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I'm just your average Brony. I love trains, I love history, I love writing stories, and I really, really love wolves! But most of all, I love writing my stories here for your enjoyment!


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Futa Empire ...

is that what I think it is?

Hello PuppetXMaster,

And I don't know, if you mean the Futadom World posts, (Which I believe originated from Reddit, correct me if I'm wrong), then yes. However, I shortened "Futanari Empire", to just "Futa Empire". I also made this an alternate timeline than Futadom World. In my world, the "Free-Male States", are the United States, aka the US, aka America. In the aftermath of During WW5, the Futas helped the Americans destroy the Black World Order. Then, after only two years of peace, Empress Demetria, (Not Demetria II) declared war on the US, however, Demetria is not like most of the others. As will be revealed later, not only have some of us met her in person, but she's actually rather benevolent. It's her military leaders, like General Carla Rikker, (deceased, Battle of Dallas), and Colonel Diana Preston, (deceased, Battle of Omaha) and spies like Commander Sally Face, (deceased, Battle of Boise) that make everything bad. Now, with the American forces right at her doorstep, Demetria has to decide what to do with whatever forces she has left.

Also, I didn't say this in the story, but the Futa Empire dominates all of Asia, and most of Eastern Europe as well. Africa is completely uninhabitable due to nuclear fallout higher than Chernobyl, Australia is holding it's own, parts of Eastern, and all of Western Europe are deadlocked in a stalemate with the Futas, and are gaining some ground. Berlin is a free city, and UE (United European) Forces are closing in on Poland. On our side of the pond, South and Central America are mostly uninhabited, and largely unexplored due to massive changes in their geography. Mexico is a desert wasteland, and Canada is a northern wilderness. As I stated in the prologue, The US was dominated by the Futas from Hawaii, to LA, and all of the way to the Mississippi River. Everything east of the Mississippi to Longitude 85 Degrees, was the "Neutral Zone". Everything East of that is the US.

Now, the US stretches from the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to the Arizona/California border. Washington State has been liberated to the border of Oregon. Now, the Futas only have strongholds in Oregon, California, Hawaii, and of course, Nevada. They know that their time is growing thin. What will they do? Well, I don't want to spoil anything!

Anyway, I hope that you can forgive me if I rambled a bit here, and I hope that this answered your question. Also, I hope that you're enjoying the story, and that you keep reading!

Empress Demetria. Ruler of the Futa Empire

Futa Empire

For real?

Hello Erik_The_Shitposter,

Well, if you were wondering the meaning behind this, and why I chose this particular neck of Redit, (If Futadom World even came from Redit, correct me if I'm wrong), I'll tell you.

Have you ever been on the dark side of the internet? You probably have, right? Well, did you ever find anything that looked at least somewhat cute? Well, that's what I thought that this was. However, over time, I dug deeper. The deeper I got, the worse and worse it got. Finally, after putting all of the puzzle pieces together, I saw what Futadom World really was. They conquered their world, and although the Free-Male States fought back, eventually, all males went extinct, leaving only a small percentage of women, and of course, futas. When I realized this, i thought, "Hey! That's not right! Somebody needs to fix this!" So, I did. I created "Battleship Express. An alternate universe where the good guys are the US and her allies, and the Futa Empire are the bad guys.

I also noticed eerie similarities between the Futas, and the Caribou Empire, from Fall of Equestria, and the Zebra Empire from the Zebra Domination Universe. Since I despised both, and love reading stories where the Caribou got their asses kicked, and couldn't find a single story of the Zebra Empire getting ripped a new one, I decided to fix that too.

In the end, "Battleship Express" is a concoction of Futadom World, Fall of Equestria, Zebra Domination, and Fallout. An amazing mixture if I do say so myself. Only time will tell if the story is successful, but I hope that this answered your question.

you mean this? http://futadomworld.com/#!

honestly, the way you made it sound it thought it was this http://myhentaicomics.com/index.php/The-Processing-Of-Samantha-Smith WARNING that is a link to a sex comic, do not enter if you are below 18 or whatever age it is for your country

but yeah hearing about the males fighting back and with me thinking it was related to that thing I posted it gave me hope.....sex societies are terrible, enslaving an entire gender and stripping away their hope. using them as little more than toys....god the suicide rates would be massive, we have a person commit suicide every 30 seconds worldwide, with a world like that a single city would have suicides every couple seconds

Hello Erik_The_Shitposter,

Yes, it was. WAS. In the real Futadom world, they succeeded. In this alternate universe, they failed. They failed because they went up against males and females who had already endured 3 world wars, and 2 New World Orders. Americans were done with "World Empires". The Futas said, "Surrender to us." "No." "No? What do you mean, no?" "We said no!" "Then you will die!" "*Laughs darkly* The day that you take us on, is the day that your empire will burn!"

