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The night of the Canterlot Wedding. Everypony was happy. Dancing, singing, chatting, drinking, and lots more. But as the night draws to a close, something happens. Not good. Not bad...yet.

Twilight had her suspicions. Everypony else had dismissed it.

Everypony had thought it was over...but the battle has only just begun.

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Comments ( 152 )

Nice! Can't wait to read the rest... :pinkiehappy:


Sorry for the short chapter, I'm just building up till the next chap.

I have two questions

1. Has Rainbow always been a changeling?

2. Or did a changeling take her place?

That escalate rather quickly

can't wait for the next chapter. (shouldn't they have assumed she was a changeling from the start... sicne the yJUST attacked!)

No, If you read the first chapter, you would find that Rainbow was attacked in the bathroom.

2135326 nope pretty sure rainbow was turned into one

MUST. HAVE. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Nice chapter i want more update soon?

I really like :3 add a few more tiny details and you'll be fine :)

Amazing, please update soon! :twilightsmile:

Huh...... interesting.
Cannot wait for the update.

Marrying in the family is not cool. :ajbemused: Just shows stubbornness.

And then, the battle begins....
AFTER 2-3 CHAPTERS :trollestia:

Rainbow rape seems to be a reoccurring theme in the stories I read here hmmmm......... *shrugs* O'well anywho it was a great chapter I can't wait for more. I love tragedies so I'm going for the worst possible ending so don't hate me.

It's not tagged as tragedy, sad or dark, so I don't think that is the case.

I dunno.
Shall I tag it dark? I'm she is going to have relapses later.

I wouldn't. At least not at the moment, anyway.

She is in the hosptial dying, beaten to to a pulp and raped that does seem to be even a little dark to you?:rainbowhuh:

u must have a thing for raping and abusing rainbow...lol

She's my favourite character. Of course I'm going to do things to her.

2444914 lol, I think I also like tragedy (ex: abuse, cheating, lying, hatred, fighting, slapping, arguing. Lol)<-- lol my favorite is when a bf/GG get into an argument, and one of them gets bitch slapped


This picture I did, just kept going round my head. I can really see Rainbow Dash as an egghead in the past, then became brash and stupid to become popular. But that's only my idea.:twilightsmile::twilightsheepish:

I don't know....this chapter seems crap to me.

Anything but crap, my dear Rainbowbot3000

rainbowbot3000, why you so awesome :scootangel:

I'm confused she was dying and now her injures are minor? And Rainbow hating flying "gasp" never!

I guess I forgot to put that Luna was supporting her. Making her injuries minor.

her cutie mark resembles flying for a reason.

This chapter's good. Too bad I had an idea were RD needed to wear glasses. Well next chapter the adventures of "Spyglass" Dash.

Apparently the difference between "Nerd" glasses and "Hipster" glasses is a pony tail. :raritywink: Or in Rainbow's case, two of them. :trollestia:

Also, remind our sky blue speedster to get prescription lenses added to her goggles. :rainbowdetermined2: She may look awesome in white frames, but those things are completely impractical as Mach 10 (Rainboom speeds).

I can't believe you guys actually like this story.

2707433 i.qkme.me/3ugdcx.jpg

Heck, I think this chapter just made me smarter. And your writing appears to be improving.

Rainbow Dash always....
Gah, I can't come up with a good pun.

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