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The Magic of Friendship writes another chapter in this twelfth season featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends from Equestria!

With their kingdom at war with Emperor Grogar and his Legion of Doom, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are joined by Celestia's former student, Sunset Shimmer, who is forced to leave the world of Equestria Girls after Grogar's Legion of Doom attacks her and her human friends. With their new ally, Twilight and her friends seek to gain the upper hand while Luster Dawn and her friends navigate unchartered waters of their own in the world of growing up in Equestria!

Continuation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 10 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 11.

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So in this version Tirek loved his mother as well. It's such a shame she and Gram Gram are no longer around. I know that Tirek still cares a little bit for Scorpan. I just hope things work out in the end.

Discord, where are you? You must help Scorpan and the others. What were you doing during the last battle?

Adagio, Aria, Sonata, I hope that in the end you will turn against the other villains. They are worse than you three. You were the least evil of the unreformed villains, and Human Pinkie considers you friends. Please do the right thing in the end.

Okay, that's a shocker. Power Rangers... I've stopped watching them after the end with the floating island

I see their "friendship" with Pinkie has not changed the trio TOO much. Still, they are the only unreformed villains who have never tried to kill someone. I hope somewhere down the line they switch sides after seeing how bad Grogar is.

True about the unreformed but remember, Twilight did left them in the Human World without taking them back to Equestria despite Equestria Magic entering the human world and declaring them no longer a threat. What if Grogar will promise them not only negativity to fuel them but create more Sirens? I mean we only seen 3 and don't know if the Siren species is extinct?

Power Rangers AND Transformers? With them things will start tipping toward the other side finally.

Uh...I don't get how what you are suggesting has relievance to what I said. I said that their "friendship" with human Pinkie didn't change them much obviously but they are still the only unreformed villains who have never tried to take a life.

Well, it seems the Power Rangers and the rest of Sunset's friends won't be joining. All they gained was Sunset. Is she really that powerful to make much of a difference? Also, how is it that the heroes are supposed to win now? Unless they bring EVERYONE (All four allicorns, Starlight, the Pillars, the Changelings, the Dragons, the Kirin, the Griffins, the Hippogriffs, Celestia and Luna's parents, the Transformers, Tempest, her guard, Discord, Scorpan and the other soldiers (assuming Discord is able to free them), and a gazillion Ponies of all three tribes), and ALL of them fight at once, I don't see how they could possibly win. Now that we know Vorak is indeed dead, it's unlikely Tirek or the others will switch sides seeing how he has pretty much crossed the point of no return. So the question is; where do the good guys go from here? Well first off, if any of them believe in deities, they need to stop, because no just loving gods of any kind in their universe would produce someone like Vorak or allow events to get this bad. Thanks to Vorak's stupidity, the villains are even more powerful than before.

If none of the villains end up switching sides, I suspect at least 10% of ALL of Equestria's population will end up being killed in the final battle given the current odds. Also, author, I hate to say this, but I'm kind of let down that you introduced the Power Rangers here and they are unlikely to play any significant role in the rest of the story. Kind of a tease.

I hope the Sirens see how wrong they are. I also hope Cozy does not get killed or resealed in stone/Tartarus.

REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in this first episode of the new season. I can definitely understand the reflections on recent events (especially how stressed Twi got over that hard-fought loss) and that was a good Lion King Shout Out with Tirek's taunting over Scorpan (though, unlike with Scar and Mufasa, it was Tirek reminding Scorpan that he has the advantage in both brains AND brawn). And now Twi and Starlight are heading for the human world to try to recruit Sunset and the trio is going to recruit the Dazzlings.

And, on to the next chapter.

Great job on this latest chapter. Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are beautifully done. Kind of got a few chuckles out of Princess Twilight TRYING to disguise herself as her native counterpart only for her actual native counterpart to show up and make it unnecessary. And, the trio's observations on their human forms were great (and yeah, it makes sense that Tirek would have the easiest time adapting to HIS). And now the trio has met the Dazzlings I can definitely see it on both sides from Princess Twilight and Sunset's discussion about the situation. And, what's this? I mean, I expected somebody from G.I. Joe (as it is the only one of Hasbro's big three franchises that hasn't been given representation yet here), but somebody from Power Rangers? Whoa.

On to the next chapter, at any rate.