And burn they did. It took WW6, and many lives, but they burned. And the Futa Empire came to an end, and a new Golden Age began on Earth, with America at the helm.

Hello PuppetXMaster

First of all, I'm a 20 year old American.

Next, your top link is what I was referring to, as well as Reddit posts under "Futadom World".

Your second post however, heavily reminds my of what I was picturing in my head when I put together my original storyboard. The truth is, I actually wrote another story called "Battleship Express". This story takes place in the exact same setting, with all of the exact same characters. The only difference is that the train doesn't go to Equestria. The story that came just before that one, "From Peace to Lust", explains the Futa's rise to power, and what life was like under their rule. (Picture "1985", "Brave New World", "Animal Farm", and "V for Vandetta". It was a dystopian hellscape.)

This is why Americans fought them; they were monsters from Hell, hellbent on enslaving them, and taking everything that they had ever worked for, and even died for. World Wars 3-5 had been all about toppling two different World Orders. The Americans were done with "World Empires". WW6 was to drive the Futas out of America once and for all, then wipe them from existence entirely.

It all started with a spark of hope. Just a couple of guys hiding in a bunker in what used to be Kansas. They had blueprints, piles of junk, and a dream. Over time, their numbers grew, and that pile of junk became railguns, 16in guns, phalanx cannons, and machine guns. Eventually, with 60 guys, and a small train of guns, they were found by the RWD, who saw hope as well. Once back in the US, these two groups built the Battleship Express. The hope factor was rising by the day. Finally, on December 28th, 2026, the Americans retook the Neutral Zone, and invaded St. Louis. After the liberation, they kept pushing Westwards.

It's a really interesting story. A bit political with what certain things represent, (Like the Futas representing the "Freaks", of Modern Culture) but overall, an extremely cautious tale of what can happen when the wrong people get power. I'm working on the first draft right now, but hopefully soon, the real "Battleship Express", can be published for real. (With name changes of course to prevent copyright violations)

But yes, this story is about those who were sought out to be enslaved, but then flipped the tables on their would-be enslavers. Heh. You think that the Americans are treating the Futas badly? Just wait til you see what happens when they meet the Zebras and the Caribou!

Oh my god. This is too good to be true...


Hello djponyfl,

And to answer your question, as I stated in the chapter, she survived the partial collapse of the Luxor. She and the other survivors were carried down to the hidden station in the basement where a train was waiting to take them farther West. Also, General Stacy, and her subordinate, Rey, the ones who triggered the nuclear attack on pretty much all of Nevada, were also on board. Their original plan was to kill themselves, Demetria, and everyone else, but Fate had other ideas!

Their exact fates won't be revealed until the very end of this story, but I can tell you now that Demetria lives, and she'll be back!

Hello Nightprowler2,

And I'm glad that you're enjoying the story so far! I can't wait for the next chapter either, it'll be a fun one!

Hello Redstars45,

And what's too good to be true? Please enlighten me!

Everything about this story so far is too good to be true. Events from the collapse of the Futa Empire to the possibly imminent destruction of both the Caribou and the Zebra empires make me very interested in this story. Keep it up!

Hello redstars45,

Well, thank you for your support of my story! Also, I'm glad that it appears that there are others who also share my extreme distaste of Fall of Equestria, and Zebra Domination, as well as Futadom World. There's no stories for the fall of FW, or ZD, and only a handful of stories for the fall of the Caribou in FOE. That's why this story is here to change all of that.

First, the Futas get there's, then the other two. So far, one down, at least for now. Only 2 to go!

Anyway, I'm glad that you're enjoying this story, and I hope you enjoy what comes next!

Thank you for answering my question. :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait read more of your story.


