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I write stories, I hope I'm getting better as I go. Watch out for unfortunate go time and Home Alone, not my best works.

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Well, I haven't written a while but I wanted to finally finish this one. It's actually pretty old, coming before too many Pinkie Pies was even announced if you feel like believing me. Anyway, of course the title is a nod to community, but I felt like twisting it a bit. Is Pinkie's real Nightmare the darkest or brightest timeline? Read and find out, and then feel free to tell me what you thought.

Whoah, this was outstanding. Kind of caught me off guard, but it really fits the character.

This gives Alternative Universe a whole new meaning. :pinkiegasp:

Huh. I was expecting something more time-travel based, or to do with Pinkie's ability to see the future (sort of). Well played, and well written.

All that needs to be said is :pinkiesmile:.

Ah, that ending made me feel all the feels.

Didn't see that ending coming :pinkiegasp:

This was very good, and I really mean it. :pinkiesmile: Well done.

Oh wow...that ending! :pinkiesad2:

Very good work! :pinkiehappy:

Wow that ending was awsome and you pretty much explaned why we do fanfics. the what-if and could have been. My favorite line " there are many worlds, but they all share the same sky. One sky, one destiney.":rainbowdetermined2:

I...I've just got a little something in my eye. That's a lovely piece you got here.

wow this really made me think...i need to go think about...stuff *sigh*

um... I just... wow...

If i flipped a coin, our universe would split into two new universes. One where the coin landed horns, and the other tails.

somepony's been reading His Dark Materials

Almost. That line I more took from Futurama, I've never actually read that series. Hope Ii didn't directly plagiarize it.

that's pretty much the exact line used in the series, but it's different enough to not be considered plagiarism.

oh and also this story has been added to my top 5 favorites list, which can be seen on my profile. congratulations. your story was just that good.

Oh.... my... god. I have one criticism: this story doesn't have enough likes. This was an inspirational, heartbreakingly beautiful read, one that transformed my normal fast-paced skim-style reading into a drawn out, hungry-for-more one. You conjured up a wonderfully accurate characterization of Pinkie Pie, one that you both graciously and violently injected a real-life philosophy into and transformed into a far deeper three dimensional character that still wasn't too far away from her character on the show. Then we have the comic relief so generously sprinkled and mixed throughout the story, acting as icing on the cake. You are amazing, expect a follow.

I think parallel universe theory is completly illogical. If you could calculate every single physical power that effects on the coin, you would know which way would be up when it falls. Same thing goes to humans; if you somehow knew EXACTLY how people made their decision, those things that others sees as coinsidences and therefore a possible born of new parallel Universe, is crystal clear to you. Everything we do affects, in a way or another, to our future actions. I would not be laying on my bed writing this comment on my phone if I had decided to go eat something instead. Although I could write a comment later after I've eated something, it could never be exatly the same.

Neverlethess, this is a great and really show accurate fanfiction; well written story that partly isn't making any sense. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, believe me I've thought about all these parallel universe stuff and at it's core you could say that everything, even free will, is pre-determined. To be honest though, alternate timelines is just a very simple way of demonstrating what I actually think the universe could be like. It's infinitely large, there is no boundary. When we get to that size, who is to say that every possible outcome isn't filling this vast void of a multiverse? Is there only one big bang, or is a universe like a galaxy; big but by no means alone. Infinite universes holding infinite galaxies holding infinite stars. In just one timeline every possibile thing to ever happen could be unfolding at the same time.

What are the odds of another earth like planet in the universe? one in a quadrillion? one in a google? One in Ghram's number (look it up, its big)? No matter how rare, in an infinitely big universe it should occur infinite times. and every different outcome, changed by the slightest of variables will happen infinite times as well. Its something so vast it could never be proved or cataloged ever, but its a fun way to look at the universe. Of course, then this story would be worse because Pinkie wouldn't be creating timelines and the message would be different, but I just felt like backing up my outcome theory.

I would honestly like to know why (to my knowledge) this story was not Featured. It is more deserving of that honor than 99 percent of the other stories I've read on this site.

This is really good. I can't believe it didn't get featured. :twilightoops:

This. This fic. Holy crap. It's a shame I cannot favorite twice. This is brilliant. This is BRILLIANT. This also made me cry a bit.

Very, VERY well done.

Review round 27 brought me here. For the love of Celestia, why is this not on the feature list?! I did NOT see the twist coming, but it hits like a ton of bricks. Standing ovation to the author!! :)

Pinkie grappling with existential angst is best Pinkie.

Two short answers:
Nothing is predetermined and you can prove it mathemathically. Hell if it was, then we could not be existing. (This is just very very very abridged, but the intrinsic, meaning not in any way predeterminable, randomness of quantuum mechanics is what enables the existence of molecules. If you want to know more, then look up the De-Broglie-wavelenght, the uncertainty principle and the two-pit-potential.)

