Everypony has secrets. For Sweetie Belle, it's her sister's relationship with a certain princess that shall not be named, or else. For Sugar Belle, it's that she may or may not be a secret agent, and Equestria may or may not be in danger. Together... well, it wasn't like Equestria could be much more doomed, could it?

Art by the phenomenal Snow Quill. She does commissions, and is also amazing, so go check her out!

Also, thanks to Zontan for reading this over and telling me it's batshit, and to PearlescenT for being a voice of reason in an otherwise unreasonable world (and for telling me that this is the sort of garbage people might actually enjoy).

Sex tag added for implied sexual relationship between two characters. T-rated because apparently you can't swear in the description without it being rated as teen, so whatever.

Updates whenever I remember it exists, apparently.

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Or maybe Apple Bloom was experimenting with "the chemistry of baking" again. I hadn't understood nearly a quarter of the words in Apple Bloom's explanation of the science behind it all, but Celestia above, that apple bread had been delicious.


Yes, that was a nod towards Apple Bread! :twilightsmile:

Is it a television remote? An oversized pencil? Dip (otherwise known as paint-thinner)? The way to summon me? You're gonna have to be specific - I know a lot of universe-destroying relics.

In order: Amazing World of Gumball, Spongebob, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Gravity Falls.

Why did you respond to your own comment?

So people would get the references, but also not be spoilered.

That would be a story I did. About Apple Bloom and her advances in fruity bread.

Comment posted by fyre-byrd deleted Aug 18th, 2020

Grumbling to myself, I meandered towards the Apple family farm. Rarity could've at least tossed my saddlebags out with me, but nooo, that sort of convenience couldn't be spared for little sisters, could it? So instead of being one of Sugarcube Corner's first customers of the day, I got to see if either of my friends had an extra spot at their breakfast table.

I approve.

This is a lot of silly fun so far, and your characterization and voicing for Sweetie Belle are great. Looking forward to more of this :twilightsmile:

I nodded. Not because I understood what she was talking about, but because this felt like a point in the conversation where one is supposed to nod.


I asked, deciding that coffee-dunked pancakes was a great way to ruin both pancakes and coffee in one easy motion.

I've done something similar before. I don't remember exactly what I tried dunking in coffee, but either way, never again.

I'm glad you enjoy it, and RIP to whatever you decided needed to be dunked in coffee. It never works out the way you plan.

“Cool,” I said, minding my own pancakes.

Personally, this is my favorite line in the whole fic so far.

That implies one has oat cookies in the first place.

Wait, you never has those?

I've had oat cookies at one point in my life, I think, I just never happen to possess them when the urge to dunk things into tea strikes me.

A wacky heist fic? Yes please. Is it time to assemble the team? I expect Lyra, one of the CMC (the other being grounded, so they have to find a substitute at the last minute. It's tradition), and Gilda—the mercenary type who acts like it's all about the money but who has a gooey, loving interior that comes out when one of the other teammates is in trouble and threatens them not to tell anyone about it because she has an image to maintain.

I'm not well read on heist fics so I'm probably missing someones.

Oh. You already updated. And you took out both the other cmc with implied shipping, not just one. Who's the fallback then? With Manehattan in play, maybe Babs.

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