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We all need a little love. I wrote this back when I had... hurt myself. Not cutting or anything, but I went full Johnny Cash and pricked myself with a needle, just to make sure I was still there.

Cool story. I was kinda hoping for a small joke or a pun as a punchline to lift up the mood, but not everything needs a happy end.

This was a good story and I'd love to see the main six and ponies from this get their just deserts in another fic if possible.

Something about Flintstone vitamins was my thought.

So he was seeking to be a comedian, eh?
I can see that, if the three years had been that bad for him to dive into morbid humor when "guiding" Twi in how to end things, then it was in a way, his last hurrah before the attempt.


... the first part was hilarious, but the preachy and rushed ending kind of killed it for me :applejackunsure:

Still worth an upvote, but...

r u ok fam?

I feel like this was an altogether more personal piece of work than I was expecting when I opened it.

Damn it me straight in the memories, part 2?

If I feel... the same way as I did when I made this... maybe. I hope there isn't a part 2

Thats a fair point, write what makes you happy my guy

Welp, if there is a part 2, it would be about healing, not about depression anymore.

I know this sounds bad but I really would like more or this. To get everyone reactions and apologies

A bit rushed, but a pretty well written fic all the same. With a little more build up and a longer back and forth between Anon and Twilight, this could've held a much stronger emotional impact. Not to say that there isn't any, but if we had more context, such as flashbacks or a trace of resistance from Anon, then this would feel less rushed. This story has potential and I see what kind of effect you are going for, but readers generally feel more drawn to characters in these kind of situations if they know more about the character and if there's a chance they won't go through with it. Just my own two bits on this. Whether or not you take my advice is entirely up to you. Just keep writing.:twilightsmile:

You know what we need more darkness.

I want to see more of this! Like, a follow up of how his actions affect everypony!

This stuff definitely sends a message to people that we all may feel like no-one cares for us, but in the end; we have lots of people who wish to see us all grow! To see us become the great people who we can be! There's always gonna be people who care, and this is a great representation of such a thing! Great work mang, and hey, always know that we all care for ya! Hope ya didn't mind, but I had to make a reading on this piece!

Audio Linko: https://youtu.be/ijk7yH7hTTo

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Well first off, I'm humbled that would make a reading of this story. When i started making this story about a month ago, i was in a real bad bind. I had no money, people were talking behind my back, and.... at one point I did think about it. And as I stared at myself in the mirror, i said to myself: "why?"
One question made me think again, and it as odd as it sounds, it made me happy again. One little word, 'why', suddenly didn't seem so little.

Could you do a follow up chapter? I kinda wanna see how everyone reacts to what happened and how their demeanor towards him might change.

And to anyone curious, here's a different story about how ponies react after finding out anon did the deed.

that would be a good name for a sequel if you ever want to write one. Why?

Ha!I just replay the music in my dank room.

Welp, this brings up bad memories. But at least those are behind me now :)

This made me shed some tears.

Good story, Will you follow up what happend next at some point?

....Yeah. Unfortunately, yes, there will be a sequel...



change of heart, no sequel



You really should right a sequel

This was question that plagued Anon's mind for some 3 years since he's been here. "Honestly Twi? You really want to end it all?" A nod. "Okay, my advice to you is to go for something cheap, like maybe drinking bleach, or finding something with arsenic. He said as matter of fact. Twilight's brow creased and before she could a word in, he continued. "Or you know, go with the classics, chair and a noose, plastic bag over your head. Oh! You can slit your wrists open with razor blades! Just remember though," He took his arm of a demonstration, "sideways for attention, long ways for results."

Still, Twilight stared dumbfounded, and despite her look of incredulousness, he continued still. "Then there's the more common classics, like falling off a roof, drowning in the bathtub, toaster in the bathtub," He listed more and more ways to kill yourself, from purposely swallowing your own tongue, to putting something called a 'gun' to your head. Finally Twilight shook her head and asked the ultimate question:

This man know too many ways to kill yourself.

Anon, stopped his triad at the outburst, firstly dumbfounded that Twilight used the word fuck instead of Pony Placeholder (TM), and secondly at the initial question itself. Twilight continued. "Anon, Anonymous, when I said 'end it' I didn't mean MY LIFE!" Anon's eyes widened a little. "I meant, end my relationship with Flash Sentry, who I just caught two timing with one of my own Guards, Skystar."

Even I knew what she meant.

"Yeah, I thought you'd say that... You don't really read people do you Twilight?" His question was met with a confused tilt of the head. "Like now, whenever you get confused about something, you tilt your head to side and mouth purses up. Or when Fluttershy is tending to her animals, her wings are relaxed and her primaries are splayed out a little. Applejack has a nervous tick when she notices something is off; her scratches at the dirt. Pinkie is probably the most disturbed individual yet, she hides so much pain behind her eyes that unless your were a professional shrink or someone just like her," he points to himself at that statement. "you'd never see it. Rarity... is hard to pin down because you can tell she hurts too, but she turns her pain into art. Essentially: The more she hurts, the better the dress becomes."

"....She afraid of the world, just like me. She can't handle ostracization so she seeks to be the center of everything, from a fan club to the top of the leaderboard."

He may not have a future in comedy, but he sure as hell better have a future in psychology.

thanks for the tiny critique

Can you make this into a full story?

Damn amazing and harsh

I seem to be a little confused. This is the full story

Ah sorry. I mean an aftermath story couple of chapters long. Of course completely your choice

You wring a neck, like you wring out a wet towel. Otherwise a decent story, if a bit rushed. It felt like you had a moral or the conclusion of a story that you wanted to type out, but jumped to the end instead of taking the time to flesh it out.

Thats kinda the point innit? A decision can be made quickly, a sudden change of mood and such. What feels rushed is more normal that what you might think.

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