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Not a bad start. Are the characters anthro or plain human?

Kk. Wondering if the Trixie and Queen Chrysalis means they'll be 2 of his harem or not. Also not gonna be easy to get a minimum of 3 wives. Have to look long and hard for females that mind sharing the same male. And Spike's reaction to having to have multiple wives? If I was in his spot i'd be thinking 'hell yeah' :-P What red-blooded male wouldn't want a harem?

1900856 Well, in his case, I wouldn't mind either. Only to him, he's not the most experienced guy in the world... yet.

We'll see where you go with this. Just be sure to include character development and maaaaaaaybe a story to go along with it.

The charaters indeed are a bit different for the show, but that's understandable because of the set up you made. Now THAT'S what boters me. I mean, come on man! Even for Harem or Hentai standars this is waaay to forced and a bit stupid... Yet somehow very interesting. Wich is a very good thing.
And I'm really impressed, with all places you said you will send Spike. And even if I asume that you would make a chapter for each place you mentioned, I fell compelled to ask: Do you plan to ever finish this story?

In any caseas as silly as it may be at first, the premise does sounds interesting and like to se Chrysalis become a part of Spikes harem.

1901151 If anything, it will be in order from least to greatest: sex, development, historical exploration. I'm a historian myself, so be prepared for a bit of in-depth historical perspectives. Then again, I might just include a bunch of all of the above. :yay: :rainbowlaugh:

1901245 Of course I plan to explore every place, and yes, this story will be finished... eventually.

The human tag is not needed. Only if there is a human character(s), or if you are using humanized ponies. Anthro is not human.
By the way, there is a groupe for anthro stories. It is called Anthropomorphics. You should check it out.

1901422 Thank you for the notice: fixed. My bad. :derpytongue2: :facehoof:

Don't feel bad. It is actually a very commen mistake for some reason.
So will you add your story to the group?

1901489 In time. Right now, I'd like to get a few more chapters out before I do so. Give it some life, you know?

Okay then.
Good luck with all of your endeavors.

Damn this sounds long. Lezdothis :pinkiehappy:

Hmm. This has...potential. All the more reason to be interested.

Tracking and watching you like a hawk, my friend.

And if this turns out to be a total train-wreck, at least I'll have a head's up when it does go face first.

:rainbowlaugh:Way to start Spike's journey by fucking Trixie's brains out lol can't wait for new update.



So, now we know who is spike's first wife :heart:


1920846 I never said Trixie would be Spike's first wife... His first piece of tail, perhaps. :rainbowlaugh:


1920886 Aw, but it would had been so cool.

I wonder how the other would react when he came back with trixie :trollestia:

interesting start....
well so far so good

1920893 Hey, there is still much to be written. :pinkiehappy:

Pure Hentai logic at its bests. Muche better than the last one. And Sweet baby Jesus, that was Hot. Best journey start ever :rainbowlaugh:

Spike first train and he ends up having sex with Trixie? His journey is starting to go really well at the moment! Good chapter, cant wait for the next! :moustache:

damn talk about a plot twist

Very nice and kind hope Trixie stays with Spike on his journey.

please let trixie be {[("A")]} wife at least

"Placing her hands on his chest" i did see the use Mane witch would make her a pony not a humman. so she don't have hands only hoofs.

1924837 This is anthro where they have hands, but their feet are hooves.


2ne ch sex killed it for me.... Oh well

It just events don't even have time to sink in killing my will to read anymore

Now She feeds on emotions love inparticual, i wonder will she change threw the story or will she use him til the end? (Biting nails in suspense)[OW why are these door nails so hard]

Eh...not sure about the direction this is taking. Suddenly Chrysalis? Really?

Still, this is a good read and should be treated as such.

1942578 *starts to chuckle in an evil manner* You'll see: you'll ALL see! :trollestia:

I have to say. I am ammazed for the deep detailed narration, the nice amount of character developement so far, and the actual existance of a PLOT.
I mean. Seriously, after the first chapter I thought this would be just another uninspired Harem story, just with more OCs.
I obviously was srong. And I'm sorry for that. :ajsleepy:

1943067 That's okay. :raritywink: I myself am surprised at how much this story has changed, both in itself and for me.

And now we play the waiting game for the next chapter! Good job :twilightsmile:

I was expecting this direction.

Also, I can't help but feel slightly disappointed that Trixie is leaving so early. I mean, she does have a tag on the story; I thought she would be developed further than just an one-off bang. Then again, the story has just started.

Was so psyched for her to say her first name was terra. Oh we'll keep up the good work.

1948560 Meh, that name is kinda over-used. This way, when you say her name faster, it goes from Meia Morphos to Metamorphis. :derpytongue2:

It seems that Chrysalis is becoming the mask.


“Rogue waves!” he shouted, causing everyone to look up at him. “Gale coming in out of the east like a demon from hell!

I thought it would be Tartarus instead of hell but it really doesn't matter does it?

Good chapter and I agree. Seems Chrysalis is atleast starting to have a change of heart.

Oooooh, I saw that description of France: brilliant. Well played good sir, well played :moustache:

I keep having troubles to imagine some places. I'm not sure why. Even so the story keeps getting better, so keep going. :twilightsmile:

I'm already pretty sure Chrysalis will most likely end up as part of Spike's harem.

Nice transition chapter. That's pretty much all I can say.
¿Hablas español?

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