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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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If by some, cosmic miracle, that another human does get whisked to Equestria, he—or she—might be more open minded. Or be one of those weirdos on the internet.


Bendy #2 · Jun 1st, 2020 · · 2 ·

Not finding pony butt sexy... heresy. Clearly, pony butts are best butts.

But I guess he's a normie...

He will get indoctrinated by pony butts in time. And will regret leaving Equestria, he'll be back to tap those pony asses.

this Anon is a normie. there's not many fics--or at least i haven't found many--about a normie human being in Equestria.

Yeah. They rare... or don't exist.

I am somewhat inspired now to write a story about a normie human having mental a breakdown since he's starting to find pony sexy after a long time being there.

that would be interesting, seeing a normie actually having to break down social and mental barriers of whats normal on Earth, and having to accept his fate to live the rest of his life in Equestria.

Realistically speaking, the majority of humans are going to have a lot of trouble with the fact that ponies are equines. It's relatively easy to accept that they're sentient-sapient beings since they not only talk but have built an entire civilization of their own, but at the emotional, intimate level? Bestiality is one of the biggest taboos there is for humans.

Maybe, but I am sure after several years of being stuck with them and no visual aids to help with the relief of stress, to put it politely, they may eventually begin to look appealing.

Praise the butt!

While this would technically not be Bestiality it would be hard to break the(They are Ponies) wall, then again more than once have straight people developed romantic and sexual feelings for the same gender if left with nothing else.
Conclusion: I don't fuking know

Please, get an editor.

Kinda want a part two where by some reason, Anon-Miss shows up and the 6 gets really salty when the two humans get it on.

We have found a dangerous heretic!

Prepare for Exterminatus!!!


That's my point -- intellectually it isn't bestiality because ponies are clearly sapient+sentient beings, but for most people it would still be a huge emotional taboo. And if you're taking the topic seriously, the Mane 6 are really not the best ponies to deal with that, because Twilight does poorly with emotions over intellect, Rarity and Applejack will both get super offended (ironically for opposite reasons), Pinkie completely doesn't comprehend social norms even by pony standards, Fluttershy is too shy to confront anyone for any reason less than actual puppy kicking, and Dash is willfully oblivious to "boring stuff".

You really want Cadance for this, and maybe also Luna (who can empathize with, "All the social norms and rules are totally different!")

I think the dude underestimates just how desperate some people will get after a while for sex. Especially in a situation where xenophilia, your hand, or celibacy are the only options.

I'm personally glad for this fic. He doesn't break down at the end, and he gets to go home! It's like, super rare! Like finding not one, but two shiny legendary pokemon of the same species in the same run of a game.

I think people tend to overlook how heavily anthropomorphised ponies are compared to actual horses. Sure they look different under the tail, but the absolute most important part of their body for overcoming the "omg she's a horse" vibes - the face - is very humanoid. In fact I'd be willing to bet that part of the reason the pr0n exploded massively in the fandom is due to how human the ponies' faces and emoting is. Despite being a little pastel coloured quadruped the humanoid face crosses some wires in your brain and registers the obviously not human pony as a 'person' with the range of feelings and impulses towards it you'd get towards an actual human being, while a horselike face on a pony does the opposite - and explicit art featuring truly horselike ponies is vanishingly rare because of it.

So basically I think even Joe Average will end up feeling at least some level of attraction to ponies after a while stuck amongst them because those cute lil' faces are playing tricks on his brain.

Your grammar needs major reconstructive surgery. As fun as this was and as great as the point as it makes it, all the issues with the mechanics make it nigh unreadable. FFS, Anon sets the challenge by saying

“Then you girls, or whatever other mare, can attempt to woe me. is that it?”

That completely changes the story. I like what you wrote, I chuckled good and hard, but would it have killed you to give it a proofing before posting?

As short as the story was, it still kinda overstayed it's welcome.

Anon's monologue with pictures is just as cringe-inducing as it is not funny. Even the fact that he uses image of Rarity for comparison fails to draw a reaction. Hey, if characters in the scene don't care, why the reader should?

Then you girls, or whatever other mare, can attempt to woe me. is that it?


well what was going through my head is the ponies just listening to Anon ramble, but once they started to see things from his perspective, they just gave up on him. and the reason why i used Rarity is because she's the Pretty Lady pony, ie. the most famine ideal attractiveness of the species. so if Anon wasn't attracted to the prettiest of all ponies, then no other will catch his eye either.

maybe, but this was partially suppose to be a cringe read. i thought i try my hand at a cringe story.

those are all good points, especially since any fandom can make anything sexy or attractive if they draw them certain ways, even if they stick to the base animal physical design. but in my personal opinion, while see THESE ponies (:ajsmug::fluttershyouch::pinkiehappy::rainbowhuh::raritywink::twilightsheepish:) i still mostly see an animal that can emote, not an actual being that i would give the D to, cause there's no actual physical characteristics that a pony has that grabs me that way.

exactly! i wanna see more humans get warped to Equestria, have a range of reaction on their situation, and still get to go home because....it's there home. being whisked to a magical world can't erase x-amount of years you lived on Earth, you have history and a life there.

i remember reading this fic, and watching an audio read on Youtube.

