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The Magic of Friendship continues in the eleventh season of stories featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends from Equestria!

Following the return of Equestria's long lost king and queen, the evil Emperor Grogar and his Legion of Doom, with the help of an evil race of transforming robots called Predacons, declare war on Equestria. Now, Twilight and her friends with the help of the transforming robots called Maximals, must navigate their home through uncertain waters while also learning and teaching about the magic of friendship to ponies and creatures like Luster Dawn and her friends.

Continuation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 10

Chapters (10)
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Comment posted by MrHyperNova deleted April 11th

WOW. Great job on the action, exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. I loved the detail of this starting out JUST at the very end of the "Beast Wars" series finale, as well as the teamwork that went into rescuing the Maximals from that ship wreck. Yeah, it makes sense that Twilight and Spike would recognize gasoline (as they are the only two from Equestria who have any experience with the human world).

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Great job on the official introductions to the Maximals as well as Grogar resurrecting Megatron's forces. And a few of the G1 Transformers crowd from both sides have showed up too. And, yeah, Tirek getting jealous of Megatron is a pretty entertaining bit.

All in all, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-ups are quite well done in all the right places.

On to the next chapter.

So, any chance of Waspinator being pulled into the fray, even accidentally? Or he is safe on prehistoric Earth?

As someone who grew up watching Beast Wars I have to say this is a very good story and I'm loving it!!

Sorry I took a while. Got called to lunch. Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations, action and climax set-up are well done in all the right places. Particularly liked Twilight showing the Maximals around her castle before the gang got called to the Crystal Empire to deal with the Predacons. And, yikes, Megatron gave Grogar an idea? That is a really scary thought.

REALLY good job on this last chapter of the "Season Opener". The exchanges, characterizations, action and future "episode" set-up were all well done in all the right places. I particularly liked how just about all the heroes got a fair chance to shine AND the fact that, unlike most crossover episodes, this wasn't just a "one and done" so to speak (which explains why it was a Season Opener rather than a separate movie set after Season 10 but before Season 11).

And, just out of curiosity, is there going to be a "after Season 11, but before Season 12" movie in the Equestria Girls universe that has the girls taking on Cobra (which would cover pretty much all of Hasbro's "big three" franchises [MLP, Transformers and G.I. Joe])? If not, that's cool. I was just curious. Even if the Joes don't actually appear, the thought of a terrorist organization like Cobra trying their luck in Canterlot City and falling prey to Mugging the Monster (by attacking a city that's home turf to seven magic powered heroines) just seems like it would be kind of amusing.

Anyway, definitely looking forward to more of Season 11.

An interesting thought about if Beast Machines didn't happen (or maybe it still does happen?). Looks like the Beast Wars aren't over yet. Let's hope the magic of friendship will be enough for this turn of events.

MLP X TF: Equestria Wars. Also saw a little reference to Dark of the Moon

"Take no prisoners," Soundwave said to his comrade. "Only trophies."

10176240 Beast Machines never existed in this canon, just like the Last Problem doesn't exist in this canon.

10176314 This is basically kind of like "Beast Machines" but instead of going back to Cybertron where Megatron somehow takes over, everyone ends up in Equestria instead.

I really have to wonder why Grogar doesn't just have his army attack Equestria now. He has all of his magic back, putting him on par with Discord in raw power, he has his Bewitching Bell that can drain magic from other beings, and with third form Tirek, post Bewitching Bell Chrysalis, alicorn Cozy Glow, King Sombra, Lavan, Scarface, and Meagatron and his army, he should have all the manpower he needs. The Storm King and the donkeys aren't even needed at this point. Even with Optimus and the others, it would take all of Equestria to take his army down.

10176981 Well, he's already attacking Equestria, but in small steps. It's better to take it slow than go at full speed.

Well, why doesn't he keep sending them to attack over and over again and keep healing/reviving them nonstop after every attack until they win through sheer attrition? Is there a limit to his resurrection? He didn't revive Grimlord.