The first chapter was good, and I like the lion king reference though I feel you could change I got the lions share to something else. Tireks not a lion after all. Centuars share? Creature's share?

Excellent job on the exchanges, action, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, For once, the brief, Let's You and Me Fight happened to the VILLAINS instead of the HEROES (with a brief fight between the Dazzlings and the Trio). And, Twilight's "reunion" with/Starlight's first meeting with the Dazzlings was extremely well done (and, yeah, the trio proving to still have their powers in human form was certainly surprising for Twilight and Starlight. Good thing help arrived at just the right time.

On to the final chapter of the opener.

Excellent job on the last chapter of the opener. Again, the exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Absolutely LOVED Tommy taking care of business against the Trio and the Dazzlings and Twilight and Spike calming each other down. And, yeah, Sunset has a really good idea of how serious the situation is. As for Tommy and the rest of the Rainbooms, I have a hunch they will be Back For The Finale (and I could EASILY see the Rainbooms becoming the Power Rangers of Canterlot City [they are already MORE THAN halfway there, anyway]). And, yeah, have to wonder what kind of punishment Sombra is going to come up with for the trio's reckless behavior.

At any rate, definitely looking forward to more of this season.

Will this be the season where Lightning Dust returns for her revenge for the stuff in Season 10?

10441499 They haven't joined yet, but they may join later on. After all, there are entire dimensions worth of rangers from across different timelines.

10441803 The main reason why Power Rangers are included is because they were bought by Hasbro.

Do you have any plans for them in the future? Not asking for spoilers, just yes, no, or maybe.

Also, interesting that Twilight mentioned she can't revive the dead when we know Discord can, yet he has not done so this arc. Is there a reason he and Grogar don't keep reviving their fallen allies, or is it just to suit the plot?

Sonata seems a bit smarter and meaner than in canon. Did she "mature" since we last saw her?

So... Anyone want to place bets on which villains will be killed, reformed, turned to stone, etc? I know Tirek has the most redeeming qualities, but unless Discord decides to bring Vorak back from the dead, I'd say Tirek has crossed the MEH. Scorpan even seems to have given up on him at this point. Cozy may still have parents that care about her, but since she, Tirek, and Chrysalis actually care about each other here, unlike in canon, I can't see her betraying them to side with the heroes. Chrysalis also loves Tirek here, so the chances of those three reforming has dropped substantially now.

Are the cutie mark crusaders gonna play a role in the battle against Grogar? I think I mentioned this last season but their role in your projects seem pretty minimal. Though I do recall the Diamond Tiara episode. Have they been replaced by Luster Dawn here due to the last crusade episode? They still appeared in a couple episodes after that.

Did the Dazzlings forget about Twilight/her name, or did they never learn her name during Rainbow Rocks?

Again, to be fair, having the Crusaders on the front lines in a war arc seems a little TOO cruel to them. They're much better suited for Plucky Comic Relief roles in Slice of Life type shenanigans. It's much better for them to be largely ignored until the war arc is resolved than for them to be in it just to get killed off. About the only one of the Crusaders who MIGHT be actually useful in a war arc is Apple Bloom and even she would be better suited for the sidelines helping Zecora and Mage Meadowbrook with potions and other forms of medical aid.

I just realized this after binge reading some stories I favored.

"Don't you dare turn your back on me, Tirek!" Scorpan cried.

Really, isn't that what you did to Tirek, Scorpan? After you betray him for friendship? You're now feeling his pain

Poor Luna, view her parents suffering to her own as Nightmare Moon. Tantabus might return and possible free its new brother

Excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I can certainly understand the issues Luna AND Cosmo have been going through because of what Grogar pulled in the past. Though I am glad that they have gotten so much help and will be getting even more. And, yeah, Sunset considering and deciding to try for a teaching job while she is in Equestria was another great detail, as was how she has mixed feelings because of missing her friends (who she is also trying to protect) and honoring an agreement.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

Great job on this latest chapter. The work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter/episode set-up are all brilliantly done. Yeah, I've tried to work through pain myself more than once (with varying degrees of success dependent on the level of pain) and can definitely sympathize with Starlight. And, I'm glad she is getting so much support. And the reveal of the start of the problems definitely makes sense (and makes me look forward to the Legion getting their rears handed to them when the war arc is finally over even more). The "get well card" from the students was a beautiful touch and I DO hope Starlight is able to heal up enough where this IS only temporary.

