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If you thought the magic was over...think again!

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," returns for it's landmark tenth season!

Princess Twilight Sparkle, now supreme ruler of Equestria, faces a personal mental health crisis that ultimately changes royal tradition for the better. At the same time, she takes a young unicorn named Luster Dawn under her wing and teaches her the magic of friendship just as she once herself was taught.

Together with her friends Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy, Twilight works to spread the magic of friendship throughout Equestria while confronting challenging life situations!

Continues in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 11

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So you're building off of the ending of the series, then?
1. What are Celestia and Luna doing, now that they've abdicated?
2. Who's ruling over Ponyville, in Twilight's stead and castle?
3. I'm guessing this takes place post-time skip, where Twilight's friends are older? Do they have husbands, and foals?

Interesting premise so far, so will these stories take place in between the coronation and the time skip? After all there are still many stories to be told during that time, something that hoping S10 comic will touch upon. :raritywink:

BTW I'm surprised you didn't include Spike almost getting his wings torn off in those terrible memories, after all this is her little scaly brother & best friend we're talking about

I will give you a gift, the child of Starlight will be evil kylo ren style

Happy to have been onboard for this, and I look forward to more.

The time has come for season 10 to begin!

I really liked the opener of this season, especially having it be four parts instead of two. With how big of a finale I thought season 9 was going to have, I thought that was going to be four parts long to make it extra special.

Twilight's been known to have anxiety and panic, and I never considered what it might take to push her over the edge.

You took some great pieces of the finale, and reworked them into what you needed for this, like the memory book and Twilight's concern that her friends don't care about her moving. I actually like Luster Dawn better here than I did in The Last Problem. Maybe because we got to know her more here. I'm also going to admit right now that I'm slightly bummed that you gave her a set of parents because there goes my 'future daughter of Starlight and Sunburst' theory.

Discord seems to have learned his lesson from his brief arrest. Hopefully with Twilight being crowned supreme princess now, he won't be pulling anymore surprise tests. I felt a bit bad that he missed Fluttershy being crowned a princess, but it helps hammer in how much he screwed up by trying to build Twilight's confidence from the shadows.

With Luster Dawn becoming Twilight's newest personal student, Celestia and Luna moving into the Castle of Friendship, Twilight now ruling with her friends, and Sunburst living closer to Starlight, things are going to get a LOT more interesting around here.

I've been hesitant about fanfic continuations of the series, but this piqued my interest.
And wow, this was really good. Keep it up!

Welp , now that the opening episode is finished , I suppose there will be no time skip and the whole season will be after the coronation ? Anyway , I was septic at first but I have to say , it isn't that bad , actually , it's pretty good , definitely on my "to read" list of fics .

Very good. This reminds me of Canterlot wedding aftermath. My story is finished by the way. Look forward to reading the rest of yours.

Interesting... you're making the other Mane 5 princesses so that Twilight doesn't go into this alone, and won't outlive her friends (as the writers said a few years ago)?

"All right," Gentle Gust began. "Since we assigned to treat and diagnose the mental health of your daughter, your friend, your student and your fellow princess, we have conducted tests. Thus we have come to the conclusion that Twilight Sparkle has, among other issues…Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, otherwise known as PTSD."
Right away, everypony in the room felt their hearts sink! Twilight had been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, the kind that would bring anycreature, pony or non-pony, to their knees. And one for which there was no known cure.

You JUST realise this?

Two words:

As much as this is supposed to be like, an episode type of thing
You don't have to put the cast of the show, no offense but putting it there isn't really doing much, in my opinion of course

Enjoyed this story so far, and I'm eager to see other "episodes", especially ones involving Princess Fluttershy and Discord :heart: ^.^

This is the best fanmade episode i saw!!!!

You do know the comics are doing a season 10 right?

9907430 What Twilight displayed then was OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Comment posted by Indigo Tornado deleted Oct 27th, 2019

"What happened here?" Celestia asked as Twilight Velvet also arrived on the scene.


I've decided to start reading this today.
Pretty interesting in seeing it.

Though so far the only bit that bothered me is about Luna apparently having to retire from Dreamwalking.
I feel like her retiring from being a princess doesn't mean she has to retire from Dreamwalking with helping ponies in their dreams.
Especially since it appears to be a natural talent/ability that can't be taught nor easily given since its part of Luna's talent associated with her Cutie Mark aside from raising the moon with ease.
While raising the moon can be given to someone else since its shown ponies having to do it with the moon and sun before the sisters came in(and the sisters are giving Twilight something to raise the sun/moon), so far no one else seem to have the ability to dreamwalk aside from Luna.

"Several minutes" is a bit too much blood! Are they trying to drain all the blood from her body and turn her into a vampire? :pinkiecrazy:
A few seconds is all it takes.

Typo: a "mantel" is the shelf over a fireplace. A "mantle" is the robe that royalty wears.

9912086 Well, sometimes it does take a few minutes for blood to be drawn depending on the size of a vein. I should know, I've been there.

I have two big problems with this story. in this situation, wouldn't it be best to address the immediate symptom of Twilight believing that her friends don't care? Yet no one actually offers any other explanation for or reinterpretation of their behavior, nor does anyone even suggest that she try to find such, nor does anyone even offer any evidence against that conclusion aside from bald assertion.