I managed to start reading this and half-way there.
But felt like I want to say what thoughts I have so far.
Haven't watched Beast Wars but I did saw some clips of it on YouTube and info on it though my knowledge is limited though. But I am do a bit interested in this crossover bit.
Like I wonder how much damage can the Predacons do to Equestria and such.
Though a couple of things I want to mention, like how did Storm King got his staff back? I don't think we saw Grogar getting it back, did we? Forgive me if you did shown he did and I didn't notice, my memory is fuzzy at times.
What bothers me is how when Grogar mentions about the Pillars taking out Grimlord, he disregards about the Royal Sisters there and even disregarding them when he mentions the Pillars and Mane 6 being threats. Like Luna and Celestia were responsible for Grimlord's demise and the lost Royal's rescue too. I guess that losing the ability to the Elements also means the main bad guy won't even acknowledge them at times..
Sorry if I was was nitpicking on that part but I felt like its contributing to a issue the show had with apparently losing their connection to the Elements means what ever significance(especially with Harmony stuff) Luna and Celestia should have is disregarded(like how they weren't included in the final rainbow laser despite their cutie marks were on the Tree and how they first used the Elements before).

I am going to continue reading the rest of the premiere today hopefully.

What exactly is the timeline here, before or after the last problem? Or is this just following your own timeline?

REALLY good job on this latest chapter. Loved your spin on the Equestrian version of Wallflower Blush And definitely felt sorry for her when she brought up what the bullies at her old school did. And, at least thus far, everybody at the friendship school is being supportive of her.

Plus, Twilight trying to bring together not just everybody in Equestria, but also everybody in all their allied nations is probably a pretty good move. Though having Discord spying on Grogar is more likely to backfire than go right (since three of Grogar's Legion are familiar enough with Discord to find out about his snooping before he can uncover anything useful and, considering Grogar's power is equal to or superior to Discord's, well, a fight between the two would probably result in Discord getting captured before he can escape, which would put Equestria at even more of a disadvantage).

But, anyway, definitely looking forward to more of Season 11.

It's the latter. (though the possibility of a few elements of that earned happy ending future being included in a Season Twelve epilogue is definitely still there)

10187637. Well, it really starts after "The Ending of the End," only taking bits and pieces from the last problem in the season 10 premiere.

My objective is to keep the series going beyond season 9, episodes 24-25.

Good luck. I just reached the ending of the last problem in my own Luster Dawn story which serves as a midquel to my second.

The Equestrian counterpart of Wallflower makes her debut!

She's such a shy pony. Hopefully the school will help her come out of her shell more. Those bullies at her old school can't hurt her there, and everycreature at the School of Friendship are way more kind.

Looking forward to more counterparts to EG characters appearing later on.

I'll admit, I thought Season 10 was a trollfic, but if this doesn't prove your legitimacy, nothing will. You've got my approval. May you carry this torch far.

So, Discord is going to be staying there for a while. I thought he would just be going to the moon briefly to get the gist of the situation. Anyway, he, and by proxy Twilight and Spike, now know that Grogar did indeed recruit the Legion of Doom into his army, and he has learned that they plan on attacking Vorak and Scorpan. He probably doesn't yet know that the trio have been rejuvenated into the forms they had during the season 9 finale, that Grogar has his BB back, that it can do things other than create portals and absorb magic (such as mind control), that he has a giant bear, or that Sombra, the Storm King, and Lavan are part of the army. I don't even think he knows about how Grogar is turning his donkeys into predacons. Discord had better snoop as quickly and carefully as he can. Equestria needs this information, and Discord can't stay undercover all that long. Grogar has that crystal ball of his. It's only a matter of time before Grogar (or someone who sneaks into his throne room to use the ball like Tirek did to see what was going on with Spike) decides to use it to view Equestria's most powerful ally for whatever reason, the true Lockdown is revealed, or something else happens and blows his cover. Even if the true Lockdown isn't discovered and Discord is super careful, it's only a matter of time before one of the villains decides to view him with the ball. For that matter, the longer they participate in the war without seeing any sign of Discord, the more likely it is they will get curious and decide to investigate with the ball. Discord had better have a plan for when he eventually gets found out, as it could happen at any time.

By the way, since Discord brought Sombra back to life in season 9, can't he bring back the ponies who were killed by the predacons? Since both Grogar and Discord can bring others back from the dead, doesn't that kind of make deaths less meaningful? Why didn't Grogar revive Grimlord? Do either of them have limits on resurrection?

