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This is a collab done between me and Nunchucks. Go check him out, he's sexy.

A romance so romantic, you may barf rainbows.

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I'm not even sorry.

I'm gonna have to smack a hoe after that.

Nor should you be. To put it in image macro terms:


Seriously, this shit was hilarious. Good job!

It's about damn time the mods accepted.

I think I'm gonna go crawl in a hole and think about what I have just done to my brain.

1544636 You should thank us, me and Regidar just made you about a trillion times better in every way!



I give up...

Dude, SleeplessBrony would be pissed... or not.:unsuresweetie::trollestia:

1544657 No, I'm first you wad of old tampons.

1544686 This was put in on Monday, and took FOUR DAYS to get approved. Enjoy this.

1544711 Too romantic for you to handle.

1544686 Do not let despair take you. The world is full of things that are not this story. Take comfort in that. Why there are billions upon billions of things that are not this story! That plant in your corner for instance, go and look at it!

1544723 Yes, but this story is so brilliant that it far outshines any properties that plant has.


It's so precious... :fluttercry:

1544716 Dont make me smack a hoe.

1544749 Don't make me make a hoe outa a pimp.

1544752 I've got a pimp force field.

1544770 Not if we all pimp slap you at the same time.

1544778 I'm a stronger pimp than Dash.

1544786 NOT FOR LONG!

1544791 Drugz iz bad, gurl.

1544801 Yeah, well, your story got me high, so it's all your fault. :rainbowlaugh:

1544811 I only deal crack cocaine to little black children, cut me some slack.


I have no idea what the fuck I just read...

1544831 Hoes got pimp slapped. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?


1544834 I'd like some vodka, it helps me slap a hoe

Fool, I have all the hoes and vodka I need.

Wait... :rainbowhuh:

What did I just read? :rainbowderp:

I usually know! Regidar, help me! :fluttercry:

1544915 You're on your own with this one. I don't even know what it is.


Clever Sonovabitch...


Why do you have clever responses for EVERYTHING?

1544984 You're welcome! :pinkiehappy: If someone has epic stories, they get watched. That's how it works w/ me. :twilightsmile:

1544999 So I heard you like Flutterdash... I have one of those stories...

For a second I was worried it wouldn't have a happy ending

1545016 .... Link, por favor? #toolazy

1545037 My "Thanks for the watch" post was a link. Click it, and be taken away! :pinkiehappy:

1545036 That's me. I specialize in happy endings.

1545048 Regidar, does that mean you're a Chinese masseuse?

Well... That was... I don't know what, but it definitely was whatever it was.
Well said, Spike.


Dash using dinosaur telekinesis.

:ajbemused: I came late for the vodka and hoes

Oh, you ship ponies too?
This one is like the ones I write, except mine aren't funny and usually somepony dies :pinkiecrazy:
Except for my first fic. That one was a comedy.
Well, enough of my rambling. encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQSKpVqmXO8TLvRZOmtf0_58pClkbFcNPcVsV1aX9NIHp_v7KYn

first of all applejack is the element of honstey Secound of all this story is stupid

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