Secondly, they don't avoid the press while taking her to the hospital. This is bad on two accounts - one, it's going to increase Twilight's stress levels a lot, and two, it undermines her ability to rule for ponies to see her like this heading to a hospital without any injury. Unless mental health treatment is FAR less stigmatized in Equestria than it is in our world, that's going to be huge.

I was thinking of writing a season 10, but you and the MLP staff beat me to it.

Pretty emotional with Celestia's crisis there.
Hopefully we could see some emotional crisis with Luna and see how it goes. Or something.

About Luster Dawn having a bit of social anxiety is pretty relatable since I think I might have some form of anxiety too due to I often felt this nervousness when talking something important with someone. Like worrying about how would their answer be or if things might turn ugly or not.

This is a bit earlier than expected, but hey, happy surprise.

It makes sense that Celestia would have trouble adjusting to retirement. She's been working far longer than anypony else, and in one of the toughest jobs in the world too. Luna seems to have found her place, though. She's probably had plenty of time to think and do things on her own while trapped in the moon, and she has other ponies to relate to, like Stygian, who she could follow the example of to find her purpose.

It's nice to see Dusty again, and Twilight was right, she was probably the only pony Twilight knows that could give Celestia some perspective on the freedom that retirement brings.

Celestia and Luna joining the School of Friendship's staff is very plausible. I like the idea of Luna heading the Drama Club given her appreciation for the arts. I'm kinda a drama dork, myself. Meanwhile, Celestia has taught at her school for gifted unicorns, so she'll have some teaching experience under her wing. Plus, she personally taught Twilight about friendship, so moving onto a whole classroom of students is a natural extension of that.

Now, this comment isn't going to be all positives. As a fellow writer, I have some things to address. At the beginning when Starlight puts the teaching offer on the table, she mentions she'll have to interview them before giving them the job. At the end, it seems like she just gives them the job without the previously mentioned interview stipulation. Then the other thing is about Luster Dawn. She's described as withdrawn as Fluttershy by Cherry, but I don't think Fluttershy would come right out and say she has social anxiety the way Luster did with him, not especially since they only met a couple days ago in-story. She states she has social anxiety, and yet she had no problem talking to her parents or to her idol, Twilight, when she snuck into the hospital with Cherry, who she had only met that day.

Granted, I don't know much about social anxiety so you can do it however you want here. All I'm saying is that if I were writing this revelation about Luster, I would first hint at it early on in her appearances by making her nervous about public crowds and struggling to speak to new ponies. Then later on when she's been friends with Cherry, or gotten to know somepony after a while, she'd admit to having social anxiety.

I'm not trying to be critical about your writing, I'm just trying to make helpful comments on how you can improve it. Please don't take this the wrong way. Looking forward to the next chapter too!

Retirement is never easy. Good to see Celestia and Luna are there for each other through it all.

Comment posted by Flicker Flame deleted Nov 1st, 2019

9917071 Thanks for your constructive feedback. What I was going for here was that Luster's social anxiety is based around my real life experiences. I have a little bit of social anxiety as part of my autism.

It's okay. I just thought it was odd Luster would admit to having social anxiety so quickly after meeting Cherry or anypony.

9919677 I think you might have given me an idea for possibly addressing this concern in a later episode.

Been a while since I've read one of yours twilight. Nice to see you plan on continuing the show in fan fic format. All liked and faved now :D

9923196 You're welcome! I feel that there is still much to be told of the story of Twilight and her friends!

i agree, im working on one that details the backstories for Starswirl, Chrysalis , Starlight, and the royal sisters. Im ignoring the Season 8 and 9 nine finales in my story.

9917071 As for the interview to teach, it happened off screen.

Not bad, though I spotted a couple errors. When Luna is talking about Stygians struggle being similar to her "own" you said one or something else. Also around the time Luster is wondering about learning from Celestia you forgot to add a space on a word.

9907166 Don't forget that little bit where Luna kisses Twilight...I put that in there as well.

Not really a sports fan, but I understood the emotional conflict of the episode all the same. It's the same as a writer deciding whether or not to keep writing.

Injuries like concussions and stuff are part of why I never got into sports. I never want to experience the pain that Buck and his teammates probably experienced here.

Neat how Rainbow got to perform her first act as a princess. It makes me curious what the others are going to do for their first acts, and who is going to be next to do so. The cameo from Sky Stinger, one of my favorite map mission guests, was a nice touch, and I appreciate seeing Tank again too.

I'm excited for next week's episode. We're going to get answers about Cozy Glow! :pinkiehappy:

9932941 We are going to get answers but we're also to be introduced to the Real Grogar himself!

Ooh, fun! I wonder how mad Grogar would be if he found out Discord pretended to be him. See you next week!

this, while short and a bit fast-paced, is very well done, and deserves to stand alongside the best RD episodes such as top bolt and wonderbolts academy, I applaud you good sir.

also, a suggestion, maybe later in the season we could see luck as a celebrity buckball announcer?

She didn't actually work with the Mlp staff she just put in the cast names.
And you can still write an MLP season 10 if you want, no one is stopping you

In my case, Evil Anger Tantrum Explosion

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