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Learn to love the writing, of telling a story that you want told, and not the recognition that comes with it. When skill and passion atrophy, write for yourself, and in time, you'll inspire others.

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i've been waiting for this one :heart:

Wait, Spike is a pianist?



Yes, he is. In Season 1's episode, Over The Barrel, he is shown playing a piano for Pinkie Pie's 'You Gotta Share, You Gotta Care' song.

4343777 The More You Know, I guess.

This was a great read. :twilightsmile: Nice job dude.

Brilliantly written. This deserves a continuation Please.

Well done there. A like and favourite from me. I think is also the first time I have seen the SpikexOctavia pairing. I look forward to more of your work. Here's 5 staches for the story - :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

One of my idea was to write a human SpikeXOctavia story because of that picture as well. You did an amazing job and I could only hope my story is half as good as this one when I get around to writing it.

I'm a sucker for a good romance so a Thumbs up.

Let it be known, that at one point in history, there was a Spike x Lyra story, and a Spike and Octavia story in the feature box at the same time

It's so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Encore! Encore!


Hurry somepony ship Spike with Roseluck next!

4344979 there are only ten others, so it's pretty rare

4345042 i just did Spike/Cloudchaser adn Spike/Vinyl, so Roseluck shouldn't be too much of a stretch :pinkiehappy:

why has noone else mentioned the fact that this is a christmas fic in may? :derpytongue2:

I've never read or seen a Spike and Octavia shipping, surprisingly enough, but thanks to you and this lovely little story I need more of this pairing!

Besides t question on either flame-broilin or grillin those flankhole exs :ajbemused:; when t foreplay n' sex scene came round all i got say is damn :rainbowwild:. So, basically thx all together for this pretty swell read :yay:

dayum!! this was EPIC!!
characters are well displayed and well portrayed
a few errors in spelling and grammar, but it is a well written story
excellent description nd use of feels in the story
Tank and Treat Prize:
Tank: E 100 "MAUS"
treat: cake
no the cake is not a lie
also sequel?

4344246 i completely agree, half because you're right, half because i love your avatar

4343777 I never understood why no one liked that song. It was the apex of the episode.

Comment posted by GriffySquid deleted May 6th, 2014

I didn't even know this ship was a thing but this amazing story has me wanting to see more of it.

Loved it. Absolutely lived it. Have you consudered writting a sequel, becuase I would read it in a heartbeat. You have earned a like, a fovorite, and a follower good sir/ma'am

Y'know, I don't think I've ever actually given this to a clop story before.

Superbly done, matey, :moustache:

4345052 ...Shut up and enjoy it :P

Because ya can't spell christmas without!....

nevermind :moustache:

well written my kind sir

4345170 Shit, the Panzer VIII Maus that is a very good compliment.

4345170 Uh, you do know that the E 100 and Maus were, in fact, two different prototype designs proposed by two different manufacturers, right?

wait! i just noticed you referenced my blog in the author's notes :twistnerd: rock on

4346395 oops sorry still keep the MAUS for it is the 10/10
any story that gets ranked at 11/10 get this!

Amazing! Cute and hot! :rainbowkiss:

Okay, I'm sorry for being that guy who puts out a mistake but.. I could not stop myself. This is horrible:

“Hello again dearie; how would you like your coffee?” Dorothy asked, her pad of paper and pencil at the ready.

“Black, with milk" :facehoof:

That's not black coffee. Black coffee has no milk, cream, half and half, or anything that would change its colour. :flutterrage:


where is this spike/Cloudchaser story?? I want to read it!!

4346842 I know what you mean but I'm pretty sure that he meant black coffee, nothing in it and only add milk to it. But totally understandable.:twilightsmile:

You might have posted this, oh, I don't know, six months early? But I'm not complaining, this is mighty fine work! :raritystarry:

“Ah, you’re... oh... too good!” Pctavia cried out,


4347703 :facehoof: Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out.

Very nice. Spike and Octavia is not a pairing I've seen before, but I like how you portrayed it here. Kudos :twilightsmile:

Eleven thousand, one hundred and eleven words? ...... :trollestia:

4347366 I went to your page to find your story that was like this and couldn't find it. Did you remove it?

Was this intended to have 11111 words? :derpytongue2:

That was pretty good. Though sex was kinda sudden; I think you should've given them more time (and words) in Octavia's room before proceeding to action. On the other side, I really liked the first half with Christmas mood, winter, coffee and post-rock. It was heartwarming.

One suggestion: "and he was as faithful to Octavia’s mother as anypony could have been"
Something's wrong here, huh?

4350522 Yes... :facehoof:

Anyway, thank you. I didn't exactly want to draw it out too long, but... yeah, it could be better. Maybe I'll give my next story like this some time to simmer before I publish it, just to see what I can improve on.

4349352 4349626 I honestly did not plan on this story having that many words. It just sort of happened. :yay:

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