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Undome Tinwe

And I'll always find you, again and again/And I'll love every version of you/And you're never truly gone/As long as a part of you in me lives on.


When Rainbow Dash interrupts Rarity's morning makeup routine, she learns a lesson about the importance of keeping up appearances.

Second-place finalist in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Trans Pride contest.

An entry into the Pride and Positivity event.

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This was so sweet! I love how Rainbow was supportive, no matter how confused she may have been.


Raridash is wonderful but Raridash with aggressively supportive RD doing her best to support trans lady Rarity? Friggin love it.

I think this was an excellent little one shot. Great way to help celebrate pride. Both of them are perfectly in character, and goodness I wanted to smack Rainbow Dash and hug her at the same time.

Which says how good a job you did with characterization. Well done. I wish there was more haha.

I believe I might be near some onions because suddenly there's water in my eyes :fluttercry:.

This was so sweet! Thank you! It's just what I needed today.

Its like they... molded each other, perhaps, into puzzle pieces that fit so well together. You certainly captured Rarity's inner voice so well, and of course RD's by inference. Rainbow really shines here, and you adeptly showcase her more literal and direct approach to the world.

Rarity using Crimson red Lipstick?? That can't be a coincidence...

"It's just lunch with the girls, Rares. We're not going to some fancy party or _haute couture_ restaurant."

"First of all," Rarity replied, "it's _haute cuisine_"

Undome knows how to Rarity 👍

Wonderful. Fabulous even. :raritystarry:
Don't let the downvotes get you down. They probably didn't even read the story. :rainbowwild:

This was well done, just wish it had been a little more overt.

But yeah. I DO feel a LOT better when dressed to the nines.

i will have to wait until my brain is all here to come back to this fic and leave a proper comment but i wanted to let you know this fic really speaks to me and makes me long for a life and friends i've never had, not sure if that makes sense but those are the thoughts coming to mind. both your rarity and rainbow dash are so real and purely them and i can just feel them and i love that feeling

The amount of hate trans or lgbt stories get on this site is... odd.

But this was indeed excellent.

You should check out some of the ones that concentrate on story first, and virtue signalling second. They tend to get better reactions than ones like this.

I'll admit, I wasn't all that interested in this story at first. But then I saw all the salty downvotes so I figure I have to read it now. Will edit with thoughts once I'm done.
EDIT: Aight, it was pretty decent. I think that hint at the beginning is really all you need, I was able to understand the subtext perfectly fine myself. As someone who is not trans but has a trans family member, I actually appreciate the insight in this story. Overall I liked it, it was a nice little story about acceptance, from ourselves and from others.

Oh shoot i was about to disagree with you but then i noticed i was talking with a seasoned writer with a total of... zero stories... under their belt.

Maybe focus on telling a story first bro and dropping spaghetti second?

I genuinely wasn't thinking of that when I wrote this. That being said, there's no way this isn't the fault of my subconscious. Apparently, even when I'm not trying to write Crimson Rarity I still end up writing Crimson Rarity. Capitalizing "Lady" was absolutely deliberate though.

Hmmm. That’s a take.

Story in the feature box, but with a bunch of downvotes...

Featured story with a trans flag...

Hmmmm, wonder if it is a poorly written story, or just the phobes coming out.

Reads story...

Okay, so the phobes came out. Well fuck them, this was a great story!

"virtue signalling" sir this is literally a one shot about transidentity featuring one (1) trans character
like if virtue signalling is simply... trans people existing... and their experiences being talked about... then maybe you should revise your usage of the word
or. discontinue it entirely

How wonderful! glad to see something like this.

To be fair, it's mostly trans stuff that gets hate. I rarely see hate on M/M stories, of which I read a LOT.


Raritydash on youtube kind of killed the ship good and dead for me, but still an alright vignette.

Not sure where Silverhoof is coming from though. If it weren't for the cover pic, one mention of shaving, which isn't entirely a bio male exclusive thing anyway, and a background character mentioned misgendering her it'd literally just be a story about rainbow dash and rarity having a girlfriend moment talking about Raritys morning makeup rituals.

I'm just sitting here thinking what the hell is happening in the comment section

Okay, I've read this story just to check the legitimacy of your comment and I've got to say that you're wrong. All I see is a nice short romantic story with Rarity hinted to be trans. I guess a story showing trans people's mere existence is a virtue-signaling for you, but not for me.

