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One week after the Fall Formal, an expulsion trial is held to determine if Sunset Shimmer should be allowed to continue enrollment at Canterlot High. Unfortunately, her fate rests in the hands of a few select members of the Canterlot High School Board of Education, as well as a rookie police officer and the new school psychologist. And some of them are quite tired of cleaning up her mess.

Here follows the completely normal deliberations between an egotistical nephew of the principal, a worn-out gentleman, a cheap businessman, a cranky grandmother, a seemingly unaffiliated cop from across town, and a man who is totally not a reality-bending ancient draconequus in disguise.

One of them isn’t going to make things easy.

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Thank you for reading!

This has been a mystery for years.

I though I was getting a 12 Angry Men vibe there. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this. Especially now that the board has to consider possibilities undreamt of in their philosophy. After all, would you tell the draconequus in the room that he isn't real?

Of course, that does lead to the question of why Discord's taking an interest in this case...

Twilight might have something to do with it.

Very interesting start

"How wonderful," Blueblood remarked, "It's always great to see a student from any school following through with a bright future. It's certainly a contrast to someone else we saw today." He paused. "I mean no offense by this, but you're still quite new to the force. I would think Principal Celestia would want to bring in someone with a little more experience, or someone more focused on juvenile issues."

Shining shrugged, a small grin appearing on his face. "Don't say it too loud, but I think this is a test—or maybe a punishment. Somehow she figured out I'm trying to date her niece."

"Oh, that's very interesting! Auntie does enjoy her little hidden tests and puzzles so."
Shining Armor's grin froze a little. "Auntie?"
"Indeed." Blueblood nodded. "I'm her nephew. You didn't know? Well, I'm sure she meant nothing by not telling you this."

I knew I forgot something! This is really good. Would you mind if I added this is in? I’ll credit you in the author’s note.

I guess Discord isn't limited by the portal closing. Curious to know why he's there since his reformation is still pretty fresh, so he wouldn't have the same connection to Twilight like at the end of Season 4 (unless he's reformed enough to take a request from Twilight to try to keep Sunset in CHS)


The sound boomed throughout the room, causing the five members to throw their hands over their ears. Once it died down and the ringing stopped, they noticed something odd about the chair at the end of the table. Where once sat an odd man in a dream coat with a bubble pipe stood a hulking dragon-like creature. His antler and horn almost poked holes through the ceiling, and his tail coiled around the back of his chair. Most would have run away immediately, but all the members in the room could still see a mischievous glint in this creature's eye, and a teasing smile under his snaggletooth that led to a shocking realization: this was the same man from before, only he was a monster.

Discord raised his claw.

It was at that moment The Board realized they were about to have a bad day!
:pinkiehappy:"they weren't already?"

huh good point pinkie

Discord's involved? How'd he get there? And what is he planning?

Intriguing! Tracking

Maybe he’s looking out for a fellow villain?

Well most likely this is only a few weeks maybe months after the episode "Twilight's Kingdom" where Twilight forgave Discord for betraying all of Equestria. Trying to get into back into her good graces by ensuring Sunset's reformation can happen sounds like a good reason. Also a chance to mess with beings who don't even believe in magic? How could he miss the opportunity?

Now the School not letting the police in, I think I have a theory. The portal has it's own will an only allows humans with Equestrian counterparts near it. Shining can get near it because he's the only cop with an Equestrian counterpart to ever go to the school so far. The Sirens where able to go near it because 1. They aren't really humans and 2. They originate from Equestria.

Lastly gotta expect Celestia knew this was going to happen, and even encouraged Discord coming. She KNOWS Sunset's "rediculous" explanation for how then School was damaged is true because she saw it, and also is now aware all of Sunset's information is fake as she now knows Sunset is an Unicorn from another dimension. So explusion is basically deportation for Sunset.


Now the School not letting the police in, I think I have a theory. The portal has it's own will an only allows humans with Equestrian counterparts near it. Shining can get near it because he's the only cop with an Equestrian counterpart to ever go to the school so far.

I think it's more likely DIscord is putting his claws on the scales and selecting individuals that he thinks will be more sympathetic to Sunset's case, one way or another. Shining Armor was noted to be smart and of generally good disposition in this world, and as a law enforcement officer his words would carry more weight on the jury; if worst comes to worst, Discord can probably use Celestia's connection to Cadance to pressure him to a more favorable outcome.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right about some of this.

But how would Human Celestia even know of Discord? I mean I could think of a few ways she could have met him, such as Princess Celestia having Discord go to the human world to keep an eye on (not literally Discord so no ideas) Sunset and in the process meets Principal Celestia

Well I'm don't think she knows him from the past, that she only meet him since he came to earth. That basically he dropped in on her, massed with her a little then explain himself, who he was, and why he was there.

The story seemed to imply this is something that has always happened.

It did remind me a lot of 12 Angry Men but it's my favourite theater play so I'm all in for something like this, really looking forward to the next chapter ^^

Here follows the completely normal deliberations between an egotistical nephew of the principal, a worn-out gentleman, a cheap businessman, a cranky grandmother, a seemingly unaffiliated cop from across town, and a man who is totally not a reality-bending ancient draconequus in disguise.

Okay, lessee... these guys are going to be Blueblood, no idea (maybe Fancy Pants?), Filthy Rich, Granny Smith, no idea whatsoever, and someone of no importance whatsoever. Now let's see how that pans out.

