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That first downvote was just some ass voting it down because of the mature gore tag.

I didn't read all of it, but you write well. Have my like.

Dastardly, devious deaths? Definitely.

This looks, erm... interesting. I have to admit it's a relief Dashie can't die (Perminantly) so I don't have to worry about that.

Looks good, written well, favourited. Whoever downvoted this was an idiot:rainbowwild:.

This is disgusting, yet entertaining. What is wrong with me... :raritydespair:


what if that spell didnt happen and Rainbow died!!! :raritydespair: :fluttercry: :fluttershbad:

That was pretty good!

Well, this is an unusual concept.

Great story! :pinkiehappy:

It seems to be an unwritten rule that when someone gains some form of regenerative powers that suddenly they are more prone to being injured.:pinkiegasp:

Hmm? I wonder what happened to the other chapters? Still under revision, I guess? :3

Interesting Idea do you plan on updating Soon cause I want more!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Considering the title, Rainbow may wish to get in touch with a certain gentleman in Cardiff named Jack ... :derpytongue2:

Those mystery downvotes always get me the most. Especially the ones that don't even give me the chance to make them love me (obligatory :flutterrage:). Thanks for the like all the same!

Knowing me that would make sense, but no (I also haven't gotten around to watching that one yet). I thought of this one on my own at some point or another. I could've made it as a crossover, but I figured to just keep this one its own thing. So, uh, in b4 any upcoming "have you seen Final Destination" comments.

I don't think I could write short unless someone forced me to. Luckily the next chapter is only about 6K, so, you know, that's some thing.

I'm clinging to Chapter 2 until I'm done with Chapter 3. Finally I will enjoy the perks of having a buffer!

Oh, I'm happy to see the first chapter posted. :D

This'll be interesting, indeed.
Rainbow Dash, the Kamikaze Wonder, with over 50 successful missions.

Rainbow Dash is now Captain Jack Harkness
This makes more sense if you think about it long enough. :derpytongue2:

Dafuq did I just read?!!
And why do I want more!:rainbowhuh:

shockingly good stuff and I'm glad you don't spare on the details.

(Joke) Alt. Title: You Only Live Twice, But Die Fifty Times That and OH MY GOD! YOU JUST KILLED DASHIE... AGAIN!

Oh my God! You killed Dashie! You bastard! XD

I jest. I'm very happy to see the latest chapter posted. I can't wait to see how this continues. :)

am I the only one envisioning little tombstones popping up everywhere Dashie dies?

So Dash has like a localized mix of Final Destination and Groundhog Day? Awesome.

Hey could you amagine what Cupcakes would be like if Dashie came back in another body espavh time Pinkie Killed her :rainbowlaugh: it wold be boring :rainbowderp: and funny on Dashies behalf

:facehoof: Dash isn't gonna kill herself 30 times over is she? Coz if that happens and somepony comes across a mountain of identical bodies, they might tpeither think it was a mighty battle of Changlings or something else I can't think of

I really like this. Tracking for the promise of epically hilarious Dashie death.

But, um, will you be handling this with humor, or grimness? Like, this could be a lot of fun, or it could turn dark, depressing, and horrible.

I was expecting, from the description and title, A Captain Jack Harkness type regeneration factor.

Instead, She can't feel pain (meaning she may not notice injuries), Which do not appear to heal, and on death essentially respawns in full health.

Oh, and an Entropy/Bad Luck Curse.

This is going to end badly. I can tell. This is a recipe for disaster.

Ponies meet Final Destination.
With infinite video game lives.

this has been a long time coming
dash always dies in the most gruesome ways
in fanfic

Well, Pinkie pie is going o be making alot of cupcakes isn't she?:pinkiecrazy:

And just imagine rarity's dress:raritystarry:

And the Rainbow factory no longer will have a rainbow shortage:rainbowderp:


it's like playing a video game with god mode on
except it just says god mode
and what it really does
is instantly replenish your health
when you get hurt
so then when you think
you can shoot a big rocket into the ground
at a distance of 8 feet
you get wasted anyway

Funny thing, dispite Dashie being my favourite character, I have no problems with her dying as long as she's resurrected in some way or another.

Remaining cautiously optimistic about this story. (But seriously, you won't end up killing her off for real right? ... RIGHT?!)

If she just respawns upon death... she could singlehandedly defeat the entire Royal Guard, overthrow the princesses, and take over Equestria.

This is great. Ahahahaha!

death will become angered, and do all it can to seek you out at every turn, even at times where it seems like it never belonged in the first place

Basically, you are fucked

The implications of that curse are kind of horrifying.

Directly, being involved in massive and fatal incidents like that tend to involve others being maimed.

Someone who is killable is gonna die because of this. I believe that it will be either Spike or Scootaloo. Just saying. Maybe Twi'.

1762671 That one made me laugh, also, try to be less scripted on the deaths we haven't seen, be more flowing with her deaths and not all :pinkiecrazy:, and yes, this is a most interesting story.

why am i reminded of Captain Jack Harkness. oh yeah, the whole undying thing; its still a decent story.


Moments like this make me wonder if I should get into that whole Dr. Who thing. Because I seriously had no idea who this guy was until you lot started bringing him up and I had to google him :derpytongue2:

1819958 Dr Who is a show you have to watch to understand(kinda like mlp is) why it is so popular.

if you do watch it, make sure you start with the new series season 1/2. its a better starting point than the latest season.


Believe me, I know how it is. I've got enough Who friends talking about it. It really does seem like a solid series that'd be up my alley. My problem is that whenever it comes to any sort of new (to me) series (TV shows especially), I am compelled to start from the absolute beginning.

Naturally, for a show like Dr. Who, this is a somewhat... intimidating prospect.

rainbow dash. dead. :applecry: probably had it comin :pinkiecrazy: like the story. you sir, deserve a moustache! :moustache: and another one lest your lip becomes chilly :moustache:


Concidering its one of, if not the, longest running Sci Fi shows. . . yeeeaaaaaah.

Somewhat impossible prospect, sadly (assuming you want to watch all of the episodes).

ewwwww... well, at least AJ didnt see the body.

Well that well is totally poisoned now...

This Is Brillient.

Space Travel (Inertia and lack of friction makes flight difficult, ignoring how quickly you die)
Trolling dragons, (And getting decapitaed, eaten, roasted.....)
Oh, and now Applejack will know shortly. This is just epic.

Respawn Invincibility + entropy curse.... Best traits ever....

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