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Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch

Profile of Retired Writer, Lapis-Lazuli, and his editor, Stitch / Inky. Thanks for the memories, FiMFiction.


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now to read

The month names were a nice touch. Really excited to see where this goes. Is a trilogy planned, or will everything be concluding with this story?


Corruption Twidash is best Twidash.

Dash should've been scared... but she wasn't. There was something soothing, something warm about those shadows. Her eyes were locked on Twilight's, and for some reason fear didn't seem to enter into it. Twilight had pulled Dash into her long limbs and slowly stroked her rainbow mane as the Shadows began to engulf them both. Huh. I wonder why I'm not scared? thought dash, somewhat absently as she walked the steady coat of darkness blanket them both. I think I'm in trouble. She thought with a touch more anxiety, the shadows now reaching her wings.

Capitalize Dash, and walked should be watched. Also not sure if you intended for "Shadows" to be capitalized.

2471805 the walked thing was my spellcheckers fault. Stupid thing.Otherwise, fix'd

Umm... where's luna in all of this? also I thought Celestia was filling the roll of Twilight's student.. hay I wanna see Twi corrupt Celestia to her power.:pinkiehappy: that would be awesome and also help calm Celestia's scheming.

not that I'm demanding anything of you.


Different universe, bro. This is not the Code's Apprentice sequel, that's not going to happen for a while. :scootangel::derpytongue2:

ah ok then which sequel is it?:trixieshiftright: or is it entirely new?

nvm found it it is the sequel to 'The Twilight Struggle'.

2471992 look up I figured it out I'm going to have to read the Twilight Struggle to remember what is going on the the best extent. cheers:twilightsmile:

2471992 Okay I wonder if Twilight will figure out a way to beat the shadow and convince it to submit to her will rather than try and break her morals to it's will.:twilightsmile: I'm really hoping for that but I really don't think that is what is going to happen.:facehoof:

And so it begins....

You, apparently.:yay:

Jesus Christ that was a good chapter!

Enjoy the feature box.

Also, I'm an idiot for asking if this was a trilogy, it says so in the descriptions. I hope this is the Empire Strike's Back of the trilogy.

well, that happened. and i freaking loved it! honestly, this chapter makes me wish there was clop scenes in this story.

2472967 Now hold your ponies, friend. We're only two chapters in! Wait fer the clop. :3

i just freaking sqee'd in glee. i'm now getting funny looks from everyone in the coffee shop.

FINALLY IT WAS LIKE YEARS Awesome chapter :pinkiesmile:
Now I can rest.

I'm quite impressed at how fast this updates.

2473557 I'm not going to be doing three chapters in a day on a regular basis. *laughs* I just did it today because it's opening day for the fic, and I made the feature box.

One per day is more likely though. We'll see how things go.

Well shit... Now I'm wondering who Captain Winterlight really is. Damn you and your foreshadowing!! *Moves arm angrily*

2473603 MWAHAHAHAAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

And you thought you were free of my cliffhangers and foreshadowing! :rainbowwild:

2473567 Be careful not to burn yourself out. If you ever feel weary, slow down or stop. I'd rather you take a break than try to keep going and end up sick of the whole thing.

Also, man I love corrupting influences. I also tend to root for them, so go Shadow!

2473646 I'm feeling great actually! Making the feature box lit a fire inside me. I'm determined to make this fic even better and more successful than the last!

But thank you very much for the kind words. Don't worry, if I need to slow down a bit, I'll let you ponies know. ^_^

Good chapter though I find it good that Celestia remembers the Shadow Bolts... this will prove to be an interesting meeting


one per day would be amazing and to be honest I would still love it even if it was one per week.


2474992 Dude! Long time no see.

Welcome back to the madhouse. Hope you enjoy the damn-good-stuff. :moustache:

Finally able to read this story!

And I love the story all over again! I like how the Shadow is corrupting Twilight, slowly but surely... Twilight will fall! I'll root for you, Shadow! :pinkiehappy:

And you are featured again!

Probably not in this story but maybe in part 3, at least thats what I'm hoping

I am loving this sooooooooo much:rainbowkiss: Twilight Shadow is freaking awesome and now this cliffhanger as to who Winterlight really is and just give me more please :twilightsmile:

I don't know why, but I really like Twilight's expression, especially her eyes; this image makes me click on the story every time I check out fimfiction

2475710 It's also a really, really good picture of the new "Shadowy Twilight" I'm writing. I love it myself! :D

2475037 I know you're going to laugh at me, but the sight of your profile image always gives me a grin - especially because I love your commentary. :rainbowwild:

It just got interesting indeed. Awesome :pinkiehappy:

I hope she noticed Celestia's reaction to Captain Winterlight's presence. :twilightsmile:

Heh, your story is frickin' great!

Only one point actually. Don't make it TwiDash fic, especially if you are using Twi + Mane Six tag instead of Twi + Rainbow Dash. It just doesn't make any sense ( and it's untruthful ). And by the way, it just feels really similar to the "Immortal Game" in that matter. Your using of Mane Six in Part 1 was quite good ( however, no Fluttershy. Seriously, I have a problem with memorize any of her quotes... did she do something "bigger" besides walkin' with mane six in this part? ), and in this one, we have only Twilight + RD and well, you already know the stuff. I suggest you to involve entire Mane Six OR delete Mane Six tag.

Okay, nevermind. More points. Capital Letters, you have quite big problems with that. Also, I spotted several times some tiny letter mistakes ( like misplacing one letter in the word ).

2477309 I don't actually know how to remove the group, since I didn't put it in the group in the first place.

Also - There will be lots more Mane-six. ^_^

ALso Also; Yes, I'm working on the caps thing. Heh.

2477309 Also Also Re:Fluttershy - Yeah, it was my first fic and I'm still getting used to writing Fluttershy. It's uh, more of a personal goof than anything else.^^;;; Hopefully, she'll be much better in this one.


I was the one who put it in the main Twidash folder, though not the bajillion subfolders. Even if it's not the focus at all and Rainbow just ends up one minion of many, it seemed like there was at least a little bit between them going on (even if it led to Rainbowbeing corrupted rather than real romance), so I threw it in.

If I was just misinterpreting Dash being a loyal friend then it should probably be removed.

2478431 You're not entirely misinterpreting things (Trying not to spoil stuff here, even if it's really really long off stuff)

Still, I really dont know entirely how to handle this sort of thing. *Scratches head* :ajbemused:


My approach is to just put it in the general folder and let the moderators either take it out or categorize it.

My advice on spoilery stuff is to stay away from spoilers: if a tag or group spoils things then stay out of it or remain silent on the matter until it occurs in the story. If the tragedy tag would give away the ending (example: Asylum using the AU tag would kind of give things away, since the reader doesn't know if she's insane or in another dimension) then don't use the tag until the story is a tragedy (though classically the reader knows going in that it will be a tragedy)

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