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Miss Cheerilee lives in the most interesting town in Equestria, and the incredible events unfolding all around her have left her feeling unremarkable in comparison. As fate would have it, however, what’s been missing in her life all along turns out to be yet another epic, history-making heroine …

An entry for the 2022 Crackship Contest (https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/976293/crackship-contest-2022-jan-06-mar-03

This fic takes place after the conclusion of the present-day FiM storyline, but before the ‘distant finale’ era of the epilogue.

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Woo! Glad to see it up.

I had a blast pre-reading this!

Crackship? Eh… something different with two characters I rarely get to read about (and complete!).

Why not :scootangel:

“Then perhaps you should wear it, since I already have two of my own,” Somnambula said coyly, and batted her eyelashes.

Dayum, that was SMOOTH.

There's crackship and then there is unique pairing.

You might have written this for a crack ship competition, but really, you wrote the development so well for such a short story, I can't help but feel it is not one. It is a genuine romantic fic with a unique pairing I had't think about before. But now that I have, it makes so much sense.

I am a shipper of all kinds, but I never really had a headcanon favorite ship for Cheerilee... until I read this. Great job, Cheerilee x Somnambula has officially entered my headcanon, and this story has entered my favorites shelf.

Signing out,

Welp, I lose. This hits every emotional aspect of the genre perfectly.

With her eyes locked on that sincere, almost foalish wonder, Cheerilee mistakenly leaned on the balloon’s burner pulley and sent herself lurching skyward.

This STILL makes me laugh out loud whenever I read it. Poor Cheerilee's just a smitten disaster

Lol, that ending line. This was really pleasant to read.

I'm not so sure this qualifies as a crack ship. Unique? Yes. Crack ship? Maybe. Either way, this was really well written and fleshed out for only being two chapters long. This ship actually makes sense on many levels. :heart: Well done! :rainbowdetermined2:

Haha, lesbian horses

This soo needs a fic to carry on this story. It could be so cute. And who wouldntt wanna see a couple messs ups caused by old customs

...What’s got you hindgazing this time?”

aww, calling wondering if you're living up to your potential "hindgazing" is just so wonderfully pony, i absolutely love it augh

“It’s … It’s Bonnie, I guess? I know we’re not supposed to talk about it, but if HALF of what Lyra kept letting slip is true, she had a whole OTHER career on TOP of the one she’s got. A glamorous, exciting, dangerous one.

augh, Lyra is such a blabbermouth!

“They didn’t even ask me,” Cheerilee said as she watched the expert pour. “Princess Twilight just went ahead and made every single one of her friends faculty, and put an EX-CULT LEADER in charge of the place, and none of them - not the Princess, not any of them - came round the schoolhouse for help. Not even ONCE!” She drained a third of the freshened drink in one go, and then sagged as she let out her breath.

it definitely did stand out to me that Twilight started an entire school in Ponyville without ever involving the town's one teacher, haha! love that i'm getting to see the other side of that oversight

One more deep pull, and glass three was gone as quickly as it had arrived. “I’m not. Honest. And I’m glad he moved on! But …”

“... But it woulda been nice if he’d asked.”

oof! great connection to make. just a side-effect of the show kind of forgetting about Cheerilee in the later seasons, augh!

Cheerilee the Teacher stood up straight, gave a firm nod … and let out a sudden and echoing belch.

ahaha what a fantastic first impression

The living legend covered a polite titter with a hoof. “I am not offended. You are clearly late of a revel, and wine casts turbulent spells upon the stomach.”

aww, good thing civilization has had such common touchstones for millennia!

“Good Cheerilee the Teacher, where is your house staff? Has only your well-dipper stayed awake to attend your return home?”

that it's natural for a teacher to be considered important enough to have house staff... this really says a lot about society! also, Somnambula not realizing that indoor plumbing has automated away the need to move water around, fun touch!

