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Rainbow Dash is a very talented pegasus in the land of Equestria. Years of experience, becoming a Wonderbolt, not to mention friends who will always cheer her on. That is until she came across a pony she never saw before in her life. A pony who isn’t the type of winner like her.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

Cover Art of Dishwater Slog is from Shido-Tara

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Maybe he could work in Product Testing, to see how difficult it is to break a new product?

TBH, I'm agreed with you on Pony Life.

I have no intention of watching Pony Life because it's remind me way too much of Teen Titans Go! and this is coming from a guy who despises Teen Titans Go!

I'm surprised you make a story about Dishwater Slog because so far I know about the character is not only he's a jerk but the show made him as a rival to Rainbow Dash because he's just jealous of her.

But I give you a prop for making the character more sympathetic than a straight-up douchebag.

If I did then the story would of been The Best Of The Worst episode but it’s Friendship Is Magic.

yeah its not bad its kinda better then Teen Titans Go and Thundercats roar but its still not great and i really don't like it too much its just to much

I'm surprised you didn't use Zephyr Breeze.

As far as I’m concern, he’s too annoying to be consider the worst (in a way Dishwater claims to himself).

I'm in the same boat as well. I hate Teen Titans GO! with a burning passion as well as Pony Life. :)

How does that work for pizza?

It doesn't. It would be a totally different field.

Then what about his cutie mark? It’s not a pizza maker, it’s a 🍕

Not every pony has a job directly related to the cutie mark. Remember Rarity. and Ms. Cheerilee.

Yep, but Rarity comes into contact with gems frequently enough that it can be argued that her cutie mark has nothing to do with dresses, and Cheerilee’s is symbolic. His is a slice of gooey 🍕 straight out of ‘A Goofy Movie’, even if a mark doesn’t directly relate with the job itself, it does have some connection

It's just a suggestion.

Worst pony is Best pony!

Or is it

Best pony is Worst pony!

I feel a similar hatred towards the rebooted "Star Trek."

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