Everypony went off to follow their dreams. Everypony, that is, except two.

But who needed dreams when they had cider and a calm night to themselves?

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you underestimate what being a Party Pony is


That was nice and accurate.

Ironically, it seems that Twilight had her destiny pretty much forced on her - I doubt she ever really aimed to become a princess, not to mention the sole ruler. I guess sometimes fate plays cruel tricks on us...

Or maybe in Twilight's case it was just trollestia :trollestia:

I would imagine ponies like Pinkie and Applejack are like bedrock anchors for Ponyville's community; a steady constant you can depend on in these later days of whirlwind change.

They have found a place to put down deep roots and now they are steady pillars of the community.

So many desire to be the most beautiful of flowers, but beautiful flowers get plucked.

What can I say? Earth ponies have it rough. :pinkiesad2: :ajsleepy:

gosh, yeah, it is just the earth ponies. Does that mean earth ponies have no dreams? I sure hope not.
(edited) ... or does it mean that they're just more... down to earth?

This has a subtle way of hurting. Though Pinkie feels like her place could be swapped with Fluttershy and the story would be equally, if not more, effective. Or maybe that's just me.

A nice simple story of just two earth ponies about how they are content with where they are in the end despite their friends own passion and dreams.:heart:

This was reviewed here! Thanks for picking me as a reviewer and I hope you found what I had to say helpful.

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