Somnambula stared, aghast. “You, a herald of knowledge, must carry your own water? Prepare your own meals?” She frowned. “Does this land have no respect for learning?”


“It’s not that bad, though, really. I have a well-pump right in my kitchen, and the icepony never misses a delivery, so it’s not like food and water are big problems …”

i do love how inconsistent Equestrian technology is! i can totally believe iceboxes existing alongside refrigerators in homes, why not?

“Schooling?” Cheerilee squinted through the building headache. “Well, if you decided to come here, why didn’t the Princess point you toward her own school?” She sagged, very slightly. “It’s amazing.”

oof, love that deflated sag. poor Cheerilee!

“Just …” Cheerilee swallowed. “Just Cheerilee.”

Somnambula took a step toward her. “Yes. Just you.”

Cheerilee looked away from that piercing black-lined gaze, glad — not for the first time — that her dark hide tended to obscure blushing.

haha, i'd have that reaction too

“Hmph…?” Lyra looked up and licked crumbs, cream cheese and a sliver of cucumber off her chops. “Oh, no way. Magic makes cream cheese taste funny.”

“Then why did you bother cutting it?”

“Are you kidding? I’m not some tacky slob, sheesh!” She snapped up the remaining chunks of ruined sandwich and then licked the smeared plate clean.

hahaha, i love this. so Lyra!

Cheerilee turned her attention from the squeaky sweeps of Lyra’s tongue to the simple golden wedding band sitting at the base of the Unicorn’s horn.

i will never not want to be reminded that LyraBon are married now it makes me so happy

Cheerilee struggled to keep frowning. “I spent the whole Discord crisis teaching a tomato garden to sing.”

“Hah! See? That just proves my point. Even when the world went crazy, you still kept teaching! You can DO this, Cheer. Totally. I say go for it.”

aww, that is a good point! i mean, would it be too far off to even call Cheerilee the Element of Teaching?

The Pillar of Hope was hovering in midair above the lawn, covered by the shade of a dark stormcloud and obscured by its sheeting rainfall … and nothing else.

a pony without clothes on? how scandalous!

Cheerilee sat to wave away the confusion with her forelegs. “Ah…! N-No, sorry. I was just … I mean, I walked in on you bathing. You aren’t dressed …”

“Neither are you.”

hehehe gottem

The chuckle Cheerilee forced out gave forced chuckles a bad name. “Uh-huh-huh, true, yes, I guess not. But, I thought that in ancient times, Ponies wore clothes most of the time? I hope you don’t think we’re all being, you know, immodest?”

definitely something that should've been more explored! really makes you think

The oldest nearby cities in Equestria mostly follow the east coastline, here, including Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and … anypony? Truffle - yes! Baltimare.

it just struck me that it's specifically the cities of the American mid-Atlantic that get ponified! and it's always fun to see these cities mentioned. it feels like they should be more important in the show's setting than they are!

“Now, Ponykind has reached out in every direction. We have conquered our fear. What was once broken is now whole.”

aww, it is worth thinking about how different things were in the past to better appreciate our modern world of plenty

Somnambula squinted and then nodded. “So I see. Sacred tomb flowers. You are a protector of precious things.” Before Cheerilee could reply, the Pegasus half-turned as well and reached back a wing to tug up her gown and show her own Cutie Mark; a broad golden necklace. “Much like myself - this wesekh is an amulet of protection.”

augh, i love this moment of connection! and a nice way to call back to the hindgazing earlier in the chapter

With her eyes locked on that sincere, almost foalish wonder, Cheerilee mistakenly leaned on the balloon’s burner pulley and sent herself lurching skyward.

adorable slapstick

“Oh, look!” Cheerilee said. “This amethyst pendant is the same colour as your eyes!” She brushed a hoof over the purple stone caged in a fine web of platinum wire.

“Then perhaps you should wear it, since I already have two of my own,” Somnambula said coyly, and batted her eyelashes.

Cheerilee tried to force another chuckle, but only a strained wheeze came out.