I bet if Rarity wasn't shown to be trans in this story, it wouldn't have gotten so many dislikes.

Yells the chode with 0 stories.

Comment posted by Hillbe deleted Jun 30th, 2021

Oh sod off, who asked for you to shamble in here you ambulatory pond scum?

Comment posted by Hillbe deleted Jun 30th, 2021


Feelings change like the weather but facts and truth don't change because of feelings.

Yeah, facts don't care about transphobe feelings. Trans women are women, trans men are men.

Activism in any form is not welcome, Like the screaming brat in the grocery check out line...

"Don't ask for rights activism bad 😡".

Go pound sand.

Comment posted by Hillbe deleted Jun 30th, 2021

Have you heard

im happy i caught those comments in the seconds before they were deleted. What an idiot.

This was a nice story, though.

This exactly describes my relationship with makeup. Even small things with friends, just a half hour or so, and I need to put it on. I don't really care so much what others think, but makeup helps me feel much better about myself, even if it's not as perfectly applied as Rarity's here.

Complaining about virtue signaling is virtue signaling.
Congratulations, ya played yourself.

Short, sweet, very pleasant. A nice little slice-of-life between a cute couple. <3

Truth doesn't care about feelings.

What they don't seem to realitze, is that Truth doesn't care about perspectives either.

If someone disgrees about what makes someone a woman, then that has no inherant bearing on reality, one way or the other.

But, what will always matter more than your opinion, are freaking Manners and Intentions.


You seem to be confused.

Talking about feelings and perspective in a suportive mannor isn't virtue signaling.
Is a report about a Father who lost his kids in a divorce and going to therapie also virtue signaling?






Thank you all for proving my point. The fact that you immediately jumped to partisan ad hominem attacks shows that you aren't here for the story, you're here for the messaging. The fact that the story is treated merely as a vessel to spread the message is why it gets a less favorable reaction.

You really are confused.


No, I simply have a different perspective than you. It can be hard for ideologues to understand that their opinions are not unassailable truth.

for example, there is no room in your reasoning for anyone to dislike something tangentially related to trans issues that doesn't stem first and foremost from them having a problem with trans people. Thus, you lash out at anyone out of lockstep with you, because you truly believe them to be evil.

You really, REALLY are confusseld.

I don't mean that as an insult.


sure you don't. But we can pretend that wasn't a lie, if it helps. See, your reasoning starts with 'that person made a criticism of a thing that is pro-trans. That must mean that person is anti-trans.'

you're not alone, the number of people that crawled up their own butts to get mad about it was honestly impressive. But the fact that you honestly can't even conceive of a way to be critical of a story that is on-message is why you have that knee-jerk reaction. And the fact that you can't find anything more substantial to seize on is why you can only try to shut down the conversation by repeating a phrase that lets you immediately stop thinking about it.

if you were to consider anything else, for example, the fact that i'm trans- even though that doesn't have any bearing on the situation as a whole- it would hamper your ability to dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as a bundle of whatever buzzwords and cliches are in vogue at the time. And then you'd have to consider that you might be wrong about something. Much like a young-earther who can't argue against evolution, but can't bring themselves to admit it, you have to completely dismiss it and act as if you're wise for doing so.

After all, you didn't even take the time to wonder if my critique in my initial comment actually said whether or not I liked the story, because to you, there is no way to like a story and yet still have insight into why others might not.

"you claim not to be mean, and yet you respond to me when IM mean! I am very smart."

Nothing I said was mean. It simply disagrees with the prevailing narrative. That's a fairly basic distinction, although it can be hard for an ideologue to grasp.

You're on a higher horse than tree hugger dude

i'm... not mad? im confused. this is a story that describes an aspect of "the trans experience" this is a story about transidentity. this is what the story is, and claims to be.

like of course it has a message but.. most stories do? all of them actually? we don't write stories in a vacuum, we write them either as escapism or to help us deal with the world and understand it better? this story being in the second category doesn't detract it from being... a story in its own right


If pretending I'm some sort of villain helps you to cope, go for it. I know that reconsidering your biases doesn't give you the same dopamine rush as insulting someone you feel is some kind of istaphobe.

So I'm not trans but this story really was good when explaining why makeup is so important to some women. We don't wear it for others, we wear it for US. So I really appreciate this story from that point.

Also, Raridash was fabulous to see, and this was well written. It was beautiful, lovely, and sweet.

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