Hello again djponyfl,

And did you mean to say, that you can't wait to read more of my story, or did you really mean that you're unable to read it anymore? If the latter is the case, why?

Sorry I meant can't wait to read more of your story.

Oh, well then, hold on, I'm writing the next chapter as we speak! It should be up in a few more hours or so, or sometime tomorrow morning at the latest!

This is fuckin weird at times but I am still wonderin what is going to happen later on in the story.

Hello NG-41,

Yeah, I know it can be a little bit weird at times, but hold on. Soon enough, the war will hit very close to the Battleship Express, and when it does, the crew will be forced to chose, do they defend Equestria, or do they remain neutral? I think though, that you can guess what the crew pick, but what will be the results of that? Well, keep reading, and you'll find out!

The Caribou and the Zebras' fates have been sealed. Time for them to say their prayers and beg for mercy!

Hello Redstars45,

Well, almost. The Enemies don't quite know that the train exists yet, or if they do, they just think it to be an exaggerated tale. But Enemies beware though! For once you hear the engine's terrifying whistle of a Banshee-like scream, then it's already too late!

Hmmmm... Reminds me of the setting of Kanaberi of the Iron Fortress. But zombie-like creature infestation not futa dominatrix imperialists.

Hello Autarch Prime,

And I guess so? But yet, not really. I don't really see any similarities, only a lot of differences. That was a zombie virus. This was an evil empire trying to take over the world. In the end, they failed. And I can tell you, A futa is a heck of a lot easier to kill than a Kabane Zombie!

No its the similarities with using trains as a mode of defense and strike. And basically the main setting.

But the Futa Empire and the Battleship Express got nothing on this. :pinkiecrazy: They'll be mere meals for this!


Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000268 EndHTML:000014875 StartFragment:000010268 EndFragment:000014771 StartSelection:000010271 EndSelection:000014767 SourceURL:https://www.fimfiction.net/story/394730/5/battleship-express/chapter-4-departing-vegas-next-stopponyville Chapter 4: Departing Vegas, next stop.........Ponyville? - Battleship Express - Fimfiction
Don, no offense, but you really need to take cover! You can't just keep standing exposed like that. You need to get to cover!"

Don nodded. "Sure. I'll get out of here fast. Just alert me when we've lost those fiends!" Then, to our utter astonishment, Don then pulled some serious acrobatic skills, and in just a few quick moves, was over the tender, tank car, and two coal cars, and back onto the main part of the train!

"HOLY......!!!!! HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?!?!?!"

Todd and I could only shrug. It was then though, that we were attacked. From behind the tender, one of them suddenly tried to enter the cab!

Alex smacked the creature in the face with his shovel. "GET OFF OF MY TRAIN YOU FUTA FILTH!!!!!"

Unfortunately, that only served as a trigger. Moments after this, our train got swarmed. They were all over the engine in seconds. at least 5 or 6 jumpsuited figures with goggles attempted to baord the train. Alex, Todd, and I tried to beat them off, (we forgot our guns in the SCC!) but they kept coming back.


"They're breaching the cab!!!"

Unfortunately, our problems were about to get a whole lot worse. Our train was moving so fast, and was under so much pressure, that we failed to notice the boiler pressure indicators. They were in the red zone. Much more, and the whole boiler would explode, again!

When Don pulled off his incredible acrobat stunt, all of the Wonderbolts stared at him in shock.

"Holy.....How the hell did he just do that?!" Dash was dumbfounded.

Soarin was equally unnerved, as was everypony else.

"I don't know, but that just leaves 3 guys. On my signal.....NOW!!!"

Soarin the charged in, only to get bashed in the face with a shovel.

"GET OFF OF MY TRAIN YOU FUTA FILTH!!!!" Someone screamed.

Now Dash was angry. "Ok, nopony does that to my friend! All Wonderbolts, ATTACK!!!!"

With that, Dash and her team, including Soarin who wanted revenge, stormed the engine, Spitfire and Co. stormed the back 3 cars, and Fly, Fleetfoot, and their teams took the middle of the train.

The result was an absolute free-for-all.

Punches were exchanged, kicks were kicked, clubs were wielded, Ponies grappled with train crew, train crew tried to push them off, it was pretty bad.