Cheerilee took in the sight of the graceful Pegasus standing at the crest of a hill, with the vast pastoral view laid out behind her and a gentle breeze rippling her sheer linen dress.

“Yeah … it r-really is …”

hahaha, too real! love these three mini-scenes of Cheerilee being down bad, and understandably so

“I see.” Cheerilee offered a raised eyebrow right back. “Do ALL candy-makers have such refined social observation and profiling skills?”

Bon-Bon cleared her throat. “...Yes.”

hehehe, love it! augh, Secret Agent Bon Bon really is the best

Cheerilee tensed and then added: “An ADULT student.”


The mare’s voice dropped to a breathless whisper. “What you need to do is …” All at once she was shouting at full volume. “...TALK TO HER!”

hahaha, this is top tier romantic comedy

“Mmm…!” She swallowed. “Is this a date?”

i admit, this took me a second. clever!

“As I said the other day, you are less afraid.

i mean, i remember how Ponyville reacted to Zecora... but i guess they're better now about that kind of thing!

“This is absolutely not the world I left behind,” Somnambula said gravely. “In the time of my forebears, when our future hung in the balance, such unions were deemed forbidden. Obscene.” She noticed Cheerilee’s mid-sentence freeze, and her frown flowed to a look of concern. “Ah, but my apologies. You were saying?”

oh noooooo

Both front hooves cupped Cheerilee’s warm, tear-streaked cheeks. Somnambula stared deep into the Earth Pony’s pained, glowpaz-coloured eyes.

“You are Cheerilee the Teacher.” The Pillar of Hope leaned in and cut off any chance to reply with a firm, deep kiss.


She leaned to offer cloud-soft kisses to Cheerilee’s neck and cheek, delicately over her shining eyes, and then down for another kiss, this time salted with tears. Cheerilee sobbed and laughed and kissed back, urgently. Gratefully. Passionately. Somnambula spread her wings, and they both hovered off the ground, alone together in a world of their own.

so beautiful...

Across the pond, Berry Punch and her foal paused their stroll at the sight of the pair.

“Whoa,” said the little filly. “What happened?”

Berry smiled and nodded. “Looks like my cousin’s dreaming bigger after all.”

That earned a pause, and a frown. “What does that even MEAN?”

ah, love how this comes full circle at the end!

this was a very adorable tale! augh, it makes me feel bad even at myself for not really thinking about Cheerilee much, dismissing her even in my mind as a character without much interesting to say about. especially as the scope of the show widened to Equestria-threatening villains and resurrected mythical founders! even within Ponyville, we have secret agents and world travellers, making Cheerilee feel small even among her fellow background ponies. with the background pony-heavy cast, this was a fun exploration of this world through the eyes of a pony who is not at the center of it, and a wonderfully fluffy and comforting bit of wish-fulfillment. and of course i just loved how perfect Somnambula's lines and actions were to fluster Cheerilee throughout, so fun! thank you for it!

Your detailed comments are sincerely appreciated! So glad that so many of my little touches and cute moments landed well!

For your kind efforts, I offer a little easter egg no one has mentioned spotting yet: As a nod to Somnambula, the title and the chapter headers are all riffs on quotes about hope. "Hope Springs Eternal" from Alexander Pope, "Hope is Grief's Best Music", author unknown, and "Hope is a Waking Dream" from Aristotle. :twilightsmile:

this might be the most well-written crackship i';ve seen on this whole site! the fandom headcanon references, cheerilee being berry punch's cousin makes perfect sense given their near-identical color palettes, cheerilee's gripes about the school of friendship being nonsensical bullcrap are completely justifued, and cheerilee crushing hard on Somnambula is adorable. the fact you managed to write a story about a pony who's name i can't even remember how to spell and made her so likeable is awesome. i even liked the quotes about hope in the titles referencing Somnambula's stick from the comics

It means more presents at birthdays and hearths warming.

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