Secondly, the chances for a planet with conditions supporting life as we know it are looking pretty good. Estimates place one or two planets PER STAR in the habitable zone, meaning there could be liquid water on them. (I'll actually be hearing a talk about that close to the end of october.) But there is no way there could be a second earth in the observable universe. (because statistics and a limited amount of SPAAAAACE!)

Fun! But Twilight should point out she shouldn't think that all the alternate choices would be bad ones, that if she'd done anything differently things would be worse (that's only true in Marvel Comics What If :pinkiecrazy: ) : human beings (and Ponies) are not coins, there are usually _multiple_ choices, and even a choice that seems bad may lead to new opportunities in the future. Sure, there are a lot of Pinkies with worse lives. But there are undoubtedly lots of Pinkies with lives just as good or possibly even better. "Grim Dystopia" isn't the default setting on life.

Okay, I did not see that coming.
Pinkie is a LOT smarter than anyone gives her credit for. It almost seems like she deliberately keeps her mind as scatterbrained as possible because she's afraid of what she might discover if she truly focused her entire mind on something...like now.
That bit at the end, though, with the absolute darkness timeline...and Pinkie was...still smiling... :pinkiesad2: :fluttershysad: :fluttercry: :applecry: :raritydespair: :raritycry:

I want to upvote this fic for the fantastic plot and downvote it for the shoddy editing.

What If? and Elseworlds are like the Treehouse of Horror episodes: do whatever the fuck you want, it's not canon.

This was really good. And the bit about Rainbow putting itching powder in the scarves made my entire afternoon.

Woah. Jeez. I read the synopsis, and I expected to see a world where Pinkie was unhappy because everything was perfect and boring.

Instead I got Pinkie having an existential episode. Yikes.


I am aware of that, and do not dispute that this is a quality fic. Did it just seem like a good day to troll? :raritywink:

No, I was just agreeing with you. I find it amusing how many What If?/Elseworlds end with like half the major names in their respective companies dead. It reminds me of a Dr McNinja comic where some guy tries to stop a bank robbery and gets gunned down by the robbers. The author wondered how many frustrated comic writers have written scenes like that, sighed, and then redid them so the hero succeeded. Made me think of all the non-canon storylines.

I wasn't sure where this was going. Then... that last section...


Well this has certainly been a pleasant surprise! Thanks to the reviewers and everyone who tried out my story!

I see where you're coming from, but my main distinction is the term observable universe, and limited amount of space. Personally, I don't believe that the universe ever ends, even if the effects of our big bang are finite. If something happened once, in an infinite space, then it is bound to happen not just twice, but infinite times.

Or not. But who really can say?
Thanks! Its so great to hear that my work had an effect on people.

I do think you're right in saying Twilight should have said something like this, but at the same time I sort of believe it doesn't get much better than this. Equestria, especially before all those changelings and Sombra's showed up, has always been painted as basically utopian. It doesn't appear to have wars, jails, criminals, or even problems beyond quarreling friends. When you think in the grand scheme of things, a pony like Pinkie is very close to living the ideal life in her pastel paradise.

Very true about Pinkie's intelligence! There is a difference between random and dumb in my opinion, and I feel Pinkie's brains get overlooked a lot. She's not a rocket scientist or anything, but she's a smart pony who has a good grasp of the world around her.

Tbh, That's what I have to aim for sometimes. Ii really need to work on my grammer grammar.

I might have to decline that offer. That guy doesn't really match the look of my place and I think he'd standout.

Well, it's not so much Equestria [1] as Pinkie herself, the notion she had made all the right choices and all the other Pinkies are worse off: she's so insecure that thinking her friends are doing things behind her back leads her to some very alarming mental places :pinkiecrazy: so, I think there's room for improvement and the notion that our Pinkie is waaay out on the tippy tippy tail of the bell curve of probability for happy Pinkies a bit iffy. I mean, there are happy people in Bangladesh and Haiti - to say that other Pinkies under other circumstances couldn't be as happy is a bit self-centered of our Pinkie, isn't it?

But this is far too much wordage expended on a minor difference: stop me before I monologue again.

[1]Even early on it's clear Equestria has a variety of unreasonable monsters, living air pollution sources, not to mention bullies, flim-flam men, snobs, Cutie Mark terrors, economic inequality, magical curses (which for some reason aren't curses because they are caused by plants), anti-Zebra prejudice, and a life of often terrifyingly hard work for the Earth Pony farmer. Also, a distinct lack of flying cars. :pinkiehappy:

Well, we actually know exactly how big the universe is, because there is a way to determine its mass, and we know that the space regions that limit the observable universe are around 40 billion lightyears away from us at present. And a rough and conservative estimate places the concentration of earthlike planets as 1 per 10^22 lightyearsÂł. That is a lot of space per 'earth', but it would mean that there are around 26 billion earthlike planets in the universe. And as we know today, that estimate was too low at least by an order of magnitude, most likely several.

The keyword here is earthlike, again.

I'll just leave that with you.