Ah, so it all checks out -- and Shining's the missing one, neat.

"Cleared of all charges because all the witnesses spouted gibberish" is certainly one way to dodge time in the big house.

Oh ho, this is taking a turn. If Discord is revealing himself outright, the deliberations should be interesting. Your description of the humans' perception of Discord was also well-done.

There is also the question of precisely what horse Discord has in this race.

Blueblood snorted and splashed some water on his face. "Can you blame him for thinking we're insane? I just got off a call with the municipal prosecutor for the city. Every single witness statement the police collected corroborated the same story—the most ridiculous story possible! She so nicely explained to me that 'the justice system stopped persecuting witches four hundred years ago.'"

Interestingly, in Britain, the last trial for witchcraft took place in 1944.

Subtlety probably has a restraining order on Discord, as I’m reasonably certain he isn’t within a mile of it.

Oh, this is going to be good.

... time for popcorn!

“Let me try that door, sonny,” said Granny Smith to Blueblood. She walked over to the door and, mustering up more strength than one would expect a woman her age to have, kicked directly where the door handle once was. Despite the large crack they all heard, and a few squashed ants, the door didn’t budge an inch.

I hope that crack came from the fire and not Granny Smith.

“You see, I’ve got a fruit cordial because I want to be cordial with all of you. How do you turn a fruit dis cordial into a normal cordial? Easy! Just pick it up and drink, and promise to join in with this discussion seriously,” he finished, sitting down with a smirk. The glares each member held at the table had quickly turned into confused glances.

I wouldn’t drink that.

Discord smiled. “Good!” He jumped up back out of the seat and floated in the air, returning to his former gusto. “Now, the events on Friday, the night of the Fall Formal, were only given to you as half the story. Sunset Shimmer did not intend to blow up that portion of the school. She only wanted to steal the Element of Harmony, a magical artifact embedded within the crown of another girl at the scene. She did obtain the element, but upon placing it on her head, it corrupted her. The being that destroyed the school was one created from Sunset’s darkest emotions and feelings that overtook her body, not the girl herself.

How would he know that?

“I understand this is hard to believe, considering you only know Sunset from this side of the world,” he continued. “The truth is that there is a whole other half of Sunset’s life in a world parallel to this one. If you were all shown that side of her history, you would see that Sunset’s bullying and eventual destruction were formed not out of evil intentions, but out of insecurity, loneliness, and anxiety. Thus, the punishment of expulsion will only serve to harm Sunset’s mental wellbeing. The logical solution is to allow her to continue school and make friends, albeit while under monitoring and constant therapeutic visits.”

Are we gonna hear her actual backstory or an alternate version of it?

Sunset’s backstory will be a a major point of focus next chapter. I’m going to be taking some personal liberties (as I have with many characters in this story), but I promise the core will remain the same.

So it will be like her original backstory but with a few spins?

Yep. My goal is to make it technically fit into the TV show continuity (which, as far as I’m aware, has left her backstory mostly ambiguous). I know there’s the comic about her, but I’m not going to try and align anything with that. If it fits, it fits.

I guess that makes sense.

I just imagine Celestia standing outside the door simply fuming. Asking herself why she trusted this "Thing" she only just met. Cause yea I am going to say Celestia and Luna saw the whole of the events of the dance and Discord presented himself as Twilight's "representative" on Sunset's behalf.
Discord with fingers crossed behind his back "The Princess is far to busy with her princessing, so she sent me!"

Ooh, do I sense a trip to Equestria? Or at least Equestria of the past in regards to Sunset?

If there's one I would question even less than Pinkie Pie, it's Discord.

Council: “I demand proof!”
Discord: “Wow, you all have an impressive masochistic streak.”

Delightful Discordant shenanigans thus far. Definitely looking forward to seeing him support his thesis, and the school board's reaction thereunto.

I had my fingers crossed that Discord would pop Blueblood’s head off, put it in the closet or desk drawer, then pull it out and reattach it when he calmed down.

Actually, that’s a good point.

If that happened I’m pretty sure he would never calm down.

I mean, maybe Twilight gave him the rundown on what happened. But more than likely, it's Discord, somehow he already knows (much like how both Pinkies knew what was going on on the other side and one knew of Twilight's counterpart)

Oh, what a turn of events! And you have the imagination to write such interesting stories. For example, when I need to write an essay, I always go to the website to read examples, and only then something comes to my mind. I am happy to read you already became a fan!

Oh wow, this is good.

Why isn't there a comedy tag?

I’m glad you think it’s funny! This story has humor, but it is not my goal. Future chapters will not necessarily be a laughing matter. I think ‘random’ fits better in accordance with Discord.

Thank you! Everyone needs inspiration from something. This story is very inspired by 12 Angry Men, and I used it as a foundation for how I wanted events to proceed. An important part of writing anything is to use what you already know and build off of it to create something completely new. Don’t stop innovating!

Damn, this story keeps getting better.

12 angry men? More like 6 angry board members.

That janitor is going to have one hell of an odd story to tell.

Yes! Go, Granny!
I wonder how Shining would react to finding out that not only is his girlfriend/fiancée one of the princesses, but so is his little sister.

You’ll just have to wait and see . . .

Ooh, Sunset vs. 12 Angry Men. Except now it's five angry and confused humans, plus one very amused draconequus.

This is gonna be GOOD.

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