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What happens when you see only what you want to see, hear only what you want to hear, and project those views onto somepony against their will? What happens when that fiction becomes reality, and their reality becomes everypony else's fiction?

Ditzy Doo has to deal with it on a daily basis. Try as she might, ponies still see her as the klutzy, muffin obsessed mailmare that she's always been, or at least, that they think she's always been.

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Wow. That was... quite sad actually. It strikes me as quite similar to Background Pony, but much, much shorter. I'd love to see some part where she gets rid of the curse, by finding one pony who actually hears her or something, but this is a great one shot also. Keep it up!

That ending :raritycry:

Awww, this puts her in a whole new light. Why must people constantly suggest one of my favourite characters has some sort of problem? :raritydespair:

Anyway, this is great, really quite sad, keep it up :derpytongue2:

A bit short for my taste, but still good.

A tear was shed here for her:fluttercry:

i was hoping that at least dinky could understand her :fluttershysad:

still a great story though


This is such a nice take on things, and sad as hell. Good going!

Augh, she was designed to do exactly everything wrong. Dropping a piano? Check. Jumping on a thunder cloud? Check. Destroying the town hall? Check. As for the muffins, maybe if she wasn`t spotted at the muffin giveaway, it might not have launched. It`s really our fault.

Watch this. She encounters the entity who put the whammy on her and gets told "Nothing personal. Your name just happened to come up, that's all."

(Yes, that was a Charlie Brown reference.)

Wow that was.....depressing. Very well written but ouch.
Unique take on Ditzy though, me gusta. Going to be stalking you now:moustache:

Surprisingly depressing. :derpyderp2: To tell the truth, I still see her as Derpy, the clumsy, ditzy, muffin-loving mailmare, but this is definitely interesting, and very well-written.

Well, I'll be darn, there is a hidden genius in most unique of ponies after all, and it's from the average Mail Mare too. :derpyderp2:

Seriously, who saw that coming ?:twilightoops:

Still, an interesting take on the concept of hidden genius within us all...One day she'll show the world how smart see really is and they'll look beyond her clumsy appearance.....one day.:twilightangry2:

Poor muffin-cursed Derpy.:rainbowhuh:

I don't think I'll ever think of her the same way again. That's so sad. I mean, saying something and no one hears you? They imagine something that isn't even true. Makes you wonder, are the ponies of Ponyville seeing reality and Ditzy's just lost in her own imagination? Or are the ponies of Ponyville only assuming her attributes and choosing only to notice those things even when the entire thing is made up? Heheheh, I'm making this sound more complicated, aren't I? :twilightsheepish: Anyways, love it.

I demand a sequel where she's finally heard.
that is all.:moustache:

Why doesn't she just, oh, I don't know, write something? Playing mute wouldn't be so bad, and she might even be able to find help.

Gaping plot holes aside, this was rather humorous.

You gave me feels. The feels were sad.:fluttercry:

Wow, how did I even miss that. :facehoof: Well, live and learn, right? I'll try to avoid such obvious plot holes in future stories.
Thanks for pointing that out. I'm always up for some constructive criticism. Glad you liked it.

After reading that, I'm not even sure anymore, and I wrote the thing. :derpyderp2:

Thanks to everyone else who commented, liked, faved, all that jazz. You guys are great, I don't care what anyone else says. :ajsmug:

I know this was mostly played for laughs, but as others have pointed out, you've got the potential for a real mystery on your hands. Sequel now, yes?


Is the writing thing really a plothole? What I took away here was that everything she did was perceived as typical Darpy, wouldn't anything she wrote just get darped too?

Funny you should mention that. I had always intended for this to be a comedy, but as I was writing, it just sort of turned a little darker than I expected. I had never actually set out to write a sad story when I initially planned it, but sometimes things get away from you like that. I'm still happy with how it turned out though.
As for a sequel, I had also planned on this simply being a one shot story. That made sense at the time, when it was supposed to just be a comedy. I can see the potential, but I don't really have any plans at the moment, so if a sequel were to happen, it wouldn't happen particularly soon, at least until I'm struck with some sort of inspiration. Maybe though. Maybe.

I thought of that as well, but I still would have preferred to have come up something beforehand, rather than brushing it off after the fact.

moar. this should not be just a one chapter story:twilightangry2:

Wow. This is actually a lot deeper than what I thought it would be. So: everyone only sees this illusion? Are we sure of that, or is everyone seeing reality and is Ditzy the one whose imagination is running wild?

More to the point, if this sort of thing happened in real life, to people...how would you even notice it?

I do support the notion that someone should notice, at least. Twilight Sparkle's bent the fabric of space and time. There must be some clever and contrived way of getting it through to at least one pony. Actually...would Spike notice, maybe? It's already established he can see things ponies can't (the greying thing with Discord)...I dunno. It makes me think, and feel a little sad for her. Like something should be done about this injustice.

Sees 'Ditzy', mentally changes it to 'Derpy'. Good story.

Author Interviewer

Seattle's Angels talked this up, and I can see why. But why did you stop there? This is but a snapshot of a brilliant and intriguing idea, that requires some sort of resolution, if you ask me.

Poor Ditzy. The catharsis of being able to speak her mind is one thing, but to be unable to communicate with her daughter? That's just heartbreaking.

You know, I was going to go off on you, the author, for making what was quite possibly the worst Derpy story I've ever written. It made no sense, I hated it, etc. Then I read 1738220's comment, and... it all became clear to me. So my harsh words are now totally abandoned, and I will replace them with:

Damn. Just... damn.

Here's a solution. Calmly walk into Sugarcube Corner, grab the treat you actually want, and place it on the counter. Bam, no more muffins.


Fav, like, and link to everything I own.


That particular meme still puzzles me. There were dozens of ponies at the muffin stall, and a couple of them were salivating. Yet Derpy gets slapped with the boring muffin meme. I fully sympathize with her in this fic.

As for the fic, well, if others aren't seeing her, then why doesn't she do anything different, as others have pointed out?

It did feel incredibly perfunctory and cut-off, but I like the premise, and the execution was above average. Fave from me.:scootangel:


Perhaps it was because she's... well, Derpy, so she gets all the stuff from us. Who knows.


It did feel incredibly perfunctory and cut-off, but I like the premise, and the execution was above average

Essentially, this.

Well, a little bit of

The catharsis of being able to speak her mind is one thing, but to be unable to communicate with her daughter? That's just heartbreaking.


Well, that was funny right up until Dinky showed up and then AAAAA :fluttercry: We really do mess with these poor backgrounders, don't we?

So saaaaaaad. Well done.

I want to know exactly what's going on. At first, when she went to Sugarcube Corner, it could be assumed that that was just Pinkie being Pinkie. But with everything else, it can't be just a misunderstanding. It must be something deeper. But it's painful that she can't even communicate with her own daughter.

I want to know who caused this curse and why. I'd also like to know if it's possible to break this curse.

Does the curse extend to writing?
Because that would really suck.
On the other hand, it would make filling out paperwork kind of hard.

If the curse doesn't include writing, might I suggest that Ditzy stop talking and use her mouth to write instead.

Quite an elaborate journey into a handicapped mind. Great story! :twilightsmile:

This needs a sequel or something.

Can I include this idea in my story?

If you want to, go right ahead.

if you don't mind, i am going to nab this idea, and give Ditzy her own parallel to Maximus the Mad

I don't mind. By all means, have at it.

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