307e8b3b8.jpg

8174458 It looks like the story has a great start! (Just one little thing: the word "break" is still spelled wrong in the chapter title. You mixed up the e and the a.)

I think "braek" is the least of the author's worries. Jack Matter I can understand, preferring Jark myself, but a "shogunot"? Yeah, I'd highly recommend you get an editor. Until then, as much as I enjoy Kyuranger so far, I can't, won't vote up or down.

8182260 I actually do, they just didn't do it for the description

Or your own profile, for that (jark) matter, haha.

Seriously though, the simple fact that the description -and- chapter name are still unedited does not speak well for how much you seem to care about the quality of your work. That doesn't mean you don't care, mind you, but that it -looks- that way. Impressions are important, and if a story's synopsis and such looks sloppy, that doesn't inspire much confidence in the actual story.

Poison Star = ???
Trick Star = Trixie Lulamoon(?)
Silent Star = Maud
Speed Star = Rainbow Dash (Assuming Raptor isn't in here too)
Dragon Ma-Star = Xiao Longbow (Because he happens to still be in here)
Big Star = Button Mash(?)

Also, you totally got the Link-Tama from Kamen Rider Fourze.

8183071 yeah there may be a lot of stuff from forze

I have an idea who the silver kyuranger will be.

So next it's going to be the Poison Star! Sasori Orange!

I bet you'll never guess who's behind the mask

8232395 I'm really excited to figure out; the orange ranger is one of my favourite ones! In fact, a lot of the rangers in this series are really great.
As for this fanfic, I think my favourite one so far is Aria. Maybe it's because this was kind of like a focus episode (or focus chapter) for her, but I'm looking forward to see how she and the other characters progress.

I'm only hoping it's none of the human 7 and Timber. Im hoping for one of the shadow 5 or even Trixie.

One thing i like is for the human 7 not knowing who they are. I mean they already have their powers and they deal with equestria related problems.

Don't worry I have a rule that non of the main characters can be rangers in any of my Fics. And timber is not worthy to be a ranger

This may be spoiling but i can't help to think of this scene when the human 7 find out(if they find out):


Comment posted by Axle the Red Exorcist deleted June 16th

Guy with green hair in the forth movie. He's like flash but worst

What are the odds that your team will meet the original team?

What about an event similair to what happened in episode 18 of the show?

Besides, I could only imagine how each member of the team would react to their counterparts.

And now there are six and three more to go.
wonder if were going to see a part were Applejack, Apple bloom and Granny Smith see Big Mac 'Star Change.'

Somewhat short. I didn't think it would be Big Mac good one. Still thinking who could be the rest rangers(hoping one shadowbolt either of the shadow 5 or a background one....maybe cold forcast).

One thing im glad again i say it is the human 7 to be not involved as in other stories, and it would be interesting if Aria has to return to the school why in an odd way the other 4 defend her.

I was luck that someone had that video if not I would have had to post the full song.

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