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Sup fellow MLP lovers. Not much to say about myself. I'm just a brony that loves to write and would love to put up my work for others to enjoy.

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I'm liking this idea. *reads*

EDIT: Yeah, I like this. A lot. Favorited.

Will this end in Sparity? I hope it does.

A few grammatical errors, but a neat idea none-the-less.

This obviously has Sparity and Spilight.

If I see a hint of RariJack, I'm out.

1429764 Agent Arby Works. We are sending you on a mission to spy on the fanfic.. If it has a hint of RariJack Use the NUKE EQUESTRIA BUTTON OR RUN LIKE HELL!!!

....... Debriefed.

This is good. This is really good!

Pinkie Pie is gonna get it!


I donnu about any of you, but I was quite blindsided by the sudden anthro. Now I happen to like anthro, so it's a pleasant surprise! Still, I wonder if fimfiction should have a tag for that.

Thanks everyone for the comments.:pinkiehappy: I know I've got a few grammar errors, so I'll try and fix them in this chapter and the next when I'm done with it. :twilightsheepish:

This. I've read two fics recently where it wasn't clear until the sex scenes that it was anthro/humanized. Now, anthro I have no problem with, so I liked this one, but I actually stopped reading the other one... it would be nice to know beforehand. Your referring to the female characters as mares yet implying their breasts were on their, well, chests as opposed to where they would actually be on a mare had me quite confused. Not saying this is bad, just saying it was confusing.

Thanks for pointing that out. I know I have a habit of doing stuff like that when I write sometimes. I usually catch myself though, I'll work on it.:twilightsheepish:

1430304 I know you are eager Cadet,But we must wait for The Enemy to see how they will surprise us.... Every Sparity For Himself....

*Intercom Ends-*

Yeah, good guess. :rainbowlaugh: One of my favorites.

So...you're writing a ponified version of Resort Boin?

I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING. Glad to see it's confirmed :rainbowlaugh:

1432090 Am I proud that I've seen it? Good grief, no. Did I recognize the similarity the second Spike spoke his first dialogue? Oh yes.

1432110 And here I was thinking I was the only one who saw the vast similarities.

FLUTTERSPIKE FLUTERSPIKE :moustache::heart::yay:

Got a solution for all of you. Spike gets ALL the mares. :moustache::heart::raritywink::pinkiehappy::twilightblush::ajsmug::yay::rainbowkiss:


I thought I recognized the scene! I knew it sounded familiar.

I'm still totally cool with this story and looking forward to see how it continues! :twilightsmile:

this pleases me :twilightsmile:
please tell me this will become a Spike/Harem fic :moustache:

I keep seeing the word hands, is this a humanize version or normal:rainbowhuh:

EDIT: Ok it is humanized but ya tags doesn't have the human one. But this still pleases me! :rainbowwild:

Those clothing descriptions...

Pinkie Pie wore a pink, plaid two piece halter style triangle cup boy short belted summer bikini swimsuit. Rarity on the other hand wore a light blue sexy halter monokini open back zipper bikini swimsuit with a purple waist side tie style short skirt.

... What the hell?...

Resort Boin...with ponies...:moustache: This pleases me.

Yeah, when I was watching it and I looked at all the characters closely enough I saw each of the mane six in some way and I this came to mind. I couldn't resist. :twilightsheepish:

Also, I do intend to add a few little quirks to keep things interesting as well as to satisfy my own sick sense of humor. I think you'll be pleased. :pinkiecrazy: :moustache:

FUCKING RESORT BOIN REWRITE! LOVE IT! FUCKING LOVE IT! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

this is a very good Humanized fic. i would like to see were it goes

Yeah, this is what I thought it was going to be.

I was wrong, but not disappointed.

Great great GREAT story!!! Hope the second chapter comes out soon I was always a fan of love triangles or what ever shape they can come in and I can't wait to see how freaked spike is. :pinkiehappy:

I don't know how to embed images here, so...


deal with it.


Ew... Anthro

Sorry it took me so long, everyone. I've had a lot of school work and stuff I needed to get done.:twilightblush: But, here it is the second chapter. Enjoy. :moustache:

This is what all true men strive for.

At least the Sparity folks. 10/10, would fap again.

or something

Rarity has a Spike doll? :applejackconfused: well that is a bit...... unsettling...but kinky too god Spike is so gonna pound that soon I can so tell.

I can't read. Pinkie just freaks me out too much. I'm just...not able to read it. It's not you, it's Pinkie.

I really am kind of hoping it ends with Spike getting with Rarity, or maybe Pinkie and Rarity finally ending their fight and being with Spike together.

I wonder who is next for spike:moustache:

Resort Boin... oh god that name... oh that name brings back memories.... I HAVE NO REGRET!

Pinkie is going to need a glass of water.

1553651 There is no sense in making a mlp-hentai cross-over with less or no sex. That's sort of the whole point. I think :rainbowderp:

It's pretty simple. You need to get the link to the image itself.
Using your image:
http://th09.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/035/8/2/raindrops_mlp_fim_ew__bro_by_alecza1234-d4ola4k.png <-- Needs to end in .jpg, .png, etc...

Then, either use the little image icon (insert image) on the comment bar or cover the link in [ i m g ] [ / i m g ] without the spaces.
I suggest using smaller images than that one, though. It really clogs up the comment section.

I am trully enjoying this. :pinkiesmile: pinkie the nymph rarity the BDSM queen and spike the dragon with too much swag.:rainbowdetermined2: PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY IN THE LITERARY WORLD UPDATE SOON!! :raritycry: A thought occurs to me now, this may say that pinke and rarity are the love intrest(as of now) but it has the mane 6 as the characters in the description, will spike be involved with all of them? If yes I really want to see how you play that out. If no well spike has his trouble ahead with pinke and rarity.

Yeah, Spike does get involved with the others. Pinkie Pie and Rarity are just the ones that are after him at the moment. Keep reading and you'll see.:moustache:

I know for a fact that this is based off of a hentai called "Resort Boin".

I have watched it, and I can tell that the character you're basing Rarity off of is the one that gets the LEAST amount of action throughout the whole series. And I don't care much for this thing ending in Spikepie.

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