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“There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” - Patrick Rothfuss


Following the disaster of the Grand Galloping Gala, the girls witness Pinkie Pie hugging the cello player that she had previously been harassing. The strange part, however, was that the cellist hugged her back.

Which led to Pinkie telling them about her sister - Octavia.

A simple story for Pride And Positivity 2021.

Featured 6/17/2021 - 6/19/2021!

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This was a cute and quick little thing! I really liked it.

THat was mega cute

Nice writing. Didn't feel like I was reading a story, just reading a transcript of a few friends talking. I mean that as a compliment by the way! Just saying the Dialogue felt natural, not some weird insult. It genuinely makes me want to read the rest of your work! I love good dialogue. though with the whole Transgender thing, the stories involving those elements get dislike bombed like Lesnar to Spike for whatever reason, genuinely don't get it. Also, Spike Dudley that is, not the dragon.

That was cute. I don’t understand why the ratio of likes to dislikes is so poor. The transphobia is really obvious right now smh

Nice job :)

In the early days of the show, when canon was limited and speculation was wild, some fans actually suggested that Octavia might be one of Pinkie's sisters grown up, judging from the colors. Other fans mocked those fans. Although I can't prove it, I suspect Octavio is a callback to that by the writers, which I find rather cool.

I'll be honest, the idea that Octavio is just an unheard of brother to Pinkie, Maud, Limestone and Marble is just crazy, but also kinda makes sense in a way.

Nice. Sad that it has so many dislikes from the phobic and hateful.

Charlie_K #8 · June 18th · · 6 ·

You know, it's not always the "phobic" and "hateful" that dislike a story.

On the one hand I like the idea of Octavia being a sister to Pinkie. I even like the notion that what caused the divide was Octavia wanting to be a musician. It shows the Pie family cares a great deal about their children.

But what I'm so tired of, is all the trans stories that focus on M2F, and how there's almost nothing at all for F2M. Show some variety, folks!

Comment posted by Late_Night deleted June 18th

To be fair, the architects of our own universe seem to have the same bias; just look at the relative state of bottom surgery for an idea (not exactly blaming the doctors here, the human body is a totalitarian police state that makes adding things much harder than taking them away!)

shhhhh. shhhhhhhh. go outside. touch some grass.

i maintain a garden, thanks
blueberries, thyme, catnip, spinach and rosemary if you're curious

TCC56 #13 · June 18th · · 1 ·


replies will likely be ignored

And you coming in here to stir shit and then hide is not welcome.

I have no problem with discussion, but stomping in, loudly talking shit and then going "I will not respond" is assholish behavior so get out of my goddamn comments section.

And then they go and respond apparently while you were typing this, so they're a liar on top of whatever was in that comment I never got a chance to see.

Posh #15 · June 18th · · ·

10866098 Fluttershy isn’t in a canon relationship with batpony Trenderhoof

Twilight shiftily looked around. "...Pinkie, why are you looking directly at me?"


Nice story! I loved it

Damn, the amount of casual shade Pinkie was throwing around was so high. Good to know the Pie parents don't exemplify all the worst stereotypes of rural folks. What do they have against art?

True it’s possible that the dislikes were for other reasons but given the quality of writing and the fact that it doesn’t retread a few specific plots that tend to get downvotes I find it far more likely that bigotry is to blame.

It's easier to believe bigotry's at work than trolls being at work?

Given the subject matter? Yes. Also if a troll deliberately downvotes every story containing such subject matter it could be argued they are being bigots.

Ha, this was such a fun read!! I love it <3

This was a neat story. Since I didn’t pay any real attention to Octavio, I didn’t get this connection till you (quite literally) spelled it out. :twilightblush:

This was an adorable story, and that ending is just priceless. Thanks for sharing with us!


After all, I would never try to conceal a close family relation from your girls until the last possible moment,* setting off a chain of events full of suspicion and confusion that results in nearly toppling a kingdom!^"



Good story and that ending was top notch.

Who is the My Little Pony Life character in the cover art?


Who is the My Little Pony Life character in the cover art?

That would be Octavio Pie, Pinkie's mysterious brother.

Finally got around to reading this! This is pretty fun, and has a good handle on everyone's voice. And nice to see some Pony Life incorporated! I will say it was a bit odd that Octavia never ended up saying anything in a story about her, though.

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