When I felt someone grab me, I immediately turned around, and got them in a headlock. "Oh no you don't Missy!" It was the worst in the cab. Everything was either extremely hot, or made out of metal. Controls got hit, all of us got burned at some point, and nopony noticed a sign up ahead. "Pnyville: 5 miles."

As I fought with my opponent, I saw Alex in a fight with the one he hit with a shovel, and Todd was using his helmet as a club to beat off those who attacked him, in addition to kicking them. We all also found it odd that our opponents seemed to be both male and female, and that they had fur and even tails, just like we did. Eventually though, it was just down to the one with white fur and blue hair attacking Alex, a female with tanish-yellow fur and bluish-white hair tussling with Todd, and the one with blue fur and,

"Wait.....cyan-blue fur, and rainbow hair, and a rainbow tail?! RAINBOW DASH?!"

My opponent looked down at me. "Huh?! How do you know my.......?!?!?!"

Then, it happened. Remember how I said that the boiler was about to possibly blow up? Well, Todd was the first to notice that the gauges were pushed past the red lines, and that the safety valve was whistling.


"What do you mean?!" I yelled to him? This fight?!"

"NO, THE BOILER!!!!!!!!"

That was all it took. In less than the blink of an eye, I managed to get up from the cab floor, and open the emergency pressure release valves. Alex did the same on his side, and with the boiler still hissing steam at an alarming rate, we both threw the valves to dampen down the fire, pulled back the lever to shut off the coal auger, (the whole time I was doing this, Dash was actually practically piggy-backing me! She had one incredible grip!) and then, I shut off steam, and slammed on the brakes!

With a scream, and a shower of sparks, the entire train began to first slow down, and then, just outside of Ponyville station, came to a complete stop. Then, due to the extreme stress, fatigue, and being surrounded by steam, all of us in the cab blacked out.

(watch from 4:07 to 4:34)

this is I imagine the fight in the cab of the Big Boy would look like.:pinkiehappy:

Hello Autarch Prime,

And I just came to the realization that there are folks out there with bigger and better weapons than I have. However, the Battleship Express is as close as you can get to that, without being seriously OP!

Yup just wanted to share it since I've read the book series of the movie trailer. And if you think that London is OP? THINK AGAIN! :pinkiecrazy: :twilightoops:

Battleship express would be a single noodle strand for London... Spoiler alert, it's not even the biggest one. Muwahahahaha!!

Hello RainbowTheTankEngine,

And yes, this scene actually went through my head as I was writing this scene! And yes, this is what the fight in the cab was like, with the exception that both the engine crew, and the Wonderbolts, were almost evenly matched. The end result was a draw.

*Makes a mental note to remain in worlds where things are only borderline OP!*

well fuk u got me hooked bro

Hello NG-41,

And I'm glad that you are enjoying the story. Hang on, Chapter 6 will include two battles against enemy forces, as well as a minor surprise.

oh my:pinkiehappy:

Once I was inside, I shut the door, closed the blinds, used the bathroom, removed my uniform, helped Aurora remove her battle armor, and then I collapsed into my bed, which, completely unknown to me, was already occupied, and not by Aurora!

Comment posted by ScarFox9700 deleted Dec 23rd, 2017

Hello RainbowTheTankEngine,

And what's "Oh my"? The awesome action? The battle scenes? Or perhaps the cliff-hanging ending? What's "Oh my"?

(Sorry guys, but my OCD won't let this one slide. Your comments must be odd numbers, while my replies are even numbers. Sorry, but I have to restore the balance.)

A pink big boy. Now that would something to see. I think the only thing I would change on a big boy would be to add a streamlined shell on it.

Hello Nightprowler2,

Yeah, that really would be something. This scene was pretty spontaneous, although its inspiration came from one of only 2 other stories that I've found on here that has a Big Boy Locomotives. That story is called "Smokestack Lightning." It's about Big Boy 4014 winding up in Equestria after it's restoration. The story is incomplete, and has been sitting for several years now, but there was a scene in there with Rarity complaining about 4014's "ugliness". I liked that scene so much, that I decided to do a similar one with my story.

Also, Rarity vs. 4009 is not quite over yet. In the next chapter, I learn that after Dash dragged me to safety, Rarity tried to pain the Big Boy again, but instead got a nasty surprise! What happened? Well, keep reading, and you'll see!

