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Apple Bottoms

Pony got those Apple Bottoms jeans, jeans! Boots with the fur - with the fur!


Sunset Shimmer doesn't know who George Washington is; not a big deal, right? Turns out if you want to pass American History, it's actually a big deal. Turns out a lot of things are, and suddenly, Sunset Shimmer is failing out of most of her classes.

Add that to a very personal issue that has suddenly become a crisis, and it feels like everything in her life is crashing down around her. What can she do? Go hide in her bed - until her other self from this universe demands entry to her apartment, that is. But is she safe to reveal her biggest secret to her other self? Will it change their friendship - or prevent it from becoming something more?

Written for the Sunset Shimmer x Sunset Shimmer Contest!

Brief author's notes:
This story contains transgender themes alongside traditional high school drama, and there are very brief moments of un-affirming self-doubt. This is quickly corrected.

Chapters (2)
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A solid entry!

(Thanks for submitting to the contest!)

I'm kind of disappointed this isn't a magical girl story. Please respond to this comment.


We already knew you were a magical girl. You are magical and a girl.


Ohhh, that makes more sense. Poor Sunset.

The two chapters on their own are quite promising. Putting them together as a single story just does not work for me. The only strong connections is establishing the relationship between the two, and very indirectly introducing the theme of "where is Sunset's future leading?"… that 'very indirectly' part is a major problem.

Thank you!

Now she doesn't have to worry about it though! Everything turned out okay for poor ol' Sunset! :heart:

Thanks for reading!

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