Believe me Jiray, I know the statistics your bringing up but I don't think you're grasping what I'm saying. I'm not saying that a few galaxies over in my universe there will be another earth where I'm a millionaire.

What I'm saying, is that if we know how big the "universe" is, then there is something beyond that. Possibly a never ending void, but I like to think that somewhere in this void, is another universe like ours. And another, and another. Because, let me reiterate, SPACE IS INFINITE. If it happened once, statistically (at least arguably) in an infinite sample space it should happen infinite times.

TL:DR, I'm not talking about our observable universe. I'm talking about the infinite expanse of space. And in an infinite expanse, if something is possible, no matter how unlikely, it could happen infinite times.

You're basically trying to disprove that infinite monkeys given infinite time would write all of Shakespeare. I don't really care how likely that is in a finite universe because That's not the realm we're dealing with.

Okay, so I simply misunderstood you, because extrauniversal stuff gets weird.

I was not trying to disprove the infinite monkeys and typewriters theory, but the infinite amount of space you are talking about is, by definition, extrauniversal, or if you want multiversal, space and there things get really bizarre, because then there would have to be an external concept like hypertime, insert DC Comics joke, relative to which our universal spacetime vectors, if they even exist, could take any possible, and several that should be impossible within our universe, orientation, and all rotational, translational, vibrational and several others, that are not observable within our 4D-Spacetime, movements.

Tl,DR: Anything that could happen, already happened, will happen again and is happening at any point in time an infinite amount of times.

And this is a pretty straightforward multiverse hypothesis, simply assuming that there is an external "space" outside our universe. You want to know the really strange part?
According to this hypothesis this also applies to our universe at any point in time, as time is a inherently intrauniversal coordinate.

If someone spots errors, feel free to point them out.

Spike wasn't going to be happy after all this was done. Nothing's worse than a cranky dragon who has to clean the whole library.

Then why the hell don't YOU clean it, you lazy fracking horse!?

Okay, that's that.

This was a pretty good little oneshot about Pinkie Pie reacting to a dreary concept in 100% Pinkie Pie fashion. And another Pinkie Pie doing the exact same thing. The scene in which the latter did so was both depressing and heartwarming at the same time, and it worked as a fine example to support Twilight's answer. I would say she needs to be a little more careful about the things she says to Pinkie, but her solution to her friend's dilemma was simple and logical, and very much befit the way Pinkie's mind works. The concept you have here seems fairly simple, but the way it was executed and capped off makes it a winner.

And thanks for not giving Pinkie straight hair.

...living with my five best friends...

Ah, that's why neither of them care about making Spike clean the library. They aren't actually his friends.

The first thing I thought of when I read the premise of this story was the episode of Community where they considered a bunch of alternate timelines, "Remedial Chaos Theory". Happy Pinkie from the Darkest Timeline fills the same sort of conceptual space as Evil Abed, in my mind.

Short and mildly interesting, I liked this, but not as much as I think I could have. I do get the feeling that this is a plausible Pinkie reaction though, after Too Many Pinkie Pies, and Rainbow is well done, with her compulsive honesty, (seriously, how'd AJ end up with that element?) but I feel like something is missing from the ending. I'm not sure what. Maybe it doesn't build the other timeline enough. There's no divergence point, it's just a generic bad timeline. I feel like the story would have benefited from greater detail on this front.

Gah! I just read the author's note comment and realized you were actually referencing Community! No wonder! :twilightsmile:

3246015 My good sir, you just summarized my thoughts...

2194651 I like your profile picture. It made me laugh.


Wow... I found a gem today,,,

I am a firm believer in the multiverse theory.

It gets me to think...
By reading this story, and imagining the Pinkie at the end having a happy ending, dose that mean she will have one in some way? even if it is a two-sided coin, and she wont as well, but what if others imagined happy endings just like me would these woulds with happy endings exist because of us?

Thoughts like this make my head spin.

Introspective and existential. A Pinkie I have not read since Pinkie Watches Paint Dry (which also predates Too Many Pinkies). Makes my head spin only because I manage to wrap my head around the concepts involved. Clearly this is the opposite for Pinkie as a spanner gets thrown in her works and everything comes to a screeching halt as soon as something mind-blowing clicks into place. Nicely plays off of her inherent insecurities about finding fulfillment only through the happiness of others, and just how hyper-aware she really is about everything.

Thank you for the kind words. Any comment that compares me too Absoluteanonymous is always welcome, especially in how she wrote Pinkie.

That ending made everything complete , and sad, and wonderful.

Dat grammar and spelling. It needs to be fixed.

In other news, ALL OF MY TEARS!

Dammit Twilight. You broke Pinkie.

This is fantastic. The ending makes the ENTIRE story.
I think it's a new record for making me sad. You made me feel incredibly sad with a single sentence, even moreso with a whole paragraph.
That said there should be 'sad' in the categories for this story.

I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much, I've adapted it into an audio version on YouTube:

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