Of course one has to wonder if Starlight's injuries are going to get even worse later on (especially if "Mean Six" Twilight becomes Midnight this Season [most likely during the Halloween/Night Mare Night episode]).

But, anyway, very certainly looking forward to more of this.

Grogar. He really is a monster. If this keeps up, the TVT CM thread may have another addition. Poor Luna.

Oh I like the part where Twilight says she'll make Chrysalis pay for hurting Starlight. She never actually got to fight Chrysalis herself, I'd love to see her kick that former Queens flank!

TV Tropes Complete Monster. A villain of the worst kind with no redeeming qualities.

Edit: Meant to reply to author, hit yours by mistake.

Oops meant to reply to this one. TV Tropes Complete Monster. A villain of the worst kind with no redeeming qualities.

It looks like Sunset Shimmer's plans to get a job at the school couldn't have come at a better time.

Let's hope Starlight's back is OK! I had a friend whose dad threw out his back when they were moving. Bad stuff

Well all things considered it actually could’ve been worse.

Well, now one of their more powerful allies is going to be unable to aid in the war for quite some time, if at all. Unless Discord magically heals her at some point.

Will the Diamond Dogs appear again or is season 11 a one time?

Well, this was just an average filler "episode". I'm surprised it didn't delve into any more "mature" topics like many of the other parts of this series of fanfics. It seems you wanted to have the "new seasons" address bigger subjects, which is why it has delved into things the actual series would have never done, such as using the words "death" and "blood". This chapter however was more like something that could happen on the actual show. Makes sense given that the show actually did address the evils of the paparazzi in that one episode.

Anyway, with these filler episodes in the way and more new villains on the way (Nightmare Moon, Daybreaker, Arabus), I wonder if there is going to be a chapter where the heroes get some backup soon. Unless they get new allies or powers soon, or some of the villains get taken out, a large portion of Equestria will be lost in the war. Starlight is now out of commission due to her back, so they need something or someone to help them.

Superb work on this latest chapter. Greatly enjoyed the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future episode set-up in all the right places. All in all, a fairly enjoyable "Breather Episode" considering the arc. Given your fondness for directly addressing more sensitive subject matter than the actual show, I am VERY pleasantly surprised that Rarity and Fancy Pants really WEREN'T having an extra-marital affair. REALLY enjoyed seeing that sleazy tabloid reporter getting busted and read the third degree. And, the gang has learned that the downside to being as high up as they are now is that there is always going to be SOMEBODY trying to make a few quick bits off them. At least the Flim-Flam Brothers haven't tried anything like that YET (though they MIGHT end up becoming Weaponsmiths for Equestria and their allies partially because they know there is no profit to be made off of the conquest or destruction of the world, partially because Grogar and his Legion terrify and disgust even THEM and partially because of the possibility of using the positive publicity off designing and building weapons that help out in defeating the Legion and possibly saving not one, but TWO worlds to help out their business AFTER the war). But, yes, also loved the Continuity Nod to "Ponyville Confidential". And there was a logical explanation for Fleur's absence as well.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this series.


All in all, excellent points, every single one of them.

As for further help, well, it is quite possible that the Flim-Flam Brothers could be worked in as allies, using their tech skills to design and build weapons to help out the Equestrian Alliance - mostly for the possibility of using the good publicity of helping save two worlds to help their business after the war, but gradually growing to genuinely enjoy helping others, paving the way for their eventual reform in a more realistic manner than the show usually did.

Plus, it is extremely likely that Tommy and the other Rainbooms will be Back For the Finale (the latter six as the Canterlot City Power Rangers (since, let's be honest; the Rainbooms are already more than halfway toward becoming Power Rangers anyway, pretty much only missing the Zords).

10475138 BTW, if you were probably wondering why I had Giovanni Ribisi as the antagonist, I wanted to include a reference to this bit from the "Ted" films:

Giovanni Ribisi

I think it’s safe to assume that his paper was shut down.