..............! light BULP!

YES IT IS, and one of these days i'm gonna right a fic about this fact. there is NO fic that i have found that has a human, explain to ponies about this taboo and how hard it is to find an animal shaped being as any other than an animal, with no sexual desire to copulate with it. i really want more fics that talk about this, cause i think this could give writers a wide range of the mentality they can give their human protagonist, in how he deals with being the sole member of his race, and actually has to come across this problem.

okay seriously dude, your my gold mine for the next fic about this subject, i will post your name as source inspiration!


That's a stupid excuse.

maybe, but its what i was thinking while writing it. if no one likes it, that's fine. i write because this site gives me an outlet to put out whatever my head spins out.

thanks for the honest commet of how you feel.:twilightsmile:

I get that. It's the fact that Rarity herself fails to react while Anon compares her to a human woman in a sexual way that bothers me. No giggling, no pride, no akwardness, no indignation. That's:
1)Not very believable

.....good point. i'll edit it to make so that Rarity gets offended that Anon doesn't find her pleasing to the eye.

"attempt to woe me"

Hey, leave my love life out of this.

I, for one, can get over the whole "different species" thing. But to each their own, of course. Anyway, good story concept.

The fact they also speak, can wear clothing, and such also adds to the "humanlike" vibe.

Then there are even more humanlike anthro characters in fiction such as "Zootopia", Fifi La Fume from "Tiny Toon Adventure", Lola Bunny from "Space Jam" and more.

i'm not exactly 100% proud of this short story, maybe like....80%. i just wanted to upload something in between my more longer stories.

Best one than the rest.

best one than the rest? what does that mean?:rainbowhuh:

-normie dies as a pose-less unloved asshole and never finds love,die a loner in a land of many species and magic-
Yeah, I know he got home.
bruh ur crazy to kinda think this, a man in isolation..... gets desperate. Plus you get to be the guy the got with X magical sapient mythos fem.
you'd be surprised how many a time someone has said yes to me when they said they'd do a dragon.

maybe. but this Anon is not one of those people that comprises when it comes to what he sticks his dick in.

Technically bestiality is only taboo because we are unable to obtain consent from animals due to language/intellect barriers. That's also why it's illegal in most places. Beyond that, any sense that it might be morally wrong would come from one's upbringing, and a lot of what's happening with the current generations is about rejecting or at least questioning the ideas that came before. Without that, it's just the personal preference.

So yeah, with the direction society is moving lately, the bestiality argument falls apart pretty quickly when the non-human subject in question can reason and therefore consent. Having a body type or even an entire species just plain not do it for someone like was described in this fic is completely understandable no matter the circumstances. Bestiality on the other hand, is a concept entirely different and separate from that, and one whose applicability becomes muddied when you move off world, and especially into fiction.


Intellectually, yes. Interspecies sex with another sentient-sapient species is by definition not bestiality. What I'm saying is that it would tend to have the same *emotional and instinctive* connotations to humans, especially first contact humans.


The Harkness Test is your friend, in this regard.

- Does it have intelligence at least comparable to humans?
- Can you communicate consent with it in some form of precise* language?
- Is it of legal age for its society?

If the answer is 'Yes' to all three, you're basically free to bang guilt-free -- only up to your personal preferences.

But I do agree that this would likely be a bit of a leap, at first. I mean, we find them cute because they were meant to be cute when they were drawn. If Fluttershy looked like this:


... then regardless of her wonderful personality, kindness and softness - getting down and dirty with her would, at the very least, take time getting used to the concept.

Personally, I don't see why I shouldn't give pleasure to someone who's close to my heart no matter how they look... within reason**... but that would still take me some time to wrap my head around the idea.

So yeah, I can see both sides of this, and they're both valid points.

* interpretative dance is not precise
** I doubt I'd want to finger a sapient pile of excrement, for example...

I have a feeling that, given enough time (years, likely), he'd come around. And not just because he'd eventually get desperate - if he ever got into a romantic relationship with one of 'em (and sexual attractiveness is not a requirement, not really - that only really matters when you're meeting someone for the first time, not when you've known them for years), he would eventually feel that want, I think... if only to make her happy.

I'm not saying it'd be pretty, the first (and possibly last, if things went south) time... but I have a feeling that he'd at least entertain the idea, given enough time.

That, or they'd work out some sort of an "open relationship" deal where sex is involved - they'd be loyal to each other, but she'd still see other stallions for the express purpose of satisfying those particular needs.

i like both your comments, and gives me some things to think about when or if I write a new fic on humans contemplating on being with a pony.


From an ethical and intellectual point of view, I agree with you. What I'm saying is that the emotional aspect takes a long time to catch up, especially when you're dealing with one stranded human as opposed to an entire human civilization interacting with an entire pony civilization.

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