Ooh, I'm looking forward to the firefights — of both ammunition and emotion!

Hello Crankshaft,

And I'm really glad that you're enjoying this story. Hang on though, in the next chapter, the battle for Las Pegasus begins, and there will be a few twists in the saga of Rainbow Dash and Leopard as well!

The Caribou are doomed, the Zebras are doomed, their allies of rouge Griffons, Diamond Dogs, Dragons and Minotaurs are doomed too! They're about to find out the hard way that Humanity, especially broken Human-wolves like those who not only crew the Battleship Express, but have fought wars on the scale of WW4-WW6 for years, are the worst enemies that they have ever faced, or will ever faced again. Human-wolves are enemies who are born and bred to deal with problems, be they crazed females, rouge blacks, deranged Futas, sex-crazed Caribou, or lust-crazed Zebras, and when they deal with a problem, that problem is usually never a problem.......ever again!

That synopsis very nearly made me do a spit-take. This is madness, I tell you! Madness!

The only way this could be any crazier was if you fueled the loco with Doc Brown's high-energy presto logs.

A. Dash is being waaay too fucking casual about this, if I saw a poster of myself naked I'd be freaked the fuck out!!! And B. I understand his reaction but he seems to be going a bit overboard about it in general. Is it his trama over his dead wife?

Hello Train Dodger

And is this "Madness" a good thing? If so, then thank you. Like I've said before, there aren't enough stories where the Caribou get their just deserts, and there aren't any stories where the evil Zebras get theirs. My story remedies these wrongs. It also serves as a prototype for the real "Battleship Express", or, the story that I plan to publish in real life, that explains the train, WW6, how both came to be, and the outcome, with the same characters, minus of course the Ponies.

Also, as I've stated a number of times, the engine runs on coal. Coal is really the only source of fuel left on Earth in 2029, as there's an extreme shortage of oil, diesel, gasoline in general, nuclear power, and methanol. No presto logs though. That technology was lost years ago.

However, if this kind of "Madness", is not the good kind, could you please tell me why? What did I do wrong? I tried to keep this story at least somewhat realistic.

Hello GameAssassin,

First of all, I've maybe implied this before, but in this alternate universe, Equestria exists, and on Earth, the show MLP FIM exists as well. Throughout the course of this story, I've tried to maintain a delicate balance of oblivious, and outright admittance of the show, or, in layman's terms, the crew knows about MLP FIM, but the Ponies don't. They don't want to sound crazy, or appear to be stalkers, so while in Equestria, those who were fans of the show hid their MLP merch. Leopard forgot about his Rainbow Dash poster. Dash already liked him, and knew that her liked her back, so she really didn't care.

And Chapter 7 fully explains this. Yes, it's the trauma and PTSD. Chapter 7 explains this in its entirety, so for the full, and much better explanation, just go read Chapter 7.

Would be pretty awesome to see Schwerer Gustav or some equivalent railway gun make an appearance.

Hello Shroobmaster,

And I thought about that, but ultimately decided against it. HOWEVER, when I say, "heavy artillery guns" when talking about the Battleship Express, I'm actually referring to what I guess could be described at the American version of one of those, just on a smaller scale, with 4-6 of them fitting on one railroad car. For the most part though, the most powerful guns on the Battleship Express are her 2 heavily-modified railguns, and her 4 16in. guns. Both of which are capable of firing nuclear shells.


It's the good kind of madness. It's just the fact that you have Futadom World, Caribou and Zebras involved all in one story... who would even think of that? That's crazy. :pinkiecrazy:

Still think the relationship is chugging along too fast. (Yes that train pun was intentional.) For someone like our mc, he seems to be getting used to this way to quickly. It seems to me like your trying to rush the romance scene mr.author, personally i don't mind terribly if a romance is sped up A BIT so long as it's believable, this however feels rushed and out of character from what we've seen, at least in dashes perspective, i get the feeling the mc is your self insert so thats on you, but dash feels like she's coming on too much and acting like a bit of a slut in some scenes. (Not hating, I'm a fan of rainbow too, just how I'm seeing things.) Just some constructive criticism bro. Hope it helps.

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