Edit: I don't know if you were considering the possibility of Grogar summoning the Dazzlings/sirens back to Equestria and using them, but if that thought does cross your mind once or twice, I would like to point out that in Pinkie Pie's short in Holidays Unwrapped, she mentions Adagio and Aria in her list of friends (though it is very hard to hear). It's unclear if they reformed or were basically just in a "frenemy" situation with her by than. None of them appear in that special, so we don't know. Even if they did somewhat develop a friendship with (human) Pinkie Pie though, that might not stop them from deciding to take over Equestria again if given the chance. Just something to consider while writing your stories.

I'm guessing there would have to be a limit on resurrections. For one of my stories I considered the possibility that those who are at peace in death cannot be revived.

Never underestimate Megatron, Grogar. This is the Predacon who was so desperate to not be outdone by Optimal Optimus that he hunted down his predecessor and fused his spark with his own.

REALLY good job on this episode. The exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are well done in all the right places. I especially liked how quickly Discord thought concerning that disguise. And, yeah, I can see Grogar disciplining Megatron like that (though I hope, as SPB12 pointed out, G DOESN'T make the mistake of underestimating Megatron) and the little squabble between Tirek and Chrysalis concerning what happened to Megatron was entertaining. And Discord did better than I THOUGHT he would (then again, considering *I* thought he was going to get busted BEFORE he uncovered ANYTHING useful, that's not saying much). Hopefully, the Equestrian forces and their allies will be able to save Vorak and Scorpan without making it look like Grogar has a spy too soon (though THAT might be hoping for TOO much).

Anyway, I will very definitely be looking forward to more of this.

I bet Grogar already knew that Discord is spying on him

Yeah. That wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Managed to read this about a week ago(though I got delayed in posting a comment on this and the other half of the premiere due to stuff).
Can really relate to Wallflower here. Both her human and pony counterparts. Especially on the part of not being able to interact with other people much and such at school.
Since Twilight is working on making a new set of Element Bearers better increase the chance of the friendship laser of doom to take Grogar down(and understandably too since his bell tanked a triple rainbow laser and still worked perfectly fine for him afterwards with no signs of actual "damage" to it). I wonder if it will be addressed about the issue of the Royal Sisters losing their connection to the Elements and the issue of not being included in the final rainbow laser in the battle against the Trio? Like anything to fix that so they might join in or something.

If Grogar doesn't already know, he certainly will learn sooner or later. Eventually, he will decide to spy on Discord with his ball. Discord is the most powerful ally to Equestria, and he's the greatest individual threat Grogar's forces face, being the only one who I could even possibly imagine being able to give Grogar himself some trouble. Naturally, Grogar is going to spy on him at some point. He had better have a plan for when Grogar finds out. Grogar alone should at least be a challenge, and with the other villains backing him up, Discord stands no chance. As it is, if a full scale invasion happened, I don't think Equestria could win unless they got another giant blast of rainbow magic.

This should be Discord's objective list:

1: Devise a plan for when, not if, he gets found out
2: Obtain all the info on the current members of Grogar's army and their power levels ASAP
3: Get all the info to Twilight so Equestria learns what it's up against
4: Get whatever info about any current plans the evil organization has along with any possible weaknesses to exploit as quickly and discreatly as possible
5: Devise a way to learn when he is found out
6: Continue his mission as long as he can until the inevitable happens
8: Make sure he absolutely does not lose his powers. As is, even with his powers and the help of the Deceptacons and the newly returned Cosmo and Galaxia, this would be a hard war to win. Without his powers, things would go from hard to nigh impossible.

That is indeed a thoroughly thought out and extremely logical plan and DEFINITELY what Discord SHOULD be doing. Whether or not he will is entirely up to the author, though.

Yeah. Got the generations confused.

Anyway, since Grogar can now turn his donkeys into giant robot creatures, and considering that it has been implied he has at least several dozen donkeys, those Predacons could easily outnumber the Maximals. Needless to say, things are looking grim. The question is how many donkeys will be transformed and how many will be taught by the villains to do things like absorbing magic? In any case, this is very bad for the good guys. At least now all of Equestria will know that Grogar did indeed free the villainous trio. That knowledge might motivate Cozy's parents to try and reach out to her much like Scorpan wishes he could with Tirek. Of course, since the villains are in space, it will be quite a while before such a thing even becomes a possibility. Even when the villains do return to Equestria either for the final battle or as part of a mission, Cozy and Tirek clearly detest their families, so trying to get through to them would still be extremely hard. I don't know what is going to happen in the future, but what with the development you have been giving them, I do see a possible chance of redemption for them, though that's only a theory, and even than, it wouldn't happen for quite a while, so I'm not gonna hold my breath. For now, here's hoping Vorak and Scorpan get the memo in time.

