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I am just an author, wanting to write about cartoon horses and post it to the internet. Hoping to release quality content, so feedback is always appreciated!

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It's me, the 'pretty good' author: MuddyKai713. I hope that you enjoy the content that I release and update. Since I'm rather new to the whole fanfic scene feedback, comments, and ratings on all stories is greatly appreciated.

If you really enjoy what I do, feel free to let me know. I try to respond to all the comments I get (yes, event the rude ones). If you have any questions as to what I'm doing or why my writing sucks so much, feel free to PM me. I'll most likely answer because I don't ever sleep (fml).

All in all, I hope you enjoy yourself and what I make.



IT LIVES!!! · 8:41am Nov 16th, 2018

Ok, lets start from the beginning...:facehoof:

Hi everyone who bothers to read this, I hope you're doing well!:twilightsmile:
I am not dead, at least not yet. I'll explain why I've been gone so long and what my plans are in this post.

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