Well, since the author has stated they will be doing projects after season 12 (though not exactly what they are), and all that seems to be on the horizon right now are filler chapters until the one with the Mean 6 creating copies of Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker, I figure that I might as well use the free time to express some of my thoughts on this saga right now. I will say It would be nice if the season 10 comics were to actually do something with the real Grogar, though that probably won't happen. Still hoping they do something to address what they did with Cozy in the show, either that or Jim Miller or one of the other former showrunners can confirm she will not necessarily stay in stone forever and that it's up to fan interpretation (really need a twitter to ask them about that). While there have been some things in this series of fanfics I have disagreed with, overall, it's still one of the better fanfics I have read. It leaves so many plot points open (Spoiled, Suri, LD, Etc) which will hopefully all be resolved in the end. One thing I have liked a lot is the characterization of Tirek. While I do find the romance between him and Chrysalis to be odd and something that wouldn't happen, making it one of the few things I don't really enjoy due to it making them seem out of character, I do like how he's humanized more and he's shown to somewhat regret what they almost did to Spike and actually did express some guilt after killing his father. The final season actually did flesh him out and I'm glad the author is in keeping with that. He's probably the most humane of the villains. I'm pretty sure he does still somewhat care for Scorpan deep down. Since he loved his gram-gram, and in this fanfic's universe, his mother Haydon, I believe a possible way to reform him would be to remind him of them and what they would think of his actions, preferably in song, like here https://youtu.be/K94OE_8Uj6Y?t=66

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Whoa mama. Again, a REALLY emotional chapter (VERY appropriately so). Excellent job on the exchanges, characterizations, action general wrap-up and future chapter/episode set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I can see where all of this could come out during a scouting mission on the Predacons gone wrong. And I could definitely understand why Sky would feel guilty about what Laserbeak did to Vapor Trail. At least help arrived in time for Vapor Trail to have a chance at PHYSICAL recovery and Sky and Vapor got a chance to talk things out in the end.

Very certainly looking forward to more episodes of this season as well as anything else you might have lined up for after this season is over.

Even though I was never a fan of Sky Stinger and never really shipped him and Vapor Trail, I have to admit this is really sweet.

As for Discord, I wonder if Megatron will expose him first and try to cut an alliance with him, even if it's just so he can stab Discord in the back.

All I can say is really good job on this latest chapter. The exchanges, characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter set-up are all wonderfully done. Yeah, I can see where the cheer squad might feel they need to tweak the routine a bit, but I adored how the Crusaders gave Rainbow the inspiration to give the squad a wake-up call AND Rainbow pointing out that the Crusaders are still a bit too young to enlist (complete with the Continuity Nod to "Flight To The Finish"). Ultimately, Rainbow had a good point about how, if they wanted to work on a new routine to ADD to their earlier work, it makes more sense to NOT try to do it last minute, but rather work on something new at a more gradual pace. Celestia and Luna's argument at the end concerning one of Shakespony's tragedies was another good point concerning what to change and what not to change. Yeah, that one falls under Both Sides Have A Point (yes, I can see where Celestia would want to try to make the story a bit more optimistic [especially when the students already have MORE THAN ENOUGH to worry about right now], but Luna is right in that there is a good reason that particular play is a tragedy).

But anyway, very DEFINITELY looking forward to more. And also have to wonder if Mean Six Twilight will think to have some means of keeping Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon under control to prevent them from double-crossing her the same way she and the rest of the Mean Six double-crossed Chrysalis (such as increasing her power with the Alicorn Amulet, becoming the new host of the Pony of Shadows or a combination of BOTH), showing that, at the very least, she is MARGINALLY more Genre Savvy than Chrysalis.

So, did the clones just suffocate and die in space, or are they still alive? Also, it seems the bell can trap people inside it.

I assume this means the PR's are coming back later. Good, the heroes need some new allies to strengthen their odds, though this means that the villains are getting new allies too. I wish we had more chapters like this that focus on the villains, I really want to see the sirens interact with the others. I want to see how they react to the lengths the others go to, which may make them think back to their (dubious, alleged) friendship with human Pinkie and make them realize they got involved with the wrong crowd. I would also like to see them interact with Squirk. We also still don't know about Zeb and Lavan's backstories.

If so much time has passed, why has Discord not done anything to help Scorpan and the others yet? Does he even know what just happened here tonight? What the heck did that mosquito freak do to them? We need more information in the upcoming chapters.

One thing I will say is that I liked the ironic call back with a character's wings being threatened. Quite the turn of events. Although I do have to remember that in canon none of the three care much for another.

Anyway, hope I get some answers soon. Happy Halloween!

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