BTW, while you have established that the villains are planning to attack Vorak and Scorpan, going by your episode summaries, we won't be getting any more "serious" episodes for a while. I'm curious, is this series ending at season 12? Pacing is important. Of course, that was a problem with season 9, and while you naturally want to improve your stories, you are also trying to remain faithful to the tone of the show, which used those "slice of life" in between episodes.

10210277 My intention is to create an MLP universe that goes on for a good long while...

What I feel like about the 2nd half of the premiere, I say its pretty good.
The battle with the Predacons was pretty nice to read I say.
I liked the part where Celestia managed to thrown Megatron to a flipping mountain when she sees Twilight has gotten injured.
Seeing Celestia just lose her composure like that(and in the season 10 finale where she nearly torn that changeling's wings off) and starting to show what can she do when pushed is interesting. Makes me wonder what would do the same for Luna? Probably if someone like Spike being in danger if she develops a close bond to him like Celestia did with Twilight.
Though I wished Luna got to strike in a blow or two before the Predacons decided to retreat after Megatron got thrown to the mountain there.
Also interesting with Celestia is considering on coming out of retirement due to Twilight is in danger and the state she was in.
Though I wished Luna was feeling conflicted on the option of returning to the throne rather than completely accepting that she has retired.
Since she did not get to rule much as the princess of the night or enjoy her destiny(raising the moon and being dream guardian) for much long. Or how the sisters ended their rules on pretty bad notes due to Discord's plan and such.
I don't know.. its just so iffy that the writers of the show made Luna completely fine about retiring and such(and the pretty iffy sendoff the sisters had gotten in the season 9 finale). Just a bunch of issues from that..

Anyway, the premiere here is nicely done here and sets up how stuff has gotten real more.
I got a few more thoughts thought they are a bit jumbled up at the moment..

Managed to read this today, don't know why I got delayed from reading it though till now.
Didn't expect that Discord would be spying by disguising as a Predacon there.
Kind of wished that Luna was acknowledged too when Megatron and Grogro brought up about what happened during the battle that caused the Predacons to retreat.
About the thing about Tirek being afraid Chrysalis might fall for Megatron and such. Kind of wonder how far will the rabbit hole goes with how much "trouble" that would cause.
Though when Tirek threatened Chrysalis like I feel like she will get back at him later on by threatening him to drain his love dry. Chrysalis doesn't seem like someone who would let someone get away with threatening her like. Especially with already having to deal with Grogar doing that and can't do a thing about it there.

Wait, this is post-Beast Wars, right? Still part of the G1 continuity, because Megatron mentions the Decepticons, as is canon. So, are these actually new versions of Rodimus, Ratchet, and Elita, sharing the names of their G1 ancestors?

10212119 They are new Beast Wars versions and the Decepticons are still their ancestors.

I really want to know what Scarface's power level is. Grogar uses him as a threat against all the other villains, but we haven't seen him do anything. What power does that giant grizzly bear have that could enable him to kill the other villains?

10212521. Scarface is like a typical grizzly bear, although he is based on the final pro hunt objective in Cabela's pro hunt video game.

Well, is he really capable of killing the other villains?

I thought starlight glimmer was supposed to be the head of the school of friendship.

10212731 She is. Neighsay is heading up the School of Magic, which is in Canterlot.

VERY good job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter set-up are all wonderfully done. And, yeah, there are definitely some very good points about giving Neighsay another chance (of course, one has to wonder if he is going to be given an assistant "voiced" by Rob Paulsen as a Casting Gag). Plus, yeah, loved the bit with Grogar resurrecting the Mean Six (pretty much the only two things I disliked about the creation of the characters in the first place was the wasted potential and the fact they were killed off in the same episode they were introduced in. The fact that Grogar is putting them to this kind of use definitely solves that problem). And yeah, good use of Evil Applejack in the campaign to sabotage Neighsay's becoming the Headstallion at the School Of Magic (particularly because the Mane Six FINALLY realized